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pattialbert 03-28-2010 10:48 PM

Fabulous 100 pound club for women...
Trying to start this new thread again. Hope this one works

almeeker 03-29-2010 12:08 AM

I'll kick it off. Today I went shopping today and did not have to go into the Women's department!!! Because I now wear a size 16!!!! Whoo hooo. I bought a very cute little number in jade green for my cousin's wedding next month, and to set it off I went and bought a new pair of silver shoes to go with! 57 pounds lost, 67 to go!!!

desertmountain: I was never on "The Biggest Loser" TV show. The local health club hosted one for the new year, but they charged $150/couple to join. A friend of mine got ticked off at the price and organized her own just by posting it on facebook. Anyway my husband and I entered, it was only $20/couple, and you had to pay an extra $5 penalty on weeks if you didn't lose. 17 couples participated, and my hubby and I won 2nd place. It was a lot of fun actually, kept me motivated for 8-9 weeks.

Congrats on all that garden work, I can't wait for our season to start. Wheeee!!!

The popcorn I bought was "Act II 94% Fat Free Butter". The calories listed on the side have both the "pre-popped" nutrition and the "after popped" nutrition for a 1 cup serving. The bag makes approx 7 cups and a single cup has 15 calories, so approximately 105 calories if you hork down the whole thing. I made a bag yesterday and hid it in my purse and snuck it into the movie theater. My husband and kids were laughing at me, but I didn't break my diet on a half drum of movie theater popcorn swimming in butter. And truthfully I was perfectly happy with my little bag of corn. It was just the right size really, and once it was gone so was my desire to eat popcorn.

Hey anybody catch the Jamie Oliver thing on Friday night?

desertmountain 03-29-2010 04:00 PM

Good morning friends-it feels like we're meeting in a new cafe this morning.:) Pattialbert: Maybe you can post that we've moved in case any new members start posting in our old thread. I'm glad that you're lovin' SB and doing so well!

Almeeker: WooHoo women's dept be gone forever! A new jade dress and matching shoes :D you'll feel soooooo good at the wedding. I bet you'll be getting a ton of positive feedback from ppl who haven't seen you in a while, too. Dang it, we missed the Jamie show. Hopefully it'll air again. Did you see it? The ads for it showed the kids not liking the healthier foods but I'm hoping the project turned out good in the end. That the generation of kids today aren't expected to live as long as their parents is totally shocking and extremely sad. Your friend's Biggest Loser idea was awesome. Was that how you got started on your new lifestyle? I can see where it would keep ppl motivated, especially having couples doing it together for even more support. I've been thinking about your short growing season & wondering if your family can build you a greenhouse. After doing a lot of research last year I found this one. It's the least expensive one I could find but it's pretty ugly so you might not want it in your back yard (my dh is resisting b/c of the way it looks) so much for the name of that popcorn, I'll have them order it. Kudos on having the nerve & smarts to bring your own popcorn.

Good/Bad news~Good news: the hair coupon doesn't have an expiration date (reward for another 10 pound loss). Bad news: good thing since I've been back up to 195 for days and days...and days...grrrrrrr....have even given up popcorn & other allowable treats trying to break the plateau. The next thing I'll give up is red meat since my fastest weight loss came from abstaining.

More good news: the weather is warming back up & so finishing the raised bed for the tomatilloes will finally get done this week. Immediately after the project got started, it got put on hold when several snowy cold fronts plowed through (cement doesn't cure properly in cold weather). Finally, the piles of cinder blocks cluttering up the back yard will be gone after this week. The best good news: My shoulder & lower back are slowly (and carefully) getting back into shape - I feel my body getting stronger & stronger. I can't wait until I can start using the Rebounder I ordered to add cardio to my workouts. It should be easier on the back & knees. Anyone here ever use one?

speedyfair 03-30-2010 12:03 AM

Love our new title :)
Hello ladies

It was a tough weekend, but I made it and still stayed in the 250's but just barely 259 this morning. I went grocery shopping over the weekend and am really prepared this week. I'm going to make a black bean and cabbage soup with tons of veggies that will last all week so I'll have good choices. Also was pleasantly surprised to find thin bagels- their new and looks like the cut out the middle of the bagel. They are only 110 calories and with a little light cream cheese should make a nice breakfast under 200 calories.

so glad to see so many new faces and everyone posting so often, I check in often as it keeps me motivated to hear how everyone is doing. Everyone seems to be doing well and certainly looking forward to some warmer weather. I just found out a local shopping center is going to have a farmer's market every Sat from April thru Nov so really am looking forward to some summer veggies. Great job for growing your own- that must really be satisfying- maybe I'll try a few tomato plants in pots on the patio this year.

