7 Day Motivational Thread beginning 10/29/12

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oatmeal or cereal and soy milk (just can't face an egg)

ham sammie with lettuce


non dairy sugar free yogurt
sardines or oysters
sugar free cookie
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Dmartz. Sorry, I forgot. Are you Donna? Have moderately spending fun at the quilt festival. I like the simplicity of your goals.

Lisa, I got a chuckle out of your logging "no matter how ugly it gets." But major kudos on that goal. Weighing and measuring is key to success. Kudos on that, too. Way to go on adjusting your goals. If I had your goals I'd count 1643 as a success. I'm going for averages on my all my food intake goals this week--have never done that before.

Tori, wishing you a great day.

Jenn, best wishes on your goals this week. So sorry to learn of your back spasms! Wishing you relief! I'm making soup today, too. OMG, is that poem you? I am not a twin, but feel the pain of having lost my older sister back in 2005. My world is not the same since she passed.

Hope, please keep us posted on how you are faring in the hurricane conditions! Thanks for explaining your local/farm fresh availability--that's wonderful. Fresh beef tastes so much yummier than grocery store stuff! I had the pleasure just once of getting 1/4 side of beef when my former neighbor who had a big freezer split a side with me. Best wishes on your writing--thanks for explaining that, too. Sounds very interesting. Hey, we both made room for sardines today. A lot of people will gag when they read that. Some time within the next few years I'd like to write for my kids and grandkids my memoirs of growing up in a small town--kinda like a Mayberry RFD town but sans Barney Fife. LOL I have pics from our county auditor's website of the properties that used to be local stores where the owners knew everyone in the town by name--including the kids. So many stories to tell.
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Frenchhen, welcome back. What are your goals this week?

Ama, thanks for sharing that article from the Mayo Clinic on a healthy breakfast. (Mayo Clinic and Web MD websites are my "go-to's" for reliable info when surfing the Internet for nutrition advice.) Like you, I suspect that dietitian I saw last week may be a vegetarian. She kinda poo-pooed the meat protein on her plastic prop of what a healthy dinner should be, but she is also pro low protein for everyone, even those who have no signs of kidney damage or diabetes. That goes against all the medical advice I've heard for a person with no medical conditions requiring low protein. She goes for calories, carbs, and fiber rather than healthful fats and protein for helping stave off hunger pangs.

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Default Goals for the Week

Calories < 1700:
3 Workouts:
Progress toward my next mini-goal:
Not Beat Mike up about his dreadful New Orleans Saints loss to the Broncos more than a couple times.

Sorry I confused you about the buy/bye week. Where did the Saints go last night? I understand their defense is the worst in the league but they are supposed to be this offensive powerhouse? The receivers didn't help Brees out, dropped lots of balls that were catchable.

Thank you everyone for the congratulations on making my mini-goal last week. Hope it motivates and encourages you all to have a great week this week.

Chili Recipe: ( Makes 5 quarts.)
•5 lbs Beef Round Steak, Cubed
•1) 15oz Can Pinto Bean Type Chili Beans
•2) 15oz Can Kidney Bean Type Chili Beans
•31 oz Tomato Sauce
•1) Medium Onion Chopped
•¼ cup Granulated Garlic
•3/4 cup Chili Powder
•1 Tbl Onion Powder
•3 Tbl Worcestershire Sauce
•1 Tbl Ground Cumin
•1 Tsp Salt
•¼ Tsp Ground Cayenne Pepper
•6 Grinds Fresh Black Pepper
•Quart Water
Brown the Round Steak in a large stew pot. Add the remaining ingredients. Simmer for several hours to meld the flavors.
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I'm going for averages on my all my food intake goals this week--have never done that before.
Mern, I think this is a pretty good idea. At the end of the week I'll see what my average was and what my overall deficit was for the week.

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Speaking of Bye weeks - I think I am going to take one this time around and for-go serious meal planning and goal posting. We have lots of good food in the house, so as long as we don't eat out too much I can't go too wrong... Wednesday night being the exception, which involves a potluck party at a friends house, followed by taking about 20 kids out trick-or-treating. But SERIOUSLY, I plan to be a good girl for the remainder

Ron - I just went through my cupboards and pulled out the chili ingredients I have on hand. I'll need to substitute and use black beans, and make my own chili seasoning from the spices in the cupboard, but I'll try get as close as I can to your award winning recipe! It all goes in the crock pot tomorrow morning!!!

