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Mern 10-22-2012 02:01 PM

7 Day Motivational Thread beginning 10/22/12
Not bringing my whip because someone else will likely snatch it out of my hand and use it on ME! I've gained six pounds in my month absence from the group. :o

Have an appointment with a dietitian Wednesday to try to get help on losing weight. I reduced my high cholesterol and high blood sugar to normal with diet alone--low calorie, low carb, low sat fat, low cholesterol, high protein, but my weight loss stopped again despite changing up exercise-- and then I gave up and went completely off my nutritious eating plan, eating whatever I wanted.

For today and tomorrow just doing general low carb, low calorie, low sat fat, low cholesterol, high protein and will hopefully formulate a new plan after the dietitian's input.

canary52 10-22-2012 02:06 PM

Mern! You started one! I'll join yours. I've missed you. Never mind the whip; that wagon is waiting for both of us, Mern, and we''re gonna get on it!

1) plan meals
2) 1600 cals max
3) stretch
4) yoga, walk, something, 2 x this week (starting slow)
5) write (I am now on a deadline)
6) drink more water
7) send out positive vibrations yeah

Can someone help me delete my thread? I have the wrong date anyway!!!

Mern 10-22-2012 02:42 PM

Hope, I missed you, too! Glad you wrote in your goals about planning your meals. I've been away from the group and on my binge for so long I totally forgot about doing that. Glad there's a space for me in the wagon--I hope there's room enough for my six pound bigger butt! ;) I'm feeling your positive vibes already and will send mine along to you and our group as well. Best wishes on your writing deadline.

Welcome to all the newbies who have joined our group in the past month. :) I haven't kept up with the posts, so it may take me a while to learn who you all are.

OK, I'm headed to the gym for my cardio class. And when I come home I'm going to plan my meals for the day. Just had a one net carb protein shake for breakfast.

canary52 10-22-2012 02:53 PM

Mern, I'm so glad one of my goals helped you!!! (I'm hoping it works for me too.) I swear, this butt thing must be going around (sorry for any unfortunate pun.) It is like I have two butts: one underneath the other, like a double chin, only back there. So if the wagon can fit both of mine... anything else should be... errr... a piece of cake...hmmm...unfortunate phrasing there...

Mern, you sound like you have positive proactive attitude but that doesn't surprise me.

Hi everyone, looking forward to "meeting" you.

cjohnson728 10-22-2012 03:48 PM


*Standing in line for a whipping as well*
I've been hit and miss with logging, eating, and exercising as well. It's frustrating...I feel like I did well for a long time but now nothing seems to be working the way I want it to :mad:.

I'm keeping my goals basic this week.

1. Calories below 1250.
2. Exercise 6 hours total.
3. Sleep 7 hours per night.
4. Force fluids.
5. Log everything and post daily.
6. Eat clean.

I've been a bit under the weather since Saturday afternoon, mostly sinus, sore throat, and headache. I had an early AM meeting 1.5 hours away this morning and just got home, got back into my pajamas, made a cup of tea, and am spending the rest of the day on my butt catching up on reports and keeping up with FitDay! I do better when I'm active here!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...looking forward to sharing the wagon with you this week :).

01gt4.6 10-22-2012 03:48 PM

Hello my three beauties! I need to get my butt in gear but just can't seem to find the way. I may just make some goals for my lil sis and sit this week out.

Tori's Goals

1) Log everything
2) .5% wightloss
3) 48 oz water

cjohnson728 10-22-2012 03:54 PM

Hi Mike!!

Give yourself ONE checking in and posting every day. That'll help you find the way. And I say that with complete understanding because I am in a very similar position :rolleyes:. Ya gotta start somewhere...again.

canary52 10-22-2012 04:10 PM

Tori, are you gonna like Mike get off goal-less this week? (Sorry, Mike, I have to try to call her into this - for your own good.) Oh and thanks for delating my thread- I am assuming it was you.

Cassie, I hope you feel better! Have a nice cozy day and recoup!!! Hot liquids, my friend!!! Broth, tea and lots of water. But you did say "force fluids" in your goal so you got that!!!

Yes, let's all check in!!! It's so great to be back with you guys!!! Whips, wagons, whatever works!!!

Kumochi 10-22-2012 04:59 PM

My goal this week:

Journal, Journal and then Journal some more
Eat healthy below 1500 calories
Some sort of exercise daily
sauna and yoga daily
water, water and more water.

Stick with Fitday.

Nice to see you all again. I gained way too much weight not being here and lost way too much in fitness and flexibility..

amalthea1892 10-22-2012 05:39 PM


- Limit 2 slices of bread/day.
- Get to the gym 2x this week.
- H2O, lots of H2O.
- Cook 5 healthy dinners (no eating out until the weekend).
- Bring lunch to work 3 out of 4 work days this week.
- Work 32 hrs minimum this week.

Mary, Hope, Cassie, Mike, Mern – It is going to be a great week! Ok, there have been set-backs, but we are works in progress, right?! Let’s get motivated to make a few good goals, even if just a few hanging-onto-the-wagon goals. Cassie I hope you feel better soon!

I issue a challenge to everyone this week: Pre-plan all your meals and snacks either the night before, or morning of each day this week. List them on your post.

Mon pre-plan – 2 cups coffee, organic hot oatmeal, sushi take-out for lunch, banana, hummus and carrots, tuna salad (maybe on bread) with lettuce/tomato/cucumber for dinner. 1 beer with dinner. Chocolate square after dinner.

Rock on! :D Ama

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