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SkinnyErinn 04-16-2010 12:41 AM

Weekly weigh in...
ok, so this week I only lost 2 pounds. My son was extremely ill this week (he's 11 months and began having seizures out of no where), and therefore I know I missed a lot of meals - only at 700 calories quite a few days there. I never got close to even 900 calories all week, so my metabolism went caput.

I am committing to taking better care of MY needs - I am useless to everyone if I am not well. I am pre-packing my food for the next few days so in the morning I just have to grab it and run out the door (been up really late at night so mornings have been rough).

Today for lunch I totally spoiled myself and had In and Out. I had a double double protein style, no fries and a medium diet coke. It was delicious, and only 520 calories. The fat was enormous, but even with eating fast food I only ate 1100 calories. Not too shabby. It was the first time I have eaten fast food or any restaurant food in over 5 weeks. I actually don't feel to guilty. Sure the fat was over my limit, but it was barely any carbs at all. I am not going to beat myself up. I just logged the food on FitDay and committed to be more careful in the future.

On another note, my SO saw I was logging my food for the day and she started counting her calories for the day. Her lunch at In and Out was 1200 calories, actually more than I ate all day. It's started her thinking - which is great. She even said she might get s FitDay account and start keeping track of her calories!

almeeker 04-16-2010 01:03 AM

Originally Posted by desertmountain (Post 8580)
Sorry the seedlings didn't all go so well this year. Those mats & thermostats are really expensive I don't blame you for trying something else. The blanket is a very clever idea, I've never heard of using one before. You must be much neater than I am. The bedroom 'greenhouse' has tile floors & they're totally wrecked now. It's going to be a huge job cleaning out the white grout next month, uh, at least the grout used to be white. I had quite a few mishaps watering & moving trays. Before I bought the extra lights mine were always too leggy and would take a long time to adjust once planted. It's so frustrating after you've invested so much time and energy tending to them. Sorry they didn't all grow right.

I can relate to the 2-tone arm thing LOL --I say wear that farmer's tan proudly :D. I usually don't go sleeveless, but before we went on vacation I bought some self-tanning stuff for the white parts of my arms & legs. The self-tanners have come a long way, at least the more pricey stuff has. It bronzes you to a nice color (NOT orange like before) & it evened everything out perfectly. A friend recommended a brand to me, I don't remember the name, but it was pretty expensive, around $20 for a small bottle, which was all that I needed. When I see the apron in the mirror I keep telling myself, 'at least it isn't full of fat anymore.' It's like a deflated tire now.

Actually the mats aren't too pricey, they cost about $20 each, but they can be used over and over again. I bought 2 last year and 2 more this year, so maybe next year I'll have enough. My friend who has green thumbs right up to her elbows uses electric blankets. Ours however is a "smart blanket" and it didn't work very well at all for plants. BTW I might be neat, but with 3-5 kids running through the house you'd never know it. I have a sheet of plastic over the electric blanket, and the kitchen floor usually has so much food on it you would never notice a little extra mud. Argh, that baby is the messiest eater ever. Don't worry about the grout, just rub some dirt into the clean areas and go with the new color LOL. I'm an architect and that is my professional opinion on the matter.

I usually don't go sleeveless either, but I might this summer. I'm thinking my new black jog bras are perfect for gardening. And if I lose another 17 pounds, I'm going to slip from "obese" to "30 pounds overweight". Which might just be cause for a shopping trip. So I'll keep up the arm weights and see if I can get them in better shape. The do-lap is a done deal, the only way to fix that is with a knife. I've promised myself that if I lose all the weight and keep it off for 2 years, I'm going to look in to having it done. A friend of mine got new boobs and swears the quality of her life is significantly better. Ain't no shame in a little nip and tuck.

