Die, Fatty, Die by Chris Shugart

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Post Love and kisses

Love and kisses

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I'm sure being someone who used to be fat, make you think you have the right to write this. But just FYI, not all people are "FAT" do to choices of what they put in their mouths. I lost weight and kept it off for years until 2 years ago then I started gaining weight left and right. I exercised everyday and kept my diet at 1200 cal. It took 2 years to determine I had tumors on my thyroid that kept my metabolism in a constant state of shock. After surgery to have my thyroid removed, I have had another year of regulating medication, which has been way too low, making it hard to maintain weight, much less lose. I have finally got meds down right and have the dr's ok to increase my exercise. So, before you start judging "fat" people on looks, why not try to get to know them to see why they are the way they are.
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Zinal & others... don't waste any online 'ink' for this malcontent ( Wikipedia: a discontented person: a : one who bears a grudge from a sense of grievance or thwarted ambition b : one who is in active opposition to an established order or government : rebel)

Just another person who may have to put down others to build their self-esteem. I think this person is angry at the wrong people and should be talking to a professional about it. He/she needs to get over it. Centuries ago, Peter Paul Ruben and other painters LOVED the 'fat' woman, some cultures still see 'fat' people as rich, priviledge people. It is all about point of view. Which on this forum, it is about US changing our lifestyles. It is NOT about being 'Fat'. I dare say that everyone has body fat - just different percentages.

So, Chris, even though your journey may have made you angry and discontent; our journey on FitDay here makes us proud, jubilent, content, happy, excited, joyful, positively happy to have found a bunch of people who DO respect others in their quest to change themselves for the better.

May you, eventually, find the same.
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Carren rocks!
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op- there are ways to get your point across without being a total a$$hole. I sure hope that my "fattie" thread didn't inspire you to post this sh!t up!
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It's a decent piece of writing, but it's in an inappropriate place. The "fat" people who are here are here because they ARE serious about healthy living. They DO want to learn how to eat better, they DO want to exercise. Many of the people here never learned to do either of these things because their families didn't teach them when they were young. It's not as simple as put down the fork, fatty. If it were, then nobody would be fat. So you say if we accept the fatties then we have to accept the crackheads and the booze hounds, well riddle me this Batman: When is it acceptable to make fun of, berate, and belittle drug addicts and alcoholics? Is it OK to point, snicker and laugh at the prostitutes who sell their bodies for drugs downtown? No it is not. Yes they are suffering the consequences of their own actions, but there's nothing funny about a human being who's suffering regardless of how that person got where they are. You don't know the backstory. You don't know what emotional traumas they are trying to self medicate with drugs, alcohol, food, anorexia, cutting, or other self destructive behavior. You haven't succeeded in motivating me in the least. You have succeeded in making yourself look like an ass though. You're entitled to your opinion, and I'm entitled to mine.
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The members here at FitDay are taking positive actions to improve their health & fitness. We are bravely putting ourselves out here, sharing our experiences, thoughts, motivations in a POSITIVE way.

Your post is neither positive, nor inspiring.

I applaud Carren's thoughtful response to this forum troll, who obviously felt it was necessary to hide behind an 'alt persona' (Joined today; 1 post) to bring Chris Shugart's message to us.

I also agree with Lizzy that this is not the appropriate place for such a message. While Mike's other post (01gt4.6) was direct, and perhaps hard for some to swallow, it wasn't beriddled with obscenities to get his points across -- nor was it blatently disrespectful towards others as this post is.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please re-read the FitDay Discussion Board Terms of Use.

FitDay Admin Welcome (Terms of Use)

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I agree - this is the rudest thing I think I have ever read. Know matter what our weight is we don't need this kind of post.
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awww he deleted his original post.... how sad....NOT
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Hey friends.

I've been extremely busy for the last three weeks, which is why I appeared.... to have disappeared.

I didn't get to see the OP's original post, but I have read the title article before. I know it doesn't apply to any of you.

I just hope this incident hasn't caused you to bear a grudge against Chris Shugart, the journalist. He's a respectable writer who genuinely cares about people working hard to lose weight (he runs the V-Diet forums over at T-Nation) and I follow his writing pretty regularly.
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