raw food diet.

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Default raw food diet.

I am doing the raw food diet. I'm on my second day. Its hard. But I want to look good by summer (its winter here in Sydney). Does anyone else follow the raw food diet?
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No, but I love sushi!!! And try to incorporate that at least once a week.
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The raw food diet I am familiar with did not include meat, fish or dairy. I don't see why you could not modify your diet to fit your needs. I wish you well.
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"I don't see why you should modify your diet to fit your needs" What does that mean?? I modify my diet so I can loose weight.. Isn't that why we all joined this site. I am on a raw food diet because It's the diet I like the most. The first couple of days were hard becuase it was change. But i'm enjoying it now...
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Originally Posted by di.audrey View Post
"I don't see why you should modify your diet to fit your needs"
But that's not what Tigertuu said... just the opposite, in fact. If you are (or were 29 hours ago) having a hard time, you can and should modify it to suit your needs. Otherwise, it becomes just another "diet" and not a lifestyle change, which is what I think most of us here are aiming for. Good luck!
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I did the raw food diet for 3 months and "yes" I did lose a lot of weight I also became unhealthy from the lack of nutrition because I was doing it wrong and didn't cover all my nutrition and needs of my body. It also requires an iron will and dedicated focus to avoid all the distractions around you.

It's very easy to lose weight eating raw food, I mean really, the calorie content of raw food is hardly anything but it is very complicated to maintain. The vitamins and supplements that you need to take to satisfy your needs go beyond just eating raw food. Again also with the raw food you are very limited without a dehydrator as to the meals you can eat.

I wish you the best of luck, it got me set on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle but it wasn't something I can say I enjoyed lol
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