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How to use the treadmill correctly?


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Default How to use the treadmill correctly?

Nowadays, there are more and more men and women who choose to go to the gym. Everyone usually chooses a treadmill to exercise. However, when you choose to use a treadmill to exercise, remember that the exercise process requires some attention.
First, before you train on a treadmill, you must remember that you can't fasting. It is best to eat something first. This will keep you running and have enough energy to support your exercise. The best recommendation is to eat a banana before using the treadmill. Bananas have the effect of quickly improving physical strength. And wear professional sports shoes.
Second, the treadmill will have a mode of choice, and it is recommended that you choose according to your physical fitness and amount of exercise. For family treadmills, I suggest you choose to turn on the quick start mode, so that you can press other modes at any time during the exercise, so that you are not in the process of exercise, because of the high intensity of exercise. Can not replace the mode and fall.
Third, when running on a treadmill, remember that your eyes should be fixed on the front, and you canít look around and look forward to it. Itís best to put something in front of you. When you run, you can always look at that. Things, so in the process of exercise, there will be no deviation and the treadmill will pull out the sports belt.
Fourth, when running on a treadmill, remember that your position is very important. You must choose to stand in the sports belt, that is, the middle part of the running belt. Donít be too far forward, donít be too far back, otherwise it will be too far ahead. Step on the front panel, and if you are too late, you will be taken out of the treadmill and there will be accidental injuries.
Fifth, when the treadmill is just starting to exercise, it is not recommended to adjust the speed directly. The treadmill is a gradual process. Therefore, when you start running, it is recommended to adjust the speed to the same speed as you usually walk. Then slowly rise to the trot and continue to rise to the normal running speed. Of course, if you want to lose weight, choose to run fast.
Sixth, when running on a treadmill, remember that the footsteps should be large and the span should be large. When you are on the ground, you should use the heel first. Then, follow the running belt and move back, then step on the whole sole. Will stabilize your body. Of course, when you run, remember that the swing of the arm is the same as normal running.
Seventh, at the end of the running, remember that you can't stop immediately, but you need to slowly adjust the speed and finally go slowly. Remember, you must use this order, otherwise you will stop immediately and will make you feel dizzy. And with this excessive speed, your body will get relaxation and muscle relaxation after exercise.
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