7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 04/09/12

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Did pretty well on the health goals, not so much the others. I've been watching past seasons of The Biggest Loser online (never watched the show before last season) and it keeps sucking my time away from other projects.

Since there is another Terri you can add an 'e' to the end of my name to distinguish us and I am going to change it to that in my signature.

Health Goals:
1- Exercise 5 days M:Y
2- Drink 80 oz water daily M: Y
3- Keep a minimum 600 calorie daily deficit M:Y 789
4- Get 7 hours of sleep each night M:Y 8 hrs!
5- Practice clogging dance 3 times this week M: N

1- Do 2 spring cleaning/organizing projects this week M:N
2- Read a book 3 times this week (I love to read, but have been sucked into my computer a lot lately and have neglected my book love). M:N
3- Help daughter with violin practice M: N
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1. Drink min 80oz of WATER!!
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! (seriously)!!
3. PM workout Tues/Wed/Fri(at least)!!
4. Min 60 crunches/day!
5. 5 pushups (straight)/10 pushups (knees)!
6. Calories below 1300/day!
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!

1. Take kids outside OR work on crafts min 1 hr/day (specified time: 10:30am)!!
3. Work on Makenna's walking!
4. Encourage hubby to workout!
6. Sort and file all new coupons!
7. Work on Mom's Scrapbook 1hr/day!

1. Sell it.
2. Sell it.
3. Clean it.
4. Sell it.

Luv – I love that!!!! Remember why!!!!

Cassie – Hey girl! It was brutal! Its like I saw junk food and turned into this crazy person(naturally I need to blame someone – the easter bunny can take it!)! But I’m back on and already feeling better – the more water I drink the better I feel! I was just reading over your goals – you scrapbook too!? I swear we are twins!

Mern!!! – I found the middle and I’m staying put! I love this wagon – I honestly can’t believe how much more energy I have when I’m eating right and drinking water – its such a great motivator! Along with all of you! Its nice coming on here and knowing that I’m not alone as I can relate to so much that I see posted here! I’m actually excited to workout tonight – gonna get my sweat on!

April – Such a great suggestion! I will price them out this week LOL and just a thought but maybe we crashed because eater is the first junk foody holiday since Christmas….. Valentines day isn’t big here…. Who knows

Terrie – so true about the computer and the TV – one thing that I have done to overcome the TV taking over is moved my TV so that I have it for when I work out – then I get a 2 for 1 – workout and TV!

Feels great to be back everyone! I’m going to push myself hard this week with workouts – I owe it to myself!! OH and Makenna is getting the walking thing under control!!! She started Easter Sunday so I think maybe she was hyped up on chocolate cuz she was walking for about an hour back and forth between hubby and me! I practiced for 30 min last night and 30 min this morning across the living room to the couch and back! YAY
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Originally Posted by Tunnrida View Post
Today is the finally level 2 30 days Shred has become a bit easier

just eat soufflé of macaroni homemade fresh cheese and cauliflower
What day of Level 2 are you on? I did day 6 of level 3 yesterday. I don't really like level 3 like i did levels 1&2 though.
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Terrie ... You did great for your first day of goals. Sometimes the life things are harder to get to than the health ones. Keep at it!

Jho ... I bet your little girl is so cute waddling back & forth from the couch! Makes me wish I had a little one. Well...one just turned 15 yesterday so maybe I will wait for grandbabies in twenty years or so!!
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April, I usually drink my protein shakes daily as snacks just to assure I'm getting enough protein and calcium. But when I (very seldom) drink them as meal replacements in order to jumpstart my weight loss after a bad cheat session, I do feel deprived because even though I add flaxmeal to them to make them more filling, they're still not as satisfying as solid food. I must also add that my doc does not want me to have more than two of my low carb shakes per day--she prefers I stay on the wagon and eat right to keep my blood sugar stable. Who'd have thought, eh? LOL I was wondering the same thing about Easter--why I did so poorly compared with doing well on other holidays. I have no answer. LOL on whether to have another child or wait for a grandchild. I can attest to the fact that grandkids are easier. Much as you love them, you can send them home at night. My 17 year old GD is a keeper, though--I don't ever wanna send HER home.

Tunnrida, great job on the 30 day shred! I love fresh cauliflower with cheese--one of my very favorite foods.

Terrie, I had such a giggle over that. When I first saw your post today I read your signature before the text of your post and thought, "Oh, there shouldn't be any confusion at all-- I didn't notice she had an e on the end of her name and I told her I'd make an effort to not confuse her with Terri Taubele." Extra E or not, we're glad you're here, but your extra e will make it simpler for this old gal. Mern is a nickname given me due to my oldest niece not being able to pronounce my real name when she was little. My whole family calls me Mern now. I've never watched an episode of Biggest Loser. Kudos on your health goals yesterday! How old is your daughter? Do you play violin, too? I'm going to an acoustic guitar performance tonight at a local Starbucks--the musician is a friend of a friend. I don't play but I absolutely love acoustic guitar, piano, and violin.

