How to lose weight?

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Originally Posted by asanhaishanto View Post
Im a 21 year old male, 6 feet tall and about 258 lbs. I'm basically tired of being overweight. I've recently started to make better choices, for example. Taking vitamins, drinking alot of water, walking more, lifting dumbells, no more chips/soda, and go running atleast once a week. But I wanna know what's the best way to reach my goals of getting healthy. I need the best tips/tricks/advice. I dont have any serious illness I've been diagnosed with, and I wanna everything I can from preventing that from happening. And also if I must eat junk food for whatever reason, what's the best well know fast food restaurant to go to, and what do I order (besides salads). And I'm not home often, so if I stop at a gas station, what is a better choice to grab as a snack, instead of chips. I'm doing this for myself.
Re fast food - luckily, all fast food places now show calories which will help. A basic burger or cheeseburger is fine; avoid the fries and drinks with sugar in them. I think most salads at fast food places are pretty much junk, myself; burgers are more satisfying and if you get a basic one not out of line with calories. I prefer In 'N Out Burgers (if you have them) because how they source the ingredients.

I did go to a sub sandwich place once under the theory that generally sandwiches are healthy; think I got BBQ beef or something. I checked the calories later on the shop's website and my jaw hit the ground. Could not believe how high they were! So if you have places you go regularly, check out the calories and decide what you'll order before you get there. Make sure it's something you like, or you will just binge later.

Re gas stations - I look for cheese sticks - string cheese or cheddar cheese, or maybe cheese and meat sticks. A lot of gas stations also have sandwiches or hot dogs you can heat up. And there was a gas station in Southern California, out in the desert, that had a Mexican restaurant in it - DELICIOUS! But ok, might not be good calorie-wise(smile)

Good luck! I do find tracking calories works well for my husband and me.

Skip fads, skip super-low-calories, just make some adjustments food-wise and do a bit more exercise and you'll be good. I had a friend who started by switching to diet soda and not super-sizing her lunches, and she ended up losing maybe 100 pounds? But she started with the basics.
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Default loose weight

Yoga is an excellent way to lose weight. It relaxes the body and mind and can help you avoid becoming bored with exercise. During a yoga class, students may engage in a variety of postures and breathing exercises designed to decrease stress and raise energy levels. Being in nature helps us to feel more positive and has been shown to increase levels of physical fitness and lower levels of depression.
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Default Upper Body Workout For a 3 Exercises

1. Bent-over row
2. Arnold press
3. Pullover

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Default Benefits of Yin Yoga

Recognize and release negative emotions and Regain mobility and flexibility
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This is also what I look for and recommend for you
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I would like to start running my own course. About weight loss. Since I've been having problems with being overweight. I weighed over 150 kilos. Now I'm down to 70 kilos. I have my own method. Which I want to share with people. It seems to me that the best thing to do nowadays is to make an app. That will help people lose weight. The website Topflightapps helps me. Make your own app. It's complicated. But I'm sure I can do it.

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