100+ to lose and over 50years old

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Smile 100+ to lose and over 50years old

hello, my name is Nyda and I live in south eastern Idaho. I have lost the same ten pounds again and again for the last 2 years. I really need to change some habits this year and get some of this weight off of by December. I have been on ediets and have gone to weight watchers (can't afford them now). I need someone to whom I can tell my daily trials to who has more then 20 pounds to loose. I love to garden and have a green house. I grow most of the veggies and flower I have around my place from seed. I need to get out and start walkiing on days I don't garden I did pretty good today. I did stop and get a rootbeer and zero bar today after work. I have to limit my caffine intake because of migraines and am allergic to chocolate now-it gives me headachs . I still love it but I do better without it.
I have decided if nothing else I am going to have to be accountable to myself.
water 6 cups
soda 1 litter dc and 1 rootbeer with sugar
gardening 1.5 hours
veggies 2
fruits 2

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Weight Watchers offers that group support. Forums and message boards offer the same thing. WW only tells you that you must eat less (fewer calories) and move more - and you already know that.

You don't HAVE to go to WW because you already know what WW shows you will work: a caloric deficit substantial enough to show you some results fairly consistently. The points system (and now, the more up-to-date points plus system) just gives you a budget of points (calories) and you decide how to spend them. Any old - even any really, really old - WW cookbook will help you see the differences among foods. At a used book sale (at your local library, for example), you will even find books that still have that little WW slide-rule-thingy included. It had fiber, calories and fat to figure the points. Today, the points system uses protein, carbs, fat and fiber.

People lost weight very well with the old slide rule and the old points and observing their points (caloric) budget. The benefits of using the new points plus system are great - zero points for fruits and almost all vegetables, for example. But you know the basic idea is exactly the same. Watch what you eat! Be very specific about what you ate and what was in it and HOW MUCH you ate of it. Tracking food is an exercise that many experienced WWs don't need after years of eyeballing portions and taking note of the fat content of foods. Some WWs track food intermittently - when they start to slide or plateau - or just do it out of habit. This is all that WW is about: staying on plan to ride out the slow periods and then see even more weight loss.

(As you lose weight, WW gives you fewer points!)

You don't need to go to WW. But some sort of accountability (weighing in weekly and having weight go to the computer record at WW and into your booklet) and some sort of feedback (meetings) make it all a conscious effort with consequences. There are other ways to do those things without WW. Any diet, if you stick to it diligently, and it ensures you take in fewer calories than you expend, will work!
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Kathy thankyou for your post. I amd here tonight like I said I would. I didn't do as well as yesterday but hay I'm still ahead by 200 calories burned over what I took in. I even added the large cookies I got at a backery. I did a laot of walking today. I got some time off work so went and found out what I needed to do to get my tv working. After I get done with getting the pond area cleaned up tomorrow and get a shower,I plan on playing resistence 1 some more and see if I can get past the shubbery before the aliens kill me.
Kathy your right about the cook books and point counting. I have done it all including (sp) weighting. My electronic scale is outo in my sisters studio to weigh packages on right now.
water to day 6cups
gardening and walking exercise
way to much soda
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Your water goal should start at 8 8oz cups per day--that's 4 16oz bottles. Believe me, you will soon get to the point that 4 bottles goes FAST!

If at all possible, cut out all the sodas--diet AND regular. If you can't, make sure you have cut out all sugar--sodas and baked goods. What WW doesn't take into account on the points system is that many foods act as "triggers" and make people hungrier. Sugar is one of the worst for that. I remember the old days of WW--they'd tell us to eat a dill pickle spear to kill the craving for chocolate (sugar).

Food allergies can cause us to gain--even when we think we have a healthy diet. Wheat is one of the things that my body can't tolerate. It puts me to sleep...lately, it has given me migraines. Apart from that, I'm not supposed to eat it because of microscopic colitis.

For your veggies, concentrate on the leafy greens...and tomatoes. Avoid (or limit) the ones with lots of sugar--like onions, carrots, and beets.

Those first 20 lbs should be pretty easy, but once they are gone, it's going to get tougher--you'll have start counting calories or carbs...points may not be enough.

Also, make sure that you visit the doctor and have bloodwork done. If you turn out to be insulin resistant (as many overweight people are), you'll need to restrict carbs (rice, potatoes, bread, etc). Most people don't totally eliminate them, but you have to make that choice yourself. I have eliminated them--and lost 40 (so far) of the 60 lbs I had to lose. I eat pretty much all I want of leafy greens, tomatoes, avocadoes, etc. I love the way I eat...
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Oh my goodness...

I read your thread title wrong at first and thought you said you were over 100 and had 50 pounds to lose xD!!!

Its relieving that you're still a good 50 with 100.
Good luck ^.^!
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Are you saying you're allowing yourself two litres of soda a day? Granted, I've never been a soda drinker and I've heard that it's hard to quit, but in my opinion you aren't going to lose any weight (at least, healthily) if you're drinking soda, sugar or diet...especially not two litres worth. It has absolutely no redeeming qualities, health-wise, and is just going to hurt you and keep you overweight. That should be your first priority if you want to make a change.
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I know I drink to much soda but I have cut back alot ,maybe by half of what I was drinking.. I have constent sinus problem and the soda cleans out my throat and I don't have a dry mouth. I know I need to drink more water. Water is really good for loosening sinus and other things.
I was dignosed extreemly insulan ristant about 6 years ago and withno health insurance I can't afford an other test at this time. Along wth the resistance I am on to anti depressant on I have been for a while and the other is for my migrains.
Somedays I find it difficult to get up and moving like a would like to. Yesterday, because it was cold here in Idaho, I spent a good 4 hours going through draws and boxes in my bedroom and it all looks much better now. I did really well on my eating and on my water.
water 8 cups
soda 1 liter -it helps me be able to talk on the phone (call center)
exercise watered the green house and feed the fish.. they are all getting so big-oldest I have had since 1999 a nd over a foot long
veggies- 3 servings -got first cucmber from the green house today
fruits 2- big banana
I am sorry have not been on the last couple of days. I get busy on my cross stitching and forget to watch the time. Till to morrow
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Why can't you drink diet soda?
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Ruby stars I do usuall drink diet,but it is hard to find caffiene free diet orther then colas. I like a bit of a change now and then but mostly likew today I drank mostly water and and only some soda. Spent the day working on my cross stitch and hose cleaning. I was doing mine and my sisters landury. We do that now and then if we are both working. She does mine somtimes.
2 days ago I picked my first cucmber out of the greenhouse.It was tender and sweet. Today I was going to go out side to work but when I woke up the wind was already 28 mile per hour and was only going to get worse. I also had a migraine today. I took my time and got some work done inside.. This evening the wind has calmed down. Does that around here.
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Well I made it on tonight last night it there was a problem with the server and had to just stay off. I am feeling drained tonight,but no headache. Somedays the day after is almost as bad as the headace, I feel drained and sleepy. It was a nice slow day today -hurray.
I did well today. I made stir fry last night with a little bit of beef and alot of veggies. Had some for lunch today as well. I got out and feed the fish this evening and I will have a couple of more cucumbers is a day or so. They are so sweet when picked young with tender skin.
Today I had
7cups water and only one large soda
lots of veggies and a vegetarian supper
tomorrow I hope to get out in the yard and work some of the fat off. talk to you all tomorrow nyda
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