Skinnyerin, sorry to hear that your little guy is sick. Fingers crossed and sending prayers your way. Very cool on the SO getting interested. Just give her time to come around to it on her own.

pattialbert 04-16-2010 04:40 AM

not feeling well today but wanted to say I hope your son is doing better Erinn!! thinking of you and him!!!

desertmountain 04-16-2010 04:10 PM

Originally Posted by almeeker (Post 8598)
Actually the mats aren't too pricey, they cost about $20 each, but they can be used over and over again. I bought 2 last year and 2 more this year, so maybe next year I'll have enough. My friend who has green thumbs right up to her elbows uses electric blankets. Ours however is a "smart blanket" and it didn't work very well at all for plants. BTW I might be neat, but with 3-5 kids running through the house you'd never know it. I have a sheet of plastic over the electric blanket, and the kitchen floor usually has so much food on it you would never notice a little extra mud. Argh, that baby is the messiest eater ever. Don't worry about the grout, just rub some dirt into the clean areas and go with the new color LOL. I'm an architect and that is my professional opinion on the matter.

What?? It seemed like the mats plus the controllers called thermostats that I priced out were several hundred dollars, plus the cost of building a hot frame, which brought it up to around 500 to start with a few tray mats. Using the bedroom as a greenhouse was much cheaper for me since the lights & electrical stuff was just under 200. But I'll definitely buy large sheets of plastic next year and will let you know what happens to the grout. It might be easier to use your tip. I'm not looking forward to cleaning/scrubbing it up - so thank you. Also the other good idea of yours about getting tanned with the sports bra - I think its the best solution, too.

That's so funny about having such a messy eater. I'm thinking 'how adorably cute!' and of course that's b/c I don't have to clean up the messes...or the baby. You'll have to be sure to get some photos of her/him all covered with dinner. Too cute. I only have 2 photos of my messy eater & wish I'd taken more.

Sadly, I agree about a tummy tuck being the only real solution - I'm in my 50's & have been married forever so I'm not motivated enough to have it removed. Mine still has quite a bit of fat left in it so maybe when I'm down to 125 it'll look so bad that I'll change my mind though. I haven't been that size since the late 80's, early 90's & of course I'm envisioning that my body will look the same as it did then LOL. Riiiiight. 20 years of gravity & time/age plus most that being morbidly obese... it's not logical, but a girl can always dream ;). When I started losing weight last year the Tanita scale said my body was 63% fat. :eek: and even though that has taken its toll I'm curious what I'll look like at that weight again.
BTW, almeeker I lost my pedometer when I went clothes shopping and haven't gotten around to buying a new one yet so that's why I haven't been doing the pedometer challenge. I'll be back as soon as I get a new one though. I had one day of being in the 9000's, but hadn't reached 10000 yet. I had to take it off to exercise (except for using the rebounder) b/c it digs into my waist 'roll' too much so that could have been part of it...actually as I typed that I thought Oh yeah right that's just another excuse for being a slug :rolleyes: LOL. But seriously (okaaaay, so 'my story' is that...) my jeans (I live in them) are still from The Avenue (larger women's shop) & have elastic bands with no pockets but actually made for short women. They're the only jeans that fit me without having to be altered so I have to clip the pedometer on the waistband, you know, the waist band with the roll hanging over it & the pedometer buried within. Anyways, when I get thin enough to wear 'big girl pants' again, you know with a zipper, snap, no elastic, they'll have pockets to clip the pedometer onto so I should be able to keep it on all day even during exercise workouts & gardening. After tracking for most of the week I did change my Fitday settings to 'sedenary' instead of 'some movement' it was a REAL eye opener since I thought I was getting in a lot more movement, steps than I actually was. It was educational & very, very motivating. We, all of us here at the Fabulous 100 Club, should get on board with your pedometer challenge. I'm now parking my car further away (I call it parking in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...) and am always looking for ways to get more steps in (like walking in place while waiting for the printer, putting away dishes, cooking, etc). It's easy and really adds up to burning more calories with simple lifestyle adjustments.

