7/23/12 Motivational Group Thread--Let's Get Serious!

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Kayla, welcome! And I'll second the value of a good scale. I think I got mine at WalMart, and knowing me, it was less than $25. Invaluable for controlling portions, and controlling intake!

April, that lil'ol dress is adorable - and you look hot! Very feminine - lovely!

Mern, glad the time on the treadmill didn't cause too much pain - just pace yourself and listen to your body.

Quinn, Cassie, Tracey and all the rest of the smokin' babes on this thread (yeah, you, too Mike!) - thanks for sharing and encouraging - I am enjoying the rapport and the banter, and glad to find others in the same boat!

Okay, in addition to keeping the numbers in control, walking/jogging, meditation time, and positive thoughts...I will be mindful of what I say to my kids & DH and how I say it. Frustration and aggravation add a unpleasant tone to my thoughts and add a sarcastic edge to words.

Numbers: Calories: 1,682 Fat: 88.6g Carbs: 71.8g Protein: 151.3g

Didn't do the walk today - since I did the 5K yesterday and the hike at mom's, these old bones needed a break. I did manage to move *more* mulch, so some 'weight lifting'? The mulch was wet from the rain, and pretty heavy.
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Hi everyone, I joined fitday a week and a half ago. I have been steadily working on my weight and health since october last year. So far I have lost 10 1/2 kilos! (about 23lbs)

Here are my goals for the week:

*keep between 1200 and 1350 calories

*keep my pie chart balanced, at least 30% protein from a healthy source.

*switch some of my coffees for tea ( I drink A LOT of coffee, more since I gave up coke)

*Keep an eye on my sodium intake (fitday is great for helping me see what nutrients I am not getting enough of and what could be reduced)

*Go to my first Bootcamp session at the gym next Wednesday.

*Next time my 7 year old daughter asks me to do something physical with her, do it instead of making excuses. It will not kill me to get up 15 minutes earlier and walk some of the way to school while she rides her bike. If it is cold - wear a jumper. if it is wet - take an umbrella and a raincoat. If it is not possible to do the activity she is asking for- find a physical activity that is possible and get up and do it!

life goals-

focus on my assignment this week, don't leave it to the last minute.
remind myself that I am blessed with good friends and a loving family
Be a bit more organised in the morning and get everyone off to school and work on time everyday!

I had to put in, APRIL you look amazing in that dress.
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I had the most wonderful weekend. I spent the whole thing with my hubby. Saturday we didn't do much. Had delicious meals and we both got some exercise in and I did the laundry. Sunday was supposed to be a day he went on a dice run for breast cancer but his ride partner bailed at the last minute and he didn't want to go alone. So after breakfast he casually asked if I wanted to go shirt shopping. Awwww...he said he knew I need some shirts that fit better What a guy! I ended up with 4 new tops, 1 new work slacks, 2 new bras and a dress. Yep, you read that right...A DRESS! I may wait a little longer to wear it as it is a tad exposing on the cleavage at the moment but it was so cute and pretty and I made the decision to buy it. If it will upload for me I will show a pic later. I am not a dress person simply for the fact that I have no way to hide my belly in a dress. That is why I stick with skirts and tops.
Don't mind my flip flops, LOL! I was wearing shorts and a TShirt before trying clothes on.

I have to say that I am very proud of my hubby as well. Since buying the treadmill on Thursday he has spent 20 minutes on it every day. I think his switch is about to be flipped.

Oh and OMG you guys!!! I am 1.6lbs from 100lbs lost this morning. It has been steadily dropping over the past few day and if I keep that rate I should make my 100 by this weekend! I am really trying not to harp on it and I am definitely not letting it make me do anything crazy like not eating or working out like a maniac but I do really really want it!

Goals? Oh My....

Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100 oz water daily
2. 5 different fruits/veggies daily
3. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day this week
4. Walk on lunch M,T,Th & F (appt on W)
5. Weigh and post daily M: 232.8lbs,

Life Goals...
1. Do work paperwork every day
2. 20 day review & dr appt for son Weds
3. Find something positive each day (been focusing on some negative stuff so stealing this goal)
You look gorgeous!!! Don't wait to wear it!! Great dress. And congrats on almost 100!!!!
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post

Hey, Quinn, guess where I'm goin' next week--give you a hint. I'm gonna be a "fudgie." I wanted to go away this week or next for just a couple days but didn't know where. DH told me this morning his BFF said his wife wants to go somewhere for just a couple days but didn't know where. She suggested we go somewhere together, so I suggested Mackinac Island since it's just a nine hour drive. (I didn't know until today that Mackinac is pronounced in French the same as the city of Mackinaw. ) I'm gonna be really good on my exercise and food this week, enjoy the local cuisine on vacation, and then try to get right back on the wagon. We're driving up on the 31st, touring Mackinac on August 1, and coming home the 2nd.

