7/23/12 Motivational Group Thread--Let's Get Serious!

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Busy work day but should check in...got caught up in driving with son last night and playing with the kitten he's cat-sitting and then a billing/insurance dilemma, and then I had to go to bed so I wouldn't wreck that goal . Anyway, here's yesterday

1. Calories below 1300. Yes Possibly
2. Balance pie chart and follow my rules. Yes Yes
3. Drink 2 blue bottles or 3 clear bottles of water daily. Yes Yes
4. Log everything and post daily. Yes Yes
5. Eat clean. Yes Fair
6. 3-4 fruits and veggies per day (I'm stealing ). Yes Yes
7. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes Yes
8. Sleep 7 hours, at least, per night. Not even close! Yes
9. Exercise 6 hours total this week. 75 min. 60 min.

I think I was okay on calories, but I took my son out for pizza and there's no telling about the calories. It had a wheat crust and it was a local joint, so I guesstimated from online info from a chain that offers wheat crust. I loaded up on salad and just had the one piece, so hopefully my good intentions count .
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Wednesday weigh-in: 167 (-.5)

I don't think it's actually completely accurate, though, because I made the mistake of mentioning that I was hungry before hubby headed out to run an errand last night and he brought me home a Whopper. 11pm fast food isn't good for the scale.

Lunch at my favourite restaurant with a few girlfriends today, and I'm not worrying about calories. Half my lunch will probably go to the kiddo, anyway.
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Goals? Oh My....

Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. 5 different fruits/veggies daily M: Yes (like 7-8), T: Yes, W: Yes,
3. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day this week M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes,
4. Walk on lunch M,T,Th & F (appt on W) M: Yes, T: Yes, W: N/A,
5. Weigh and post daily M: 232.8lbs, T: 232.0lbs, W: 231.0lbs,

Life Goals...
1. Do work paperwork every day M: Yes, T: Yes, W: No,
2. 20 day review & dr appt for son Weds W: Yes
3. Find something positive each day (been focusing on some negative stuff so stealing this goal) M: My hubby rode the bike to come see me on my lunch break and I still got to walk 1-1/2 miles. We are in such an awesome place with each other right now. , T: Got in another night time workout. Doesn't seem to be holding me back anymore, W: How much better can it get than I LOST 100 POUNDS!!

Sorry so late posting today. Had the morning off work to go to son's appointment, so no work until noon today. The appointment BTW was much better than previous ones. He is finally making progress.

I don't have a lot to talk about today other than the fact that I LOST 100 POUNDS!!!. This morning my scale read 231.0 so that is 100.2lbs. I didn't think to have my camera with me and when I tried later it kept coming up less than that. Oh well, it is mine and I know it! Now I have to resist the bounce that I usually get when I lost 5-6 lbs. I think with the renewed energy this has given me it shouldn't be a problem. I was looking at my current goal of 200 by Christmas and realized that is only about 6lbs per month. I feel awesome about my goal and being able to reach it at this point. From there I can only guess that I will want to lose another 20-30 lbs and evaluate what I need to do from there.

Ama ... You didn't do bad at all with all that entertaining.

Kayla ... TY for explaining your low calories. As long as that is monitored by your doctor I don't see how I could object

Tori ... I took a break last summer for almost 4 months. I didn't regain but my loss slowed to almost nothing during that time.

Judi ... Nice find on that cedar chest!

Quinn ... Yum! Cabbage rolls

Cassie ... I don't think the calories in pizza w/your son count!
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Just popping in to say hello. Haven't read the posts today yet.

Did get to the gym again today and decided I MIGHT also exercise on my two scheduled days off this week (Thursday and Sunday) in prep for all the walking at Mackinac Island next Wednesday.

I'm on track on food and water, too.

Will be back later to catch up with all the posts. But for now: kudos to all who are doing well and huge hugs to those who are struggling.
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Today was a LAZY day! Did nothing except cook, read a book and research my trip. If this is what being an empty-nester feels like, it's pretty darn awesome! I clean the house once, and it actually stays clean! I have to get off my butt tomorrow and do something productive!


1. Calories between 1000-1200. 1103, ? , 1167
2. 80-90 oz. of liquid a day. No, Yes, No
3. Walk daily! (Stop making excuses!) No, No Time, Raining
4. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day. Yes, Yes, Yes
5. Remember all vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes, Yes
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Hey everyone! I have had a lovely day, payday always is! Got my daughter a toddler booster high chair so she can eat at the table with us now, canít wait to try it out. Here are my stats for today.

