Share your motivation for weightloss :)

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we can all be better versions of ourselves
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At my highest weight I was 195.5kilo (431pounds). Even though I was in denial about how I felt and acted, the truth was that I was feeling it! I was not getting up/down the stairs easily any more for example and when you live in the 2nd story of a house shared with you folks, it's kind of needed to get up/down stairs! I was even noticing that wanting to get up from the couch to just get something to drink was just too annoying that I would ask someone else to get me something or even wait til someone got up to use it as an excuse of 'well, while you up could you blah blah blah'. This is *NOT* something I wanted to be doing!

I am the 'baby' of the family with 2 older sisters. There are reason beyond control that prevent my older sisters from being there for my folks so I take this responsibility very seriously as I don't want to see my aging parents not getting the help they need and deserve. They raised me to be the fine woman I am today and helped me achieve the goals I have fulfilled! But at my highest of 400+ pounds with no stopping in sight, I decided this spring, it was enough! I HAD to do something.

Now I have 1 thing different then a lot of folks, I'm a celiac patient. I'm not just wheat intolerant (like lactose, some can handle small amounts of wheat) but I actually can't break down the gluten protein at all and it causes me to be physically sick for a few days at a time. So I avoid it like the plague!

With that, I decided that since I couldn't enjoy eating out and such anyhow as well as watching very carefully what I ate at home so that I don't even get cross contamination going on, that I would take a step in my life that would, I hope, ensure weight lose or at very very least, no more weight gain, I had a gastric sleeve done. I did this March 7th, 2017 and as of today I've gone from that ever so high 195.5kilo (431pounds) to 156.2kilo (344pounds) as of my weigh in this morning for an outstanding lose of 39.3kilo (86.6pounds).

I have not been watching my diet though And thus have stayed at this 156 mark or within 2kilos of it for quite some time. I know it's my fault and as of the 11th of this month (my 40th birthday) I decided that I REALLY needed to step it up and DO something about this. I should be losing left right and center with this tool that I decided to take on but I'm not atm. I have lost an incredible amount so far but I know I should have and should be losing more.

So that is what brought me back to Fitday as well! So my motivation really comes down to 2 things... my folks so that no matter what happens, I can make sure they are taken care of properly and I couldn't do that at 400+ pounds, I could barely take care of myself! And the other is to not let the money, time, effort and recovery that went into having a gastric sleeve operation go down the drain!

Please, as a side note to those watching their weight to try to avoid some health issues, those issues are not just weight related such as diabetes. If you have a strong family history of it, your weight/diet/motivation ect is *not* going to prevent you from getting it. It might lower it some but it will and is *not* a cure all so to speak to prevent you from getting it. I have a family history, not strong but on my father's side my grand mother had it and now my father. My father is over weight by say 40 pounds today but when he got it, he wasn't! He was active, he worked 12hrs a days, he ate fruit/veggies and everything one should do but he still got it... why? Family history, simple as that.

I don't want to be a motivation killer but I also hate for one to go through losing weight/bettering themselves for one sole purpose and then end up with that going up in smoke because they got it anyhow. I hope those that are trying to better themselves for the sake of diabetes also have more then just that goal in mind when losing just so that you can look back on all of your hard work and say 'yea, I did it because ... insert reasonS... ' and not just well I did all this work and look at that I'm still fight off diabetes anyhow.
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My friend who used to call me fat and ugly but actually he motivated to do workout to look fit and handsome. He suggested me to join weight loss program and i hired fitness coach. So today i am thankful to him. He is best buddy
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Hey, You can find motivation or inspiration in many different ways and things. Some tips i found on Digme Fitness blog posts consist of:

1. start with a tangible dream.
2. give yourself time.
3.create a plan.
4. get buy-in from your family.
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