Forever in a Plateau?

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Default Forever in a Plateau?

I have been stuck since november/december in this plateau. I started at 57 kilos and now I'm 53. I'm stuck in 53 kg since months despite I keep such a healthy nutrition and workout every day (upper body + cardio 2 times a week, lower body + cardio 2 times a week, core + cardio 2 times a week + one day of rest). I have been changing the intensity of my workouts, changing the amount that I eat but nothing makes me break this plateau that seems to never end. I really don't know what to do. I'm 1,57m height and I just want to reach my final goal and just maintain my weight at 46 or 47 kg.

I each between 1800 calories for the day I do strength workout, 1600 calories for the days I do core and cardio and 1400 for the day I have rest. Is it too much? When I was eating less I felt that the plateau was worse. When I increased the calories to this amount I felt I lost 2 pounds but them started to e stuck again. Maybe is time to decrease calories.
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You're logging calories. Are you measuring everything that you eat (with a scale or cup)?
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I know exactly how you feel , im 32 years old ,5.1" and weight 53 kgs (small frame)

I know it doesn't sound a lot but it is for me .

I have 4 children. the last one was born 18 months ago .
with a gap of 8 years between her and the one before.
before my last pregnancy I weighed 45 kgs.

I had breast implants because I looked more like a boy a the time.

anyway ive been working out vigorously for 6 weeks twice a day morning and afternoon

morning I do shaun t insanity + afternoon brazil butt lift (both cardio)

my diet consists of less than 1000 calories a day (but ive never been a big eater )
but I have lots of fat on my hips ,butt and thighs .
I am serious ,my top half is lean and so is my waist ,then that's it below that its like a different person . I have trunks for thighs and saddle bag hips and my butt sags.

while working out I managed for around a week to lose 2 pounds but then I put it back on . I know they say it could be turning to muscle . but non of my measurements have changed at all .

my husband did generously offer me liposuction . but I refused as I am determined to do this the good old fashioned way and get healthier and fitter at the same time .

I just cant explain the plateau unless I have an underlying thyroid problem or something . my doctor refuses to test it for me
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I wouldn't worry too much about it. I KNOW your plan is to lose. Losing weight fast does feel good, but losing it for good and learning how to maintain each pound lost is what I think we all are really after and it is a good opportunity to learn how your body works and reacts to different food/exercise.

I lose weight slowly, and I find weighing a logging everyday regardless of what that scale says is very good for me. I see minor fluctuations and see a zigzag line slowly going in a downward direction. So if it doesn't freak you out to weigh every day, try that for a month and see how it works for you.
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im trying not to think about it , my husband has been very supportive even to go on a diet with me and eat the same things for him its easy , hes losing on average a pound a week ,without even excercising at all ,except for a few situps,crunches to help lift his waist.

but nothing at all what im doing .

does anyone know if lifting weight will help break the plateau ?

just so much info on the internet and so conflicting .
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There are posts (not just here but elsewhere) from people who have a normal BMI and/or a goal that would be defined as "underweight". If you are a normal weight and see yourself as overweight you should speak to your doctor. "weight loss tips/advice" are designed for people who are overweight.

If you want to change your body composition (lean tissue vs fat ratio) and you have a normal weight you may not want to restrict calories but rather change what you are eating. And focus your exercise on muscle building more than cardio. Look into body building advice.
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