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Well, today didn't turn out quite like I planned...was gonna get some weeding done in the gardens. NOT.

Youngest son has a blocked salivary gland by his ear, and I got a call this morning for him to come in for a cat scan. It went fine - but, as is most experiences at a hospital, we were there for a goodly chunk of the day. I had hung out a load of laundry before the call, and had a 2nd load running. So - naturally - it starts raining on the way home from the hospital. Needless to say, spent another chunk of my day at the laundromat drying the 2 loads, and getting a couple in-town tasks done. So, it was a day with minimal calorie burning.

We find out tomorrow at his Dr's if he'll need surgery. He is uncomfortable and the area is swollen and very tender. Poor kid. I hope it will be minimally invasive and done soon - better to get it over and done with. 'Specially since he is my resident drama queen, and I am the closest pair of ears he has during the day.

Mike - gorgeous choice on that tile! Loving the colors! We are re-tiling the area under the woodstove in the living room, and will be using riverstone tiles. I'll be posting pix when the room is finished. We had planned on putting in a bamboo floor (floating type), and had ripped up the old yucky carpet in anticipation. But, unexpectedly, finances being what they 'aren't', we will be painting the plywood until the $ situation improves. Not sure how that is gonna look...

Cassie - sometimes, when stress hits like a ton of bricks, a few cookies fitted into the day's calories keep us sane!

Nichaleh - Buying a new book is a MAJOR treat for me! As is allowing myself the time to enjoy it! Good thinking on that 4-hour downtime.

April - isn't great when you glimpse the man your son will grow into? And, regarding the redness 'round the 'tat - let's face it - when getting a tat, you are traumatizing the tissue under the skin - and it takes time to heal. Not everyone understands that. As long as you know it isn't infected, never mind what others say.

Mern - I agree with April - I wish my kids' grandma was a bit more like you. I love my mom, but she is NOT the sort for take the kids shopping for anything!

Nobe - Allow yourself the time to breathe in the quiet around you - troll free!

ichalk2up & frenchhen3 - Welcome to the neighborhood! Join us for a cuppa and some chat!

Tori - you are merciless, girl! Cracks me up!

Kayla - Don't know how you do all you do! Just great on the #'s!

Tracey - Keep in mind it's only a blip in the greater realm of things - and yes, you will prevail!

Well, gotta go figure out supper - will pop in later to post #s and such.
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Haven't had time to read all the posts--just quickly skimmed.

Cassie, good job holding the calories down after baking cookies.

Mike, the tile DOES look great.

Judi, one of my grandkids (can't remember which one) had an INFECTED salivary gland once that made his/her face swell up. It got cleared up with antibiotics. I hope the solution to your little one's problem is easily corrected, too.

Thanks to all for your kudos on my good weight loss last week.

We have special circumstances with our grandkids. I have babysat all four of our daughter's kids since they were infants. As a single parent she and the kids lived with us while she attended school full time and worked two part time jobs (and still made the Dean's List ) so DH and I have always been very close to our grandkids. They live only four miles away (except for the college age one who lives with us) so our lives are still very much intertwined. So, long story short, doing stuff with them is just part of our lifestyle--nothing special except I hope that after we're gone they'll have some fond memories and that they will be sure to make memories with their own grandkids one day.

I have more catching up to do with the thread, but right now I'm really beat. I did a lot of physical labor today lifting, hoisting, carrying heavy boxes from the top floor to the bottom of our tri-level house. Trying to give live-in GD more room in the closet where I had Christmas decorations and other things stored. But in order to do that, I first had to clear out some unneeded stuff I had stored on the lower level and I had to carry all those things up to the main level for recycling. I felt guilt-free counting that as exercise because I was sweating buckets and huffing and puffing.

I didn't log yesterday or today--not sure how my calories were, but cholesterol, protein, sat fat, should have been OK. And my eating was clean. Back to logging tomorrow and that's a promise.

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Mern, this cracked me up:

I hope the solution to your little one's problem is easily corrected, too.

Thank you for the kind thought - the 'little one' part - he was little. once. he is a fire hydrant with legs! (17 y.o.) - Actually, both my boys are quite, um, large. But, thanks - we have an appt tomorrow to see what's next.

Calories: 1,595 Fats: 91.8g Carbs: 76.6g Protein: 124.6g

1) Post #'s daily Tues: yes
2) Get the 5K done at least 3X this week n/a
2a) Keep the running/sprints at or above 200' per, and do at least (gads) 5 per 5K, twice a week n/a
3) Keep calories around 1500 Tues: yes
4) Keep carbs under 90g Tues: yes
5) Take supplements Tues: yes
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Hey everybody. I hope you guys had an awesome day. I started off great, but then I got attacked by the boredom monster. I ended up wasting gas that I shouldn't have driving all the way to my Mom's house and back. I only stayed for about 2 hours, but I guess it was better than staying home and eating out of boredom. Also, we bought Norah her first potty today. I was so excited. I was planning to follow my Mom's advice, and just take her with me when I go to the bathroom and let her sit on her potty and eventually she'll get it. Well, she sat on it for about a nanosecond, got up, walked across the room, and peed on the floor. Fail. My Mom assured me that potty training is not a complete failure because she didn't get it on her first try, but really?! If she had stayed on for 10 more seconds! Anyway, here are my #'s for today. I got in 45 minutes of cardio, and 100 reps each of 4 different arm strengthening and toning moves.

