7 Day Motivational starting 6/11/12: Let's get this party started

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Aw, Joanna, we all have days like that. Tomorrow is a new day, so just put it behind you and start fresh. But hey, girl! Look at all the GREEN in your reports this week. That's something to be quite proud of! So a huge WAY TO GO! on that.
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Mern - Thank you for your post! Today he was much better, and only got sent to the time out corner once... whew! I have heard that the terrible 3s are worse than the 2s (he was an angel at 2), so I don't think he is bound for the Penn when he gets older, just as phase as you said .

I have not tried the wrist thing when it comes to throwing. It would definitely surprise him! I'll try it! He does great with pee in the toilet (or outside as we live in the country), but the poop thing may take some time. We used stickers for a while, but that does to work anymore, and we've exhausted the box of cars (old matchbox cars from DH childhood). A few weeks ago I let him have a scooter (his cousins hand-me-down), but he was only allowed to ride it (or more like stand on it) in the bathroom until he went poop in the toilet. That produced results in just a few minutes! I think it is just a time factor at this point as he is so close to getting it right. I like your advise of not giving him negative attention for being defiant! I am trying really hard, but he can really test my limits!

I really appreciate all your suggestions! THANK YOU! Ama
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Mern, thanks so much for the card! It was my daughters boyfriend that got the degree. I wish it would have been my daughter, she barely made it out of high school.
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My post is gone again. I even composed it on NotePad, copied it, but didn't save it before posting it in the Reply box and hitting the Submit button. Maybe I'm just going nuts...

Mike, I see I did misread your post. But still, kudos to you on parenting. It's certainly not easy as my daughter, a single parent of four, will attest. Hope you are having a wonderful Fathers Day. Big hug to ya!

Ama, genius idea about the scooter in the bathroom. All you can do is seek some new ideas and sort out what may be another shot about winning control over issues with DS and toss out what you know won't work or isn't in your child's best interest. Age 3 doesn't last forever, thank goodness. You'll have some good stories to tell your grandkids about DS one day. Best wishes.
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1.) Workout x4: 4
2.) Under 1400 calories/day, 1600 on Saturday: 1329, 1150, 1275, 1216, ~1750, Fail, I think under 1400
3.) Drink 64 oz. of water/day: 80 oz., 72 oz., 96 oz., 78 oz., 64 oz., 78 oz., 64 oz.
4.) Study 5 hours total: 40 mins, 80 mins, 60 mins, 5 mins, 40 mins (total: 3 hours 45 mins)
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I was not able to achieve my mini goal this week. Tomorrow is a new start.
Looks like my metabolism had slowdown a lot.. Need to increase my protein consumption, being a vegetarian its more difficult.

Cassie, Canary & Mern..Thank You all for your warm welcome...
Wish you all GoodLuck for this week.

1. Lose 4 pounds per week --- 1 pound lost
2. Not more than 1000 calories per day ---was able to maintain this
3. Walk 4 miles per day , 7 days a week --- did 8 mile walk for this week.
4. Stop watching TV --- still trying
5. Apply for jobs ---updating my resume

Starting Weight : 171 -6/11
Current Weight : 170 -6/17
Mini Goal : 166
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