-Stay within calorie limits. Yes, 687
-Keep my pie chart WAY more yellow than purple. (Carbs are my mega weak spot) Yes. Only 29% carbs.
-Work out at least 3 days (Preferably 4). NO EXCUSES. Put in a HARD workout first thing this morning.
-Much more water, and cut down tea. Only 2 glasses of tea today. Getting better!

-Keep up with laundry (I washed a mountain this weekend, and do not want to let it go that long ever again!) Looks like Iíll be doing a mountain this weekend, it hasnít happened yet.
-Get the baby in bed by 9:30 and myself in bed by 10:30. There is plenty of time for that!

Quinn, I love those lazy days when the kids are gone. I miss them when they are away, but getting things done and keeping them that way is great! ☺

April, super awesome keeping up with your goals so far this week. Keep it up! Also CONGRATS ON REACHING 100 LBS!! That is so impressive, and I am inspired by you.

Mern, it sounds like your grandson is my kind of kid! I would eat chocolate for every meal if I could. Obviously that is not an option, so I settle for splurging every once in a while.
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
To Hope and DH 7-25-12

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

Thank you, dearest Mern. You are a sweetie. I lurked a bit and particuaraly enjoyed Mike's description of singing and reading to his lawn. Thsi is one loved lawn! It will come back!

Speaking of coming back...Luv, welcome back, honey!!!!

April, thank you for looking for my goals, none this week. Unless staying sane and not eating everything in my path counts.

Welcome new peoples and regards to... errrm... the "old" ones (meaning people who have been here a while.)
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Sorry for being MIA, I've been extremely busy... STUFFING MY FACE. I have been getting in my fruits, veggies and water. Just a lot of junk too. I will be back on the wagon tomorrow.

Hope, congrats! Yes, my yard is loved.
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Arrow Report now . . .& then Read & Respond to posts!

I'm putt-putting along, getting myself into gear. This is why I need to focus on persevering. Tomorrow night I plan to attend my Health group. They took a summer recess. I'm so glad to be in touch with that group again!

Hope my goals make sense.

FIT CHALLENGE ______Starting on Tues.________
ďPatience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.Ē
~ John Quincy Adams ~

*Thankful Journal Entry x5 = {x1} (NO - Tues :: YES - Wed)

*Log nutrition daily x5 = {x1} (PARTIAL - Tues :: YES - Wed)
*Vit daily x5 = {x2} (YES - Tues, Wed)

*Walk 1 mile daily x4 = {x1} (NO - Tues :: YES - Wed)
*Free Weights x2 = Not yet

Sunday = "off", but within reason.

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Smile Reading & Responding . . .

Mern ~ Oh dear! Please remember to eat! (Referring to the day you forgot to eat until 2:00 pm.) Sorry about your report flying the coop into the computer "black hole". That is something I would do.

That's a bummer deal - gaining weight. I know the feeling. And please be sure to be gentle with yourself about the Eat Clean Pact. No worries here on my part. After all, whose gone MIA for a while? Not you, but yours truly. I most certainly am not perfect!

Cassie ~ Those recipes look so good. I'll have to explore delish.com further.

April ~ What a deal on damaged goods! I'd stock up on those veggies too!

nobe ~ Thanx bunches for your welcome back. Wow! I took a peek at your signature. You've worked hard and look at how much you've accomplished with your health goals!!!! I'm so excited for you.

Tracey ~ What a walk you took, especially going uphill. Choosing activity over sitting took discipline. I admire that.

quinn ~ I love to see you faithful as ever to staying fit.

kayla ~ It sounds like you know what you're all about. If there's any positive aspect to all you need to deal with, it's your attitude shining through. You are working hard at being fit and apparently made success. Kudos to you. I like the green popping through on your goals! You've worked so hard for that green.

Ama ~ That's so hard to stay focused when so much is going on. Good for you on refocusing & getting back to it.

Tori ~ Thanks for the beautiful Welcome back. Hey, I totally get what you're saying about a break from logging in. And yes, you CAN stay healthy on your "break". Cheers to you!

Judi ~ I'm with you on Goodwill. What a great find! You never know what treasure may come your way.

Mike ~ Awwww . . . your poor yard. Hope you have great success with your lawn . . . . sooner than later.

Cate ~ Thanks for your Welcome back. By the way, I for one understand about keeping up with interactions on this thread. Some weeks are more challenging than others.

Hope ~ Awww. .. Thanks for welcoming my return.
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