1) Stay within calorie limits. Yes, 916.
2) Get 4 workouts done. M-Y. T-Y.
3) Keep carbs @or under 33%. 23%!!!!
4) Get to bed by 10:30. Yes.
5) Drink more water! Yes.

1) Wedding planning. Yes.
2) Stick with budget, and STOP OVERSPENDING! Yes.

Judi, I'm sorry to hear about your son, I hope he feels better soon. It is no fun when kids are sick.

Mern, I think going up and down those stairs all day with heavy boxes definitely counts. I logged all my box carrying activities when I was moving, and didn't think twice. Calories are calories!

Ok, I am going to bed. I was up at 6 am, and will be again tomorrow. Also, tomorrow may be a bit of a lost cause as I am going to lunch with my grandparents from out of town, and after all of my potentially healthy suggestions, they decided on a Chinese Buffet. We shall see how that goes. Goodnight all!
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calories <1600 - 1487, 1530
water >64oz - 64oz+, 64oz+
protein >20% - 28%, 25%
take vitamins - yes, yes
move - bit of cleaning and gardening, long walk/finished powerwashing the outside of the house and windows
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My diet has sucked because I've been super busy. It under 800 calories for the day and nearly 3000 calories deficient for today. I hope tomorrow to have more time to eat right. I'm about 90% done with the grout and damn my back is screaming at me!!!
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Thanks all for the welcome! You all are such an inspiration. I have a few challenges myself to overcome, but can already see why i am struggling to drop the weight. I'm newly type 2 diabetic and have to watch my carbs. Trying to eat enough calories without the carbs is incredibly hard. Its so easy to see why my metabolism is so poor . . . i do not eat enough and there's barely any exercise in my day to day. No fuel and no activity! Definitely have my work cut out for me!!
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Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. Walk on lunch 3 times M: 2miles, T: went shopping instead,
3. Exercise 3 times minimum (nights work too April!) M: No, T: No,
4. 5 Fruits / Veggies daily M: Yes, T: Yes,
5. Weigh and post it M: 230.8lbs, T: 229.8lbs, W: 229.0lbs,

Life Goals ...
1. Keep paperwork caught up M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. Get ready for camp M: worked on the list, T: shopped twice,
3. Don't stress about what I can't control M: Yes, T: Doing my best,

Another no exercise day for me I am just not feeling it. I am tired. I know that if I would just do it, I would still be tired but at least I would have worked out and then be tired instead of sitting around and still being tired. I just need to find my motivation. I am really in need of the 4 day vacay that I have coming starting Friday. We are headed into the mountains to go camping again. Sunday night it sounds like another couple and at least 2 of their kids (12 & 4) will be joining us for the night in a tent on our site. Should be a blast! We always have a good time with them.

Judi ... Thanks for the encouragement on my tattoo. Everyone just seems to think that it should be perfect and beautiful already. It's only 9 days old and yeah it's getting kinda scabby. I am not letting it dry out. I think part of the reason for the slow heal is how intricate the design was followed by large solid areas and the position of it on my ankle too. Oh well...everyone has an opinion

Nobe ... Since you are not currently working would you like to take your powerwashing on the FitDay tour and come to each of our houses for a few days?

Kayla ... At least you did something to prevent boredom eating.

Mern ... I still love how you are with your grandkids. I know you think it is nothing special, but really...it is.

ichalk2up ... Welcome to the group! With careful planning you can help to reverse your diabetes before it becomes a real problem.

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Wow everyone has such a lot going on! Praying for all who need prayers in health, potty training, safe vacations, clapping for tile, clapping for reached objectives, this is all so good.

Eat with awareness. No "Mindless" eating!: M! T(so-so)
64 + oz water per day: M! T
12,000 steps per day, 5 days this week : 13760,13875,

I Chalk- I don't know if your doctor or nutritionist has suggested any books to read for your diabetes. I read a book called "The New Glucose Revolution" it is geared toward folks who have diabetes, but it is also a good book for anyone who is into nutrition and better health. Reading it helped me understand how the body uses what you give it for food, how it is converted to energy in the body and how to eat to keep blood sugar stable.
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Nobe ... Since you are not currently working would you like to take your powerwashing on the FitDay tour and come to each of our houses for a few days?
I actually kind of love cleaning when it's normal dirt and not troll dirt. I'm on my way!
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