7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 7.9.12 Who's In?

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1) 1650 cals max, 1664
2) stretch every day, ?
3) some form of exercise 2x this week, no
4) 64 oz water, ?
5) one hour writing min 4x this week, no
6) try to stay sane, very difficult

I am torn between giving up (don't feel like counting water calories, etc, don't feel like moving) and pushing on with goals (can't make me feel worse, right? and might help) so I will try to push on. Woke up and realized I need to write and stop getting so deeply involved in all the small drama around me; the big stuff is enough as it is.

Couldn't focus to read all the posts but saw Cassie seems to be doing really well while away and April, you look fantastic. Fantastic, an inspiration.

Welcome, Nancy.
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Thanks for the warm welcome, Mern, hope your day goes great--did laundry, afew cupboards straightened just alittle this n that today--Nancy
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Love your quote--yes, it can be done--Nancy
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Iím back! A day late and a dollar short - actually, make that a pound! FINALLY broke the 164 plateau Iíve been on for almost a month now. I made time to log everything, even if no time to post here.

Had a crazy busy week last week trying to get everything done so I could be on vacation this week, and so far am really enjoying it. Slept in til 10:30 yesterday! Have some things I want to do around the house, but Iím not in a hurry to get there (LOL)

Welcome Nancy and Perfectparanoia.

April, you look AWESOME! Way to go girl!

Iím posting the same goals as the last few weeks. Even though I am over calories for yesterday pound #164 did not reappear. Had the urge to snack yesterday so munched on some nuts, but it could have been tortilla chips, so itís all good!

<1400 calories: M: 1738
Net Carbs < 20: M: 23.4
Water >64(oz): M: not even close
exercise: M: nope
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A really physically active day for me today so I may not do my walk tonight. Vacuumed and steamed cleaned one of our cars today for 3 hours and I'm beat. (But, it looks like new!) Usually, I steam clean all of our vehicles in the spring, but this year, nothing got done so I'm playing catch-up. Calories were healthy but low today because I worked through lunch. Got on the scale today and I was actually UP a pound... grrrr. I don't know what my body is up to lately.

Health and Fitness:

1. Calories between 1000-1200. Yes, Under
2. Minimum 80-90 oz. fluids daily. Yes, Close
3. Minimum 3 fruits and veggies a day. Yes, Yes
4. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes
5. No breads for breakfast or lunch. None, None
6. Walk daily. Yes, Working up to it...

Personal Stuff:

1. Start article for paper. Need info. Still need info.
2. Call for eye appointment. Done
3. Compliment someone new every day. You never know what their struggles are. Kind of. Yes
4. Get quote for new tires. No, Yes
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Cate, congrats on breaking that plateau! So happy for you that you got to enjoy a few extra calories and kept off your pound. Nuts--great choice for snacking. Enjoy your vacation!

Nancy, thanks for your wishes for a great day. It HAS been great--easy chores and yummy dinner and I exercised while watching TV. I hope enjoy your trip to Branson. Our 41st anniversary is July 24. When's yours?

Hope, sometimes diet, water and exercise are just plain annoying, but you know we all need it and giving up will only make you feel worse physically, and mentally. Best wishes on managing the drama. Hey, if you don't feel like logging, just do your best. I'm doing my report below just in words.

Tori, I'm glad you got to enjoy some extra sleep. Sometimes we need that more than being able to post.

Hi, nobe. Good accomplishment on your goals. Your salad sounds yummy.

Mike, I hope those dizzy spells were just diet related. You did have it a little nutty with the really low calories and then the rum cake.

Cassie, enjoy your vacation!

I'm tired and want to get off the computer, so am cutting it short today.

Kudos to all of you who are doing well and huge hugs of encouragement to all who are struggling.

I remembered last night what I ate but hadn't yet logged and should have written it down--because now I don't remember. I'm just really tired today so am not going to log. But I know just from experience both yesterday and today that I was on target for calories, carbs, fiber, water and exercise. I'll post my goals below and just words for my accomplishments yesterday and today. Pledging to log tomorrow.

