7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 9/4/2012 Fresh start, everyone!

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Check in:

1. Calorie limit 1300. 1204 1223, 1371
2. Balance pie chart & follow fiber/fat guidelines. *Not so much, Great today, Yes
3. Drink 72 oz. fluid, at least. Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Sleep 7 hours. *6 in the bed, but 1-2 on the couch today, Yes, 6.5
5. Exercise 6 hours total for the week. *Nothing today, 45 min.
6. Eat at least 4 fruits/veggies per day. *1, 4.5, 1. Embarrassingly, I have no excuse
7. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes, Yes
8. Eat clean. *Fair, Yes, Mostly
9. Log everything and post goal progress daily. Yes, Yes, Yes

Lunch brought in today; I made the best choice I could. Hopefully I can tighten up tomorrow.

Hope you all had a good day! Heading into Thursday and only on Page 4...hang in there, peeps!
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Wednesday Report

Calories minimum 1200 1317, 1310, 1205
Total fat average 38% of total calories 38%, 44%, 36%
Saturated fat average 9% of total calories 7%, 10%, 9% Average is 8.7%
Cholesterol limit 200mg 158mg, 103mg, 225mg
Net carbs (after deducting fiber) limit 25g calling it green at 25.1g, 33.7g, 19.1g
Fiber minimum 25g, 32g 32g, 47g, 36g
Protein minimum 120g, 145g, 108g, 153g
Exercise 5 days (no certain exercise more than 2 times per week)
--M seniors cardio circuit
--T 2 miles total between elliptical, cycling, and treadmill and 10 ab machine reps
--W elliptical, ab machine at Y; aerobic walking DVD and AbRoller at home

--TH scheduled day off exercise
Water 64 oz. YES, YES, YES
Remember to take both morning and evening supplements YES, YES. YES
Nutritious evening snack that won't take me off target
--Boca vegetarian burger patty and small protein shake
--tuna and broccoli
--turkey on low carb tortilla

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Terri, I'm getting more used to my new way of eating, but it's so hard to reach 1200 calories on such low carb AND low fat. Looking forward to my Oct 4 appointment with the dietitian for help on that. OMG, DF's proposal sounds so romantic. Is he Australian? If not, did his bro just move there for work or what? Wonderful that you love your job so much.

Kayla, thanks for the tip of pre-logging your food the night before. I thought that was from someone fairly new to our group, but missed it when I went back looking to see who it was. I hope you get more happiness and less stress in your life soon. Big hug to ya! And kudos on the sensible cutting back on exercise instead of giving up and on sticking to your eating goals.

Jenn, hi. Nice goals!

Mike, hi. So glad your bike is coming along.

Ann, that PimpMobile is hysterical! LOL

Cassie, how is hubby feeling today after the accident? Poor guy sure does get hit a lot! Glad this time the other driver was insured. Kudos on your super Wednesday report--aw, you usually do quite well on your veggies, don't you? No need to be embarrassed on that one. How are you feeling now? Thanks for your tip of pre-logging dinner first thing in the morning. Also, thanks for mentioning Walden Farms Salad Dressings a while back--so cool that they're zero everything except for sodium. I love the French Dressing as is. I also got the Chipotle Ranch and Creamy Bacon that are yummy, but a little sweet for my taste, so I mix them with Riverton Ranch dressing that is a little more tangy and is really low carb at only 1g net carb for two tablespoons. My reminder about balance was repeating your advice to ME a while back. LOL But glad you took your own advice to give yourself a pass while feeling under the weather. Maybe I'm wrong, but sometimes I think our bodies NEED something different when we're not feeling well. So maybe it's not necessary to make up for it when we give ourselves a reasonable pass (as opposed to just plain binging out of control) when we are not feeling well.

Cassie and Kayla: your tips saved me yesterday again for eating dinner at a fundraiser. I went over only in cholesterol, but allowed myself to do that because I got tired of trying to juggle the numbers to reach 1200 calories on such low fat and low carb-- and my dietary cholesterol goal is usually fairy easy to reach.

Tori, keep checking in to our group-- at least it will keep you tuned in to some good vibes. Kudos on maintaining while in a negative space.

Quinn, it's so great to see you back and really enjoying being an empty nester. Kudos on your renewed healthful lifestyle spirit. My GD is now taking study materials with her to her part time job so she can study on her break. So glad her supervisor is giving her nice work hours--mostly 5 to 9 or 4 to 10 on school nights with Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. She says she's able to keep up with her homework. Being gracious, humble, and patient sounds like a competition for sainthood. I don't know if I could do all three at once in a whole week. LOL Thanks for your kind words on balancing my numbers, but it's much more of a juggling act right now than an learned skill. I spend a lot of time in my food log changing planned foods and portions to force the numbers to come out better.