Have a great Monday everyone! Ama
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Hi guys. Will come back and post goals later and start tomorrow. My eating hasn't been the greatest today . Needed a day off of vigilance, I guess. I'm still stuffy, I have a very sick kid, a moderately sick cat, and a bunch of work crises to handle. I'm this close to throwing in the towel, getting back in the bed, and pulling the covers over my head till spring. But since that won't pay the bills, I'll make another cup of tea and do another load of laundry.

Mern, thanks for getting us going. You look like you've developed a good plan. If anyone can figure this out, it's you. I also appreciate the reminder that averages are important; I will therefore have a stellar day tomorrow and rest of the week and will be back on track.

Ron, thanks for your recipe! Sounds like just the thing for when the weather turns colder. I'm sure it was a neat process developing just the right recipe.

Hope, stay safe! I am watching closely...most of my family is in MD, VA, PA, and NY, with some on the eastern shore to boot. I also admire you eating clean and local. We try to do the same but it's been a learning process. I think we're going to buy an eighth of a grass-fed cow sometime soon; just had a chest freezer delivered Friday.

ama, enjoy your Halloween festivities . Healthy eating will still be there on Nov. 1!

Jenn, thanks for sharing your poetry. Wishing both you and Hope good luck and inspiration for your writing this week.

dmatz, hope you have a wonderful time at the quilt festival. My sister is a quilter. It seems like a great hobby; there is no end to the creativity.

Lisa, I've already slipped up for the day, too, so you and I will get back on track and have good averages for the week.

Tori, girl, no more drama! Things need to start going RIGHT for you! Hang in there .
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Goals for the week
1. Keep carbs and protein in check 140/60145/65--a little over because I had a large apple
2. 4 servings of fruits and veggiesBIG YES-5
3. Drink water--at least 6 glasses!!!YES
4. Log everythingyes
5. Clean bedroom and kitchen
6. Write

Had homemade pizza on small pita for dinner and salad since I had to offset protein from lunch.
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Ron, thanks for that yummy looking chili recipe. I was reared near Cincinnati where we made chili from ground beef. I'm looking forward to trying your recipe, just subbing lower carb black soybeans for the pinto and kidney beans. Will be watching for a nice sale on round steak.

Lisa, I hope I can do well on the averages. Nice to have someone experimenting with me on this approach. Good luck to you, too.

Ama, have fun at the party Wednesday. I love Halloween because we live on a street where there are no sidewalks or street lights and we have half acre lots, so don't get many trick-or-treaters. Most prefer streets where the houses are way closer together and closer to the street so they can collect more treats in their 2 hour limit. But since we have so few kids (between 7 and 14, usually) we can afford to give out full size candy bars and the kids are so polite and tickled when they get their treat. One teenage boy said last year, "I was told this is a cool house to come to."

Cassie, I forgot your family is also from the eastern states. Will keep them in my prayers along with Hope and our other members from that area. Oh, yeah, isn't Bojibridge Joanna in PA? So sorry for the illness in your household. Has DS got a bad cold, virus or flu? Wishing you all a speedy recovery! Hoping you do achieve stellar results this week. The averages approach was advice you gave ME a while back, I think when I was working on getting my sat fat percentage down. I've just never done it for calories or net carbs before. LOL

Jenn, being over by a large apple is a healthful overage, at least. Beats being over by a candy bar! Well done! Hmm, I haven't done that for a while--may enjoy a homemade pizza on a lowcarb, high fiber tortilla tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.
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Default !

I'm here for some modified goals.

1--don't go stupid with food
2--drink more water
3--don't kill anyone at work

That's it!

Life is going amazing right now. Things are going awesome with WHN. I haven't cried once since he's been home. Work, on the other hand, has been HECTIC!!! One thing after another. There's also been some slight family drama. Nothing major, that can't be handled, but drama none the less. It'll all work itself out in the end.

K, gonna go chill wif my <3

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