For the low-carbers- I did that for two years and lost over 60 lbs, but couldn't maintain that lifestyle over the long term. I really did enjoy it while I on the plan but once I started eating carbs again, I gained all of it back. One thing I really liked if you can find it is spaghetti squash- I microwaved it whole with some holes poked in it and made sauce or meatballs and served just like regular spaghetti. It's a great alternative to pasta and I'm going to make it for myself this summer. I can't find any in the stores yet.

Everyone have a great evening.

almeeker 03-30-2010 02:20 PM

Good morning everybody!!! I was up on the scale this morning and fighting that "down-in-the-diet" feeling, until I tried on a pair of jeans that I couldn't get on last week. They fit this morning!! Okay, yes they are snug, but they are zipped and I can still sit and breath - at the same time.

Speedyfair: Thin bagels eh? Sounds good, I've been using the Earthgrains thin buns and the Aunt Millie's Slimwiches. They are both about 100 calories, 1.5g of fat and maybe 21 grams of carbs. Both come in "whole grain" and "multi-grain". I've been using them like bagels and sandwich buns, and using Greek yogurt instead of lite cream cheese. Yummmmmm..... I'm doing a reduced carb diet, but I could never do Atkins, I'm not a vegetarian, but it's a near thing. I grow the spaghetti squash in the garden, the kids love it. I never thought to use it like pasta, we normally just spritz a little spray butter on it and maybe toss it with some herbs. I'll have to try that.

Desertmountain: No I did not see the Jamie Oliver thing, I got a play by play from the hubby and was sort of surprised that this site wasn't on fire with it Saturday morning. DH said that it was sad and funny all at the same time. The kids couldn't identify vegetables, couldn't use silverware and you'll never guess what the school served for breakfast... Pizza. Yes that's right, pizza for breakfast at the elementary school. At one point Jamie went into a home at random and opened up the freezer, it was full top to bottom with frozen pizza.

Sorry to hear you're hovering, me too at 188-189 no less, in fact I've been up the last 2 days, and I have no idea why (hopefully not the popcorn). So this morning I increased my elliptical ride by 15 minutes. So we'll see if that helps. I've never even heard of a rebounder, let alone use one. I quite love my elliptical, it's very easy on my old broken down knees. DH says he's going to fix the stationary bike and drag it in to the house.

Hopefully my "up" trend will break before Thursday morning because we're going on a little weekend trip to Chicago. And it seems to me the last time I went to Chicago I gained 5 pounds. So wish me luck. DH's phone has internet so I can check the menu's before we eat anywhere.

I'm going to have to second your husband's opinion on the ugliness of that greenhouse. That would never hold up to the wind we get here in March and April. But hey, it's better than what I have going on right now.

pattialbert 03-30-2010 03:36 PM

Morning everyone
had a good weekend foodwise and yesterday the scale rewarded me with a 279.4 , this morning was at 280.2 but i saw it...and it will come again. The fitness instructor at the ymca complimented me on my committment at the y yesterday...
I did watch the Jamie Oliver sure it eye opening!!! The kids not knowing thier veggies was soo sad but good for the teacher to not let it go..she taught them what they were..what I would have liked to see was the kids trying them.