Skinnyerrin: I wish the best for your son, and I totally agree with the fact that you need to take care of yourself otherwise you have nothing to give him. It's like when the oxygen masks drop out of the airplane roof & they say to put it on yourself before you attempt to put it on anyone else. Being a mom it's natural to put yourself last, I think that's part of being maternal, something biological about it, but whenever you have a situation as intense as this is, especially if it's going to be long term, you have to take care of yourself first. Otherwise, like you know, there's nothing of you to give. I'm very glad that you're working to keep your calories up to keep your metabolism on track and that you're taking care yourself & still working your program though this nightmare. You & your son are in my prayers

Pattialbert -take care yourself, too. Hopefully you'll be feeling better & back to your old self in no time at all. :)

Gotta get back to work - tty ladies later - I hope everyone has a successful & fabulous Friday. TGIF!!!!

cc1158 04-16-2010 06:57 PM

Vacation time
down to 277.7. feels so good to get into the next 10 digits lower.

only had time to scan some of the posts but it sounds like everyone has my problems too;).. upper arms, hanging tummy, gardening, etc. so I guess we all have a lot in common.

Leaving Sunday on vac, it will be hard but i'm really going to try to watch the diet etc. will be doing a lot of walking so that should help. Nice to see other new faces here like me.

Here's to all of us succeeding:)

hiddenhope 04-16-2010 07:46 PM

ok after reading the posts I must admit to the whole fear of sagging skin. I have baggy arms, sagging belly as it is now and imagine the body I had back in highschool in the 80s. A recent highschool crush called me after all these years to say I had been his dream girl he had never had the guts to ask me out and wished he had. Began by confessing he thought I had the hottest behind in all of the school to which I had to say well glad to hear that but sorry to disappoint my rear now takes up at least two zip codes. He laughed and I heard sadness in his voice hearing I was not a hot 40 something and then never heard from him again. Tummy tuck sighs I think is in my future also. My aunt did the stomach surgery and had lost 150 then regained 60. She has saggy thigh so bag it looks like elephant wrinkles they folds of skin just falls down her leg like nothing I had ever seen that was the first time I had ever even thought that might happen to me. Makes me sick to my stomach to think of that or surgery. I was so fit and tight in highschool 105 lbs a size 3. I had a stomach like a brick my uncle would do jumping jacks on my belly as I laid down on the grown as an example of fitness in stength in his karate classes. It put the boys on notice that I could kick their butt lol. Sighs what I would give to get that body back, had I known then what I know now..... Dang ok now that I am thoroughly disgusted with myself and depressed lol... cries omg shakes head and thinks back oh wow why didnt I just stay the heck in shape in the first place? Bad Marriage = Bad Health is why. Oh well new day, new chance to at least get healthier and semi fit. If I can be a rock I had better learn to roll (away the lbs that is loll) have a great weekend everyone. hugs Hope

amylee32 04-17-2010 12:56 AM

I'm scared of sagging skin too! My coworker mentioned that I will probably have saggy skin and I am so worried about it now. I don't want to look icky..that's what I'm trying to get away from!

So...any ideas on what we can do to prevent it??

speedyfair 04-17-2010 01:09 PM

Hi- everyone have been busy last few days and not had time to post. I've read all the post about saggy skin and so far so good- I'm hoping that with the exercise and toning - been doing some yoga that I can minimize the problem. The strech marks are another story LOL not sure if they will go away.

desertmountain - thanks for the encouragment - it has been a rough winter.

pattialbert- hope you feel better soon

skinnyerinn- hope your son is better, and congrats on your SO - lead by example and she may follow

I have been enjoying the warmer weather and taking my dog for a walk in our local park this week- great exercise for him and me. I started at a 20 minute walk and we go pretty fast - hoping to increase that time to 30 minutes this week. I really like to be outside and it doesn't feel so much like exercise.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

