Binge eating

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I've been struggling with binge eating for about 5 years, and I have discovered, through thorough examination, that the times I binge I am simply not eating enough calories. Either that, or I'm more active on those days, creating a bigger calorie deficit. Try to experiment and find the calorie average that allows slow weight loss, and won't trigger your body into binging from 'starvation'. Surprisingly it took me forever to figure that out!
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I have found with my previous weight loss that when I binge ate, it was because I was dehydrated and I thought my body was signaling that I was hungry when in fact I was really thirsty and dehydrated. Drink down a 20oz. bottle of water and you will feel full and satisfied. Most of the time when I am hungry it is really because I was thirsty.
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Uh I totally binged ate today! I was at CVS and bought some cheese-its to snack on, but ended up eating the whole box (600 calories). I was doing really well going almost a week! I guess its back to the drawing board.
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Everyone slips. Don't beat yourself up over it. You said you had been good for a week, celebrate that. (When was the last time you ate healthy for a week?) Don't feel you have to be perfect to succeed. Many people plan a cheat day or meal once a week. This allows them to eat anything once a week and they no longer feel deprived. Most find that over time they begin to make better and better choices for their cheat. This is also one of the reasons why I believe carb or calorie cycling works for many. Besides kick starting your metabolism the idea of scheduling a day of high carbs or calories takes the pressure off to always be perfect. Remember this is a life style change not just a "diet". You need to find that combination that you can live with for the rest of your life.
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My diet philosophy had always included one cheat day a week - I live in NYC, and what is the point of being in the fabulous metropolis if I have to eat like a rabbit all the time??...and it really works for me - that cheat day normally results in the scale inching downward in a few days and it helps me maintain my energy level.

More importantly, its helped me realign my relationship to food. Shared experiences with family over great food is a way of life for my family and I need that positive emotional helps me leave the office candy alone and makes me look forward to my weekly meal with my husband where I can let loose a little.
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