Almeeker...wahooo ont he jeans!!! I bet that perked you up this morning!
Love the idea of sneaking your own popcorn into the love love popcorn,. but make it the old fashioned way. Not crazy about the microwave kinds
Speedyfair weekends are tough..glad to see you got thru it ok. Funny Ive alwyas made my spag squash as a pasta never just cooked it to eat it plain. Desertmountain Im trying to limit my red meats...once or twice a week is good enough for me. Mind you I had a burger without the bun last week and it tasted soooo good!!! haha..
have a good day everyone maybe the new thread worked..I was able to post this without cutting and pasting.

speedyfair 03-31-2010 12:08 PM

with all the talk of popcorn- had to have it for a snack last night LOL
I have a microwave popcorn popper that requires no oil or butter and I spray it with a little Pam butter spray and sprinkle tiny bit of salt- still trying to watch my sodium. It was very satisfying.

great thinking ahead almeeker about your trip- maybe you can even look at some restaurants before you go- preparation is the key to having a wonderful and healthy trip. Hope you have a wonderful time- this weekend is supposed to be beautiful weatherwise.

congrat pattialbert on breaking through another decade- once you see that number down it really motivates you to keep at it.

everyone have a great day and stay healthy.

desertmountain 03-31-2010 02:11 PM

Speedyfair-that black bean & cabbage soup sounds interesting. I just saw an episode of Good Eats (Alton Brown is my favorite chef on Food Network) on cabbage, something I've never had much success cooking before but will try again. Farmer's markets are so much fun! I love farmer's markets. It'll be a great way for you to eat healthy & locally while supporting local growers. I always lost a lot of weight on low carb diets and like you would gain it all back when I stopped since it was too hard to maintain that as a way of eating for the rest of my life. Now I'm trying to learn which carbs are okay & which ones I'll always have to avoid or limit since those are such a big problem for me. I eat a lot of veggies and the non-starchy veggies, although high in carbs, don't cause any problems, so I'm getting lots of carbs now.

Almeeker: Awesome! You're in the LL Bean jeans already?? You go girl! You're my inspiration. Too bad we don't live closer, I could trade you seedlings for your old clothes LOL. It's always been so hard to find petites in larger sizes. I'm able to fit in my 20's now :D and even into a couple of the 18's. I bought some size 16's doing P90 last year & can't wait to wear them again. A rebounder is a mini-trampoline. Here's the one that I ordered I like the bar to hold onto. Doing aerobics on hard surfaces is really hard on my back & joints and the rebounder was the least expensive low impact thing that I could find. This time I'm learning how to avoid injuries since daily exercise has got to be part of my lifestyle from now on. Yeah, sadly I have to agree with you and dh, that 'hoop house' doesn't look so hot. Too bad b/c it's so inexpensive to build. BTW, dh says the quonset hut design holds up to wind if you have a prevailing wind to orient it to, high winds are a problem for us as well. I'd really love to have a traditional greenhouse, but they're so expensive & for the small gardens that I grow, it's not practical. I hope the extra time spent on your elliptical works to break your hovering...hovering should only be for helicopters and not ppl losing weight. Have fun in the Windy City!

Pattialbert: WooHoo 270's!! Yep, you'll be living in the 270's soon :D I do that same thing, go down a bunch then my body goes, whoa! and jumps back up a pound or so, but it's always the signal that that lower number going to be staying and soon! Congrats on the hard work.

desertmountain 04-01-2010 03:33 PM

Good morning ladies. Almeeker must be having a wonderful time in Chicago today...but where did everyone else go? My rebounder is in, so I'll be starting my cardio workouts either tonight or tomorrow. It came with a DVD, which is good since I don't know what to do....but I'm very excited anyways. I hope everyone has a terrific & successful day :)

pattialbert 04-02-2010 12:13 AM

Im here...started a spring break today so Im off for 11 days...good thing my walking partner is back...I was planning on a day off tomorrow but she wants to go off I go to!! Well the 270's didnt stay long...went back up the next day and havn't seen it since. Im trying really hard not to drive myself crazy...I had put the thought in my head that I wanted to be in the 270s by the end of the month...Im not going to do that again. Ive lost 2 pounds this week so far which is great...and if I didnt step on the scale every day I wouldnt know I had briefly hit my goal. Ive been watching the scale creep up .2 increments the last three days..which isnt good but overall still down 2 pounds...I should be very happy with that!! No more goals for the month...just taking it in 10 pounds increments that happen whenever they do!Remind me of this when I start talking goals again.......:mad:
Desertmountain I know what a rebounder is...they were very popular quite a few years ago...never could get the hang of those.
Speedyfair Im planning popcorn this weekend as my microwave popper..when I dont do it on the stove I grab that it at walmart. So easy to use!! and I control all the ingrediants.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!! To those who celebrate Easter...hoppy easter!!!!

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