7 Day Motivational Thread beginning 10/29/12

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1) Do not gain "hurricane weight" by overeating while hunkered down - same, lost, lost, gained two pounds Whut?; same, same, same
2) stretch every day- y, y, y, y 3/4 (interrupted by coffee) y, y, y
3) remember to take my pills (blood pressure, fibro, vits)- y, 1/2 y, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
4) under 1600 calories - ?, ?, 1967, 1587 NO, NO yes 1475
5) what is up with me and water? I not only have to pour it but I actually have to drink some (and I even gave it to Mike as a goal) n, n, n, YES 8 glasses woo hoo ? ? ?
6) gym 2x this week -n, n, n, n, n, n, short walk
7) meditate- n, y, , n, y, y, n yes
8) write - ish, yes, yes, yes no, no, no
9) plan meals n, n, n, yes yes but went off, no planned lunch and dinner
10) remain positive - y, y, 1/2 and 1/2 yes yes both days (I think) but it was really hard, tried
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Default Result...

  1. Don't spend $$$ at the Quilt Festival this week!
Achieved! Total spend over three days, less than $ 100.00. Even going w/ someone who spent $$$$. (I did that prior years!)
  • Work out 2 days > 40 min.s (Doesn't count walking or 'working.')
Not achieved. (40 mins total) Though I did do lots of walking...
  • Average < 1600 cals (trying to be realistic considering my plans!)
Average: 1638. Very close, but not quite.
  • Eat more vegetables & protein
Protein: good. Vegetables: Not so much
I won't have house guests next week, so I hope to do better.
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