Jho, do you already have a new home, or are you going to sell this one before buying a new one? Moving far? I feel the same way--have much more energy when I'm eating right, exercising regularly and drinking water. I hope you enjoy your workout tonight. I should give myself a BIDIA award (newbies, that stands for "But I Did It Anyway) for this morning. It was really hard for me only because I took two days off in a row, which I should never do, but I pushed through and made myself finish the entire 30 minute aerobic walking exercise. Kudos to you! I LOVE your attitude of working out because you owe it to yourself. That is adorable about McKenna's walking. Such a fun time in a wee one's life.

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Thanks, Quinn, for the book recommendation. I have the 2009 edition from the library and I figured it would give me the basics and then when he's a junior I'll buy the current one. Good luck with the party planning; I think it should celebrate your work as much as your daughter's!

Mern, my virus is gone but the laptop cord is still at my practice across town, so I'm still roughing it on the desktop. Thursday all will be well. You look like you're well into recovery; good job!

Jho; I scrapbook very infrequently; I always seem to have so much else to do. But honestly, my son is 15 now and while I have all his pictures from the years, they're not prettily displayed, so I'm working my way through. He is surprisingly interested in the process and pleased at the results. If I get started, I get on a roll, so that's why I made it a goal. Happy to hear about the walking...now you asked for it; you won't be able to keep up with her!

Yes, April, would you like to come over for some pot plants? Lol, last thing I need right now is the munchies . Driving is okay; thanks for asking. By law here, he has to have the permit a year and a day, so we're taking it slow. Started in a big parking lot, then 25mph back roads, then 35mph roads, then 45...just this week we've gotten up to 55, but only short trips. It will be a long, long time before we get to the freeways. I do tend to grab the door handle at times but the nervousness is diminishing a bit each time. Is your son excited about the process yet??

Well, hoping to hang on; tonight is homemade pizza night . Otto and I just made the dough (Otto is my mixer and unfortunately we have spent a lot of time together since the weekend...pancakes, mashed potatoes, wheat bread, pizza crust...Otto is a carb-churner, it appears). Did get a nice hike in today, but I still need to be good .
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Cassie, glad to learn that your virus is gone and that all will be well Thursday. LOL on Otto, the carb churner. I'll bet you do make a healthful pizza crust, though, and for sure, nothing beats homemade! Kudos on the hike.
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Just got back from two hours of walking, delivering flyers for my dad. I was planning to do 5 hours, but hahaha. ha. ha. The main problem was that I was overdressed and since I was walking I had nowhere to put my coat, sweater, and scarf, so I had to keep wearing them. I stopped at the mall to use the bathroom, and when I looked in the mirror, my face was purple. No wonder everyone was looking at me funny. I half-heartedly went another couple of blocks and called it quits. I weighed my bag when I got home and it was 8 pounds (plus the flyers I handed out and the water I drank over two hours). He gave me 500 "to start". I think maybe he was overenthusiastic about how many I could hand out? My bag is still full. It was pulling so hard on my shoulder that I was feeling nauseous. I guess I wouldn't make a very good mailman.

But my activity log says my walk burned 514 calories, so...yay! I'm going to try to figure out another day this week when I can do it, and this time I'll dress for the weather and not have 8 pounds of flyers in my bag.
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I had a bowl of Cheerios because I was really hungry so I'm a little off on my sugar goal for today, but at least it's not the cheesecake I was craving!

Nobe phew! Over 500 calories burned? Good job! It may have been tiring but I bet it was worth it.

Cassie mmmm, homemade pizza. Yum, yum. Well, at least with homemade you know exactly what goes into your food and you can control the amount of calories to a certain extent.

Terrie I hear you on the television thing. With me it's mostly the Internet which steals me away for most of the day since I don't have any good channels on the Telly. But hey, at least you're watching fitness stuff, not the cooking cannel!

Mern I'm going to shove that pound straight off the wagon! Lol. I'm actually starting to enjoy my Exersize (finally found a good DVD) so its getting easier to stay on track. I dont often pull all-green days much less in Monday's so that surprised me too. I hope it sticks.

Off to Exersize while the steak thaws.
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Well no green for me to day. Still have a productive cough but i am hopeful to make the gym by wednesday or thursday. I waited to long to eat lunch and then totally over ate well I guess i could still work on the water tonight
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