desertmountain 04-17-2010 05:12 PM

What I've learned about saggy skin is that age has a lot to do with it and so does genetics. Some people are just born with more elastic skin so they'll get fewer or no stretch marks during weight gain & pregnancy and don't have any saggy skin problems. Give it time to see how much of it will 'snap' back into place since everyone is different. When I was in my 20's I'd gained a lot of weight then lost it in my 30's and I didn't have any saggy skin at all. What I'm experiencing this time is new and quite frankly it is scary to me, too. The great news is that the skin on my arms & thighs are tightening up as I loose weight this time-last year when I dropped 50 pounds in a few months they were baggy but since I'm losing very slowly this time it's not saggy except on my tummy...and it's very bad there.
I use olive oil mixed with pure vitamin E oil (check the label b/c some Vit E list other oils) in a 3 to 1 ratio (3 parts olive oil to 1 part Vit E). I like taking long hot baths in the stuff & then I slather it on after every shower that I don't have to dress right away & can bum around in my old bath robe. The oil takes a while to soak into your skin and can stain fabric. When I have to dress right after a shower I use a variety of natural skin creams & lotions that have herbs & natural oils instead of petroleum products & chemicals. It actually feeds your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Cocoa butter is almost as good as Vit E in repairing skin & it's a lot cheaper but it's hard as a rock in it's natural form so you have to heat it to mix it, it makes me crave chocolate & the smell clashes with EV olive oil IMO. The cheapest sources of pure, nothing added, cocoa butter & Vit E are at the drug stores like Walgreens or large health food stores. It goes a long way when you mix it yourself. Most of the ready made products contain too little cocoa butter/Vit E & contain mostly petroleum products (mineral oil) & chemicals. another great recipe that's more expensive but smells better is a drop or 2 of lavender essential oil in either avacado oil or jojoba oil mixed with Vit E or cocoa butter. Those oils also feed the skin nutrients to heal itself. I can tell a huge difference in my skin since I've been using the oils.

almeeker 04-17-2010 06:26 PM

Desertmountain, the mats I use are called "heat seeding mats", from a manufacturer called Hydra-Farm, they come in different sizes, but the ones I have are big enough for 1 flat of plants. They work really well, when you don't goof up the whole works by setting them on a smart blanket or a sheet of black plastic. I'm cracking up about parking in a Galaxy far far away, I'm trying to get in the habit, but it really goes against my natural inclinations.

I have an Omron walking style pedometer, it has a belt clip you can take on and off, which I love. When I don't have a pocket, I clip it on my shirt, waistband, neckline of my nightgown or bra. Yes, bra it's only about the size of a chicken nugget. It also has an extra clip/leash thing on it to keep it from getting away from you. Mine came from and was about $20, so it's much cheaper than a gym membership and almost as motivating as a dog. For those of you that don't have one, I highly recommend it. I can't tell you how many nights I look down and find I'm at like 7,000-9,000 steps. Believe it or not, I'll do an extra load of wash (up and down stairs), tidy up the bathroom, put away laundry, run the vacuum, march around the kitchen etc., just to get up to 10,000. I got it as a Christmas gift and I probably make 10K steps 90-95% of the time now. The days I don't are when we've spent a long time in the car or I don't feel well enough for my workout, but the rest of the time I get there.

Saggy skin or no, I'm willing to take my chances and keep dieting. It's got to be better than all that same skin full of fat. When I was in my 20's I lost 60 pounds and didn't have any saggy skin when I got down to my goal weight, although I worried about it the whole time. But this time is different. I'm 20 years older, starting almost 80 pounds heavier, and I've had 3 babies since. I think age does have something to do with it, as well as genetics. I've decided that I'm going to get down to my goal weight no matter what, and maintain it for at least a year before I make any decisions on nipping and tucking. If I hate it and it puts me in constant misery, then it goes - end of discussion. If it doesn't bother me or isn't all that bad, then it stays. I am after all in my 40's and happily married, so a little sagging is not only normal it's expected and well earned. Maybe I'll just wear it with pride like an old battle scar. I am going to try some of desertmountain's concoctions, with or without any sag control, I could use the moisturizer.

pattialbert, I hope you feel better. And good luck on your diet plan. Whenever I don't feel well I crave carbs, and I know that's not on your plan.

speedyfair, great job on the dog walking. You're so right about it not seeming so much like exercise when you're outside. Today I went running, not on the treadmill, but real running. At first I thought I might die, but then I got into the scenery, and then it was 30 minutes later and I hadn't even noticed the time for maybe the last 20 minutes or so. Much much better then that dreaded tread.

hiddenhope, oh honey, please don't go getting yourself down about what you coulda, shoulda woulda done, we all feel that way, but you can't change the past, and it's just plain old fashioned unhealthy to dwell on it. What matters is right here, right now and tomorrow, because the future is something you can change. So take a deep breath little camper, buck up, your focus is forwards and downwards, okay? I always think of the movie Lion King, where the warthog says "you gotta put your behind in the past".

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