Monday and Tuesday report:
Calorie limit 1500 YES, UNDER
Saturated fat average 11% MAYBE A LITTLE OVER, MAYBE A LITTLE OVER
Cholesterol average 250mg WELL UNDER, WELL UNDER
Protein 120g minimum OK, SHORT
Carbs less fiber 25g UNDER, NOT OVER
Fiber average 25g FINE, FINE
Exercise 5 days YES, YES
Water 64 oz. YES, YES
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Quinn, working the cars was great exercise. Well done on your food and other goals, too.
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Reporting now because I probably won't be able to until tomorrow otherwise. Pre-logged a snack for later (the new Fibre 1 brownies are just ok but will do in a pinch, btw). The kids are being monsters and hubby won't discipline them and I'm in PMS town and want to murder them all. Lazy, lazy, spoiled, greedy, selfish brats. I had to hold my breath when I went in the tv room this morning. They don't shower and when they do it isn't properly, and they're lying in there in their own stench all day. Nasty. I don't think I'll be going back in until they leave and I hose it down. Last year it took me a whole day to clean that room.

I think hubby's worried that if he punishes them or forces them to do stuff, they'll say they don't like it here and want to go home. He's trying to be the cool fun buddy dad. Still a lot better than last year, but waaaaay too lax with them. These kids need a kick in the butt, not a buddy. He told his son he has to clean and bleach the outside garbage cans tomorrow - we'll see if it sticks.

Oh, and I found a new use for $30 conditioner: It's really nice as a substitute for shaving cream. My legs are silky smooth

1) 1600 calories or less - 1398, 1420
2) move - lots of walking/playing at the playground, took the kid out for a walk to pick wildflowers
3) 64oz water + - 64oz, ?
4) 20% protein - 19%, 21%
5) vitamins - no, yes

6) post one good thing that happened every day - had yummy salad with dinner that included greens and peas from the garden, hubby took all three kids out for a couple hours and I had siiiilllleeeence
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Okay, I went over the carbs again today, but not much considering I had rice for dinner! Not just any rice, I found this rice called Red Cargo Rice at the grocery store today. 1 cup has 160 cals, 37g carbs, and a whopping 16g of fibre. I knew I was making a stir fry for dinner with tofu I already had, so needless to say I had to try it out. I ate only Ĺ cup as it is very filling. I waited a couple of hours after dinner (without taking diabetes meds) and tested my blood sugar, (6.3! ) so this rice does NOT impact my blood sugar. At least, Iím sure if I eat it sparingly and not every day. But I gotta say, what a treat. I have been craving some carbs the past couple of days, so itís nice to know thereís a go-to product that I will be able to fit into my eating plan once in a while.

Nobe, youíre making me laugh with the conditioner! Reminds me of a neighbour I had whose stepkids came from Winnipeg one summer and their mother sent them for their annual visit in all their worn and ripped clothes, buttons missing, etc. (their father paid big monthly $$ child support, btw, and had recently been out to Winnipeg and even gave extra $$ for clothing expense.) I guess the mother was thinking that my friends would take them out to buy all new stuff. So my friend patched and mended everything they had and sent them home in the same clothes.

Hope, I think Mernís right in that giving up will only make you feel worse. Iím sending you a big hug, Ďcause you sound like you need it. Are you having a fibro flare up? I know sometimes when I get them I just want to quit and go to bed or something. It might not even be a full-blown bout, but just enough that everything gets to me.

Going to bed myself now. Good thoughts to everyone I missed, see you all tomorrow.

<1400 calories: M: 1738; T: 1437
Net Carbs < 20: M: 23.4; T: 29.7
Water >64(oz): M: not even close; T: 28
exercise: M: nope; T: shopping, chores
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Hello one and all! While I have been on FitDay for a buncha years, I just noticed this kewl button marked Forums! And then I started to read this interesting 7-day motivational thread - am I too late to join in?

I kinda reallly wanna jump in - I gotta tell SOMEBODY my news - I am officially (back) in the 100's!!! I started combining my old standby calorie counting with Primal/low(er) carbs, and the weight has finally started to move - in the right direction! Yippee-Zippee!

Okay, onto the goals - this week is keeping the carbs below 100 - closing in on 50, when I can! The major amount of carbs will be consumed at dinner. Hope to control the calories 1600-1750. I will continue to move the mulch onto the garden beds (3 yards), after pulling the weeds. I will also be walking (with some brief running -/+ 100 feet, 4-5 times), the 5k loop I started traversing back mid-June. Oh, and use the push mower (power)to mow the lawn, probably tomorrow.

As far as personal goals...hmmmm...without going into detail, perhaps controlling my negative (self) thoughts and stop second-guessing others' thoughts and intentions. No, girl, you really CAN'T read minds!

Thanks - motivation is much needed, and the chance to share is much appreciated!

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