Judi, glad you had a good time in Vermont. Kudos on your scale going down! Sending you a big cyberhug, good vibes, and prayers on your life issues. Just a thought--could the menses issues be from stress?

To everyone I missed addressing personally--hi and big hugs to each of you.

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1. LOG EVERYTHING, no matter how small.
Yes, Yes
2. Calories under 1100. 1241, 615
3. NO breads, cheese or deep-fried ANYTHING!!! None, None
4. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes, Forgot One
5. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day. Yes, Yes
6. Be grateful, humble and patient with everyone... no matter how hard. lol Yes, Unbelievably So

Couldn't get my numbers posted last night because I was in the middle of a 2.5 hour "melt-down call" from my brother. (Over supper- didn't feel like preparing/eating after that. He kind of sapped my strength.) He somehow thinks that everything that he is telling me is "new", when it has been my reality for the past 8 years. Poor thing; (she said with the smile of a cat who just ate the canary...) he'll get used to it.

What I thought was an easy To-Do List on Tuesday, has taken me all week and remains incomplete. Hoping to check off a few more things today.

A "snafu" with my vacation reservation left me scrambling all day yesterday to correct. Hope to make some final decisions on that this morning now that I'm rested.

Sorry to hear about the accident. We just had a fairly new car totaled in August. It's a complete pain in the butt, but it all works out somehow. Hope your hubby is doing better today.

Have a great day everyone!


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Quinn, I hope you have more appetite today. Sorry your bro is overwhelmed by what I'm guessing is the elder care issue, but glad you got a reprieve from that 8 year reality. Best wishes on your to-do list and straightening out the vacation snafu. Kudos on the veggies and on avoiding the bread.
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Hi everyone.

Well since the hubby is out of town, I can't go to the gym or out for a run until he gets back tomorrow. But instead got to go to the dentist and OBGYN today...every woman's dream day! Plan on going for a nice run tomorrow night, hit the gym Sat and then another run Sunday and Monday since he will be gone again on another trip. Keeping the diet in check so that's helping but I could sure go for a nice DQ Blizzard right about now!

Hope you all are well
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...and life continues at ever-increasing speed, in spite of our best efforts to slow it down some...

Well, had an - ::ahem, coff coff:: - well - "interesting" evening - Baby, it weren't no Tupperware party, that 's for dang sure! Let's just say it was a ladies' evening - wine, laughter, and items that would shock your great-aunt Sally (or make her run off with the milkman!). I would say it was an eye-opener - but I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider some of it! Interesting, indeed! Truly an effective distraction...

Going for a haircut tomorrow after work - also picking up 40 lbs paste tomatoes for the "great salsa canning event"!! I know what I'm doing all day Sunday!

Keeping the goals going - vitamins included.

Numbers: Calories: 1,285 Fats: 76.2 Carbs: 89.7 Proteins: 72.4

I glimpsed a number on the scale this morning that I haven't seen in more than three years - a 'new' decade, as it were. I won't record it until it appears more than a couple days, but it was nice to see it.

Since it is much later than I had planned, I will wrap this up for now. Hope to catch up tomorrow some time. All these extra hours at work make it difficult to spend time here.

Hugs to you all! Friday is nigh upon us!
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Originally Posted by Hunny24 View Post
Keeping the diet in check so that's helping but I could sure go for a nice DQ Blizzard right about now!
Aww c'mon, you can't just leave me haning like that! Well... did you cave in and get one? If so, I WANT DETAILS!
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Ann, Oh, my Lord! OBGYN AND the dentist on the same day! I do hope you get in your run and gym this weekend. Kudos on keeping your diet in check.

Judi, sounds like your ladies night provided some relief from everyday frustration. Enjoy your haircut and canning. I enjoy canning if a family member helps me, but hate it as a go-it-alone chore. Wonderful to see that glimpse of a new number. I do like you--don't record it until it sticks.

I did some self-sabotage yesterday (carb binge) before and after dinner and again this morning. I rebelled due to my scale not moving since 8/31 despite dropping my calories down from 1500 to 1200 and dropping my total fat 10 whole percent of my total calories. And I'm exercising 5 days a week. Oh, I know how it goes--sometimes our bodies just take time to adjust. Maybe mine thinks I'm trying to starve it. I'll find a way to get it moving again. Just had a pity party--but I'll buck up. I can and will do it--just gotta hang in there.
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Thanks Mern for posting that. You are such an inspiration so it's nice to know even you have an off day.
I too had a really bad day yesterday. Had a small pizza for supper last night--I ate 3 slices. Too much fat, salt, carbs and I felt so sick with myself after. Having a really emotional time lately and just can't seem to motivate myself to stick with healthy eating. If anyone has any advice I would gladly take some!

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