Is it possible to lose fat w/o hunger?

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Hi elderwanda,

Don't think for a second that you need to deadlift 400 lbs to build any appreciable muscle! The beauty of weight training is that it's based on relative measures. A smart trainer will tell you it's not the absolute weight that builds muscle, but a percentage of the maximum you can lift in any one all out effort (your one rep max, abbreviated 1RM). Of course, as you get stronger this number will change. But if deadlifting 95 lbs for 5 is your limit, then by all means lift 95 lbs for 5 and you'll still gain muscle as long as you lift with intent and intensity!
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Everyone has good points here. To get faster results always follow 3 rules.

1. Diet: Not just counting calories, make sure its healthy calories (no pizza). You also need to time your meals. Nutrient timing is crucial to boost your metabolism. Try eating smaller meals through out the day. Supplements also helps. vitamins, fish oil...

2. Cardio: Jogging in place is a start. If you have some space try sprinting short distances back and forth. If you have foot injuries try a stationary bike.

3. Weight training: Try training larger muscle groups like legs. Focus on squats and lunges.

A lot of people here focus on total weight loss, which is not an accurate measure of progress. Get yourself a percent body fat scale to really measure how much your losing and how much muscle your gaining.

Keep it up and you will see results...


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It's been a few days. Thanks for all the replies.

A lot of the stuff people suggest, I'm already doing. Like eating whole foods. I eat almost no multi-ingredient foods. I'm pretty much gluten-free, since gluten gives me dizzy spells. I eat a bowl of oatmeal (not instant) each day, but that's it for grains. I eat chicken breast, fish, and canned tuna, either with steamed veggies or veggies cooked with a bit of olive oil. Most days I have lowfat cottage cheese with canned fruit. Another food I eat most days is a rice cake with natural peanut butter. The one place where there's room for improvement is that there's also a little bit of chocolate in my diet, and a hard cider now and then. Not every day, mind you, but once or twice a week. Enough to account for about 400 calories of my weekly total, these days. If I replaced those with a plate of steamed broccoli, that would be much more impressive, but I'd be a miserable weirdo who has broccoli when she could be having a cider.

No soda, lots of water. I eat out about once a year these days. No Starbucks.

As far as weight training, I'm doing only major muscle groups. Not triceps kickbacks for me. I do squats, pull-ups, and push-ups. That kind of stuff.

So, I don't know. Since starting this thread, I've gained another pound. I have started doing more cardio, and bought a heart rate monitor so I can work at an appropriate intensity.

Maybe I really do maintain at 1700 or so. I guess people do. That would explain why I gained weight so easily. I've never been a junk food eater, although I used to eat a lot more bread and a lot less meat.

Oh well. No one said life was fair.
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If your maintenance is 1700 try cutting down 400-500 calories. If you pick the right foods you won't have to fight a battle with hunger. Mixed nuts and eggs are good foods to keep you full for a long time.

Make sure you count those extra calories burned from exercise towards your calorie balance, it will allow you to eat more food, and 400 calories can be a decent meal.

Alcohol calories must be metabolized before food calories, and hinder absorption, so its best in moderation.
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Hi Elderwanda, my wife couldn't lose weight until she dropped down to 1200 calories a day. But she is never hungry. Lots of vegetables and fruit takes a lot of the diet without adding up to lots of calories. A huge plate of salad before dinner and most nights there is not a whole lot of room for much else! Try just eliminating the highest calorie foods you are eating first.
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I hate to tell you, but at our age range (I'm 45), unless you are very active, you're probably going to have to either really do a LOT of cardio or you're going to have to cut your calories down closer to 1200. 10 years ago, I could lose weight steadily at 1800 cals and moderate exercise. No more. If I target 1200 cals, and stay within 1200-1400 range, I am lucky to creep off a pound a week. Sometimes it's a half a pound, and sometimes I can be perfect and gain weight. It's not fair, but it's just the way it is.

The trick is to really make those calories count! We do not have room for extra's, and planning your menu the day before really helps. You can make "exchanges" if things don't go the way you expect, or if you crave something different. But you have to plan.
Add extra veggies wherever you can, because it helps bulk up your meals helping you feel fuller. And don't make the mistake of eating fat free everything. You need healthy fats at every meal to help you feel satiated. For instance, I have apple slices and old fashioned peanut butter for a snack or string cheese and whole grain crackers. The fiber and fat, with a glass of crystal light or water really helps get me through the afternoon.

If I do at least 45 mins to and hour of cardio 5 days a week, do something active every day, and stay at 1200 to 1400, I can get it off slowly. You can too. Also, don't forget to build muscle with light weights. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns - even at rest.
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before you cut down your calories why don't you try rotating them? stay at average of close to 1700 (example: Monday 1400 cal, Tuesday 1600, Wednesday 1800, Thursday 2000, Friday 1400, Saturday 1600, Sunday 1800 => 1657 cal avg/day). Rotation of calories this or similar way help you not to go into starvation mode - the highter calorie day "consfuses" your body sending the signal "no diet, there's enough of food". I had a very good results few years back when I needed it (lost this way 20 pounds). Of course all the other advises already mentioned in this thread (cardio, clean food, etc) are needed too

if your wght stays same after 2 weeks, go lower about 100-200 cal or/and add with it

funny thing, when I was doing rotation of calories, I usually got the weight drop the very next day AFTER the highest calorie day....strange

good luck

(to me too, cause I am back to lose 15 pounds after maintaining my "good" wght about 7 years...last year I quit smoking so I gained what I previously lost. I do know this time around it will be bit harder even with rotating calories because I am older now and all the was NOT easy for me first time around either, I have thyroid problem - so back to what I learned few years back on

oh, also, my mom lost this way about 30 pounds 2 years ago and she is 68 years old now! (she did not go too "scientificaly" into this but she did switch highter and lower days maintaining average of 1500-1600 cal/day)...she's my motivation now I only wish I'd have at least half of HER energy too! She goes on long walks every day...
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