I'll be back later--gonna do dinner.
That's awesome! Don't even try to watch your calories there! Don't forget to visit Mackinaw City, too... lots to see and do, lots to eat and some fun shopping. There's a cool courtyard behind the main street (Central Avenue) with cute shops, a movie theater and live music. I'll be back there this weekend to pick up daughter, so we will just miss you!
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Not starting off all that well today. I seem to have a total lack of concentration, temporary ADD or something. Spent the afternoon pitting cherries to make jam in the morning. (Don't tell anyone that I said this, but it was kind of fun!) Thinking about making a raspberry liqueur next. Have to use all of this pesky fruit somehow!


1. Calories between 1000-1200. 1103
2. 80-90 oz. of liquid a day. No
3. Walk daily! (Stop making excuses!) No, no time.
4. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day. Yes
5. Remember all vitamins and supplements. Yes
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I pitted cherries today, too. It looked like a crime scene; there was cherry juice all over the place!

I found a load of healthier recipes for using summer fruit, Quinn...I will see if I can post the link. I think it was from Eating Well but I can't recall. I have a ton of them on my "to try" list.
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Hi everyone!

Have not had a chance to catch up with todayís posts, but will do so tomorrow.

Here are my stats for today:

<1400 calories: M: 1329
Net Carbs < 20: M: 17.4
Water >64(oz): M: 50
exercise: M: no, it POURED rain (and hail) first rain in almost 2 months!
Vitamins: M: yes
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1. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day. yes
2. Remember all vitamins and supplements. yes
3. Log everything and post daily. yes
4. Eat clean. yes
5. 100 oz water daily yes
6. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day this week yes
7. Weigh and post daily 184.2

Life Goals...
8. Find something positive each day (been focusing on some negative stuff so stealing this goal) yes (the internet was okay at work)

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Nichaleh, welcome! Wow, congrats on that quite significant weight loss! Your goals are wonderful. Like so many others here, you sound like such a loving person.

Hope and April. I noticed in that pic what great legs April has. Quite a nice reason to wear dresses more often. I don't own a dress myself--maybe I will someday again.

Judy, nice report! I can SO much improve on the tone I use with DH. But since he retired way back in 1999 he's become such a control freak. He's almost 73 and I just turned 66. Almost every day he changes the temperature on the stove, crockpot, or oven when I'm cooking. Sometimes he turns it up, sometimes down--defies logic. Same with the clothes washer and dryer. Or he tosses dark clothes in with my whites, or takes the towels out of the dryer when not fully dry and folds and puts them away. I don't know how many times I've gone into the laundry room and found water running down the walls from the dryer not being vented--because he turned off the exhaust fan and turned the room into a sauna. But I don't think he's doing it to save money because he leaves the door wide open in 90 degree weather to go 160 feet round trip to the mailbox or to go out to the garden to pick some veggies for dinner. It's not for lack of something to do--he has plenty things to occupy his time. I've asked him over and over in any number of tones (nice, in a teaching manner, slightly aggravated, or pleading) to not change things on me, but it falls on deaf ears. I think he's trying to help me with my chores, but I'd rather do them myself my way. I keep telling myself these are little things that don't matter, but it still drives me nuts. LOL

Quinn, our motel is in Grayling (about 1 1/2 hr. south of Mackinaw City) but if we have time after Mackinac Island I'll see if the others want to stop in Mackinaw on the way back to the motel. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm gonna eat what I want, but do you know of any good places on the island where my friend could get a healthful lunch? She's got all kinds of dietary restrictions for health reasons including having had her gall bladder removed. I looked on the Internet for dining guides. Except for the more upscale or more pricey restaurants and hotels, it looks like mostly burgers, BBQ and hot dogs. Any ideas? What was fun--pitting the cherries or making the jam? It is kinda fun making the slit on the cherries and popping them out. Kinda theraputic when you think of it as the head of someone with whom one is annoyed. (I had to giggle that after I typed that--I went to see if there were any more posts and Cassie said it looked like a crime scene after she pitted cherries. LOL You really know how to make raspberry liqueur? Sounds yummy!
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Cate, the opening post has some shake ideas. Nice Monday report--really close on the water, too, and we'll let you off the hook on the exercise today.

Mike, great report! Glad you found something positive in your day.
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