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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6
Ladies, mydaywillcome just sent me a PM and wanted me to let y'all know that she has to leave and may not be back for a while. A lot of it is riding on some information that she may get tomorrow with regards to an ill family member. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers!
I am so sorry to hear this. Hope everything is OK. Will keep her in my prayers.
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728
Paging almeeker, paging almeeker:

Please report to the Board for a brief check in.
Thank you.
Amy, we miss you.
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I have to give a huge Thank you to CASSIE!!! Your "only 10 min" advice worked for me last night and I ended up on the Elliptical watching Idol results show and stuck it out for the longest I've EVER been on there: 62 min!!!!!! I normally feel like passing out at the 20 min mark but have been pushing myself to 30 min (slowly working myself up) so I cannot believe what happened last night!

After checking in here I had a quick nap on the floor (with my children jumping on me like it was some sort of crazy game)... maybe half hour. Then I had a nice cup of coffee so maybe that was where the extra energy came from!! Crazy!!! Thank you all for being here!

1. Drink min 64oz of WATER!! Y, Y, Y, Y
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! ****** N, N, N, Y
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri!! Y, Y(bonus workout1), Zumba, Y(bonus workout2)
4. Min 50 crunches/day! Y, Y, N, Y
5. Log ALL food - no cheating or snacking on junk! Y,Y,Y, Y
6. Calories below 1300/day! N:1411, Y:1241, Y:1028, Y:1143
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! ******* (ITS GO TIME!!!!!)
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The only ten minutes rule sounds like good advice! Kudos to you JHo for following it and pushing beyond!!!
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Originally Posted by Jho82
I have to give a huge Thank you to CASSIE!!! Your "only 10 min" advice worked for me last night and I ended up on the Elliptical watching Idol results show and stuck it out for the longest I've EVER been on there: 62 min!!!!!! I normally feel like passing out at the 20 min mark but have been pushing myself to 30 min (slowly working myself up) so I cannot believe what happened last night!
CONGRATS! I bet that felt great!

Hope, glad you are feeling better. It must be hard not only dealing with the symptoms, but not knowing how long they're going to last. I think you are doing a remarkable job coping with everything you have going on .

April, happy to read a while back about the peaceful walk you had with your son. I know that had to feel good.

WHO'S A WEEKEND WARRIOR??? Let's stay in it and get through the weekend strong! Anybody have any fun plans?
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ama: Exercise is always hard for me, too, like it is for a lot of the other ladies here. I've got the food thing down but the exercise thing still isn't a habit and my motivation totally ebbs and flows. Cassie's 'just ten minutes' advice is awesome. I'm hoping you get rid of that sodium weight soon! Also, Panda Express isn't too terrible IF you get the right combos/entrees.

Freshman: Great news on the parents/BF front! I knew it would go well, wooohoooo! Sometimes we underestimate those men - they know when they need to do well most of the time after all!

Tori and Jho: Wish I could wear perfume, you guys make it sound awesome. Unfortunately smelly stuff always gives me allergy attacks. I have to buy everything "free and clear" or "hypoallergenic" to avoid scents entirely so my clothes don't set off my nose all day! Once in awhile I can do really light honey scents but that's about it.

Mike: Forgot to congratulate you on your RAK. That definitely counts, and if you do it again I'd count it twice, but that's just me. Also sending sympathy and good thoughts for mydaywillcome, I hope things turn out alright for her and her family!

Mern: I'm excited to even hit 155 lbs. nevermind the healthy BMI, but thanks!!! I just can't wait right now until I don't have to worry about bouncing back up to 160 anymore. Got REALLY tired of seeing that number six on the scale (though seeing it after the five would be fine... 156 next week is my goal!!!!). I think once I hit 155 I'll have really kissed my plateau goodbye. I just have to keep moving. I hope your stomach pain is better after your tooting ordeal.

nobe: So how did the casserole turn out???

quinn: I am crossing my fingers for you for your 2 lb. goal!! Go get 'em!

Tori: Your report looks better every day!

Cassie: You're doing awesome, you didn't even have a huge slip on Wednesday and it'll be like nothing ever happened, I bet. How is your cold doing? I totally intend on being a WEEKEND WARRIOR this week!!!!

Hope: I'm happy to read you're feeling better!!!

Weekly Goals

Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals
1) Calories under 1500 every day. Log and post average. M: 1,408 T: 1,233 W: 1,423 Th: 1,329 (Average: 1,348)
2) Exercise M, W, F, Sat for at least 45 minutes per session. Extra is awesome M: 52 minutes, Zumba W: 45 minutes Zumba (Strength & Tone)
3) Calorie deficit of at least 3,500 M: -1,094 T: -564 W: -902 Th: -468 (Total: -3,028)
4) 80+ oz. of water per day M: 80 T: 68? W: 88 Th: 64
5) Multivitamin Daily M: forgot T: forgot again W: yes! Th: yes
6) In bed by 11:30 every night. There are no excuses!!!! M: Nope T: yes W: yes Th: No
7) Protein average 25-30% M: 24% T: 24% W: 27% Th: 18% (Average: 23%)
8) One cup of green tea a day M: forgot T: I brewed the cup and promptly fell asleep before drinking it... W: yes Th: Teapot broke
9) Weigh in M, W, F and report here. M: 159.1 W: 157.8 F: 157.4... I'll take it!

Other Goals
1) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: no makeup T: yes W: yes Th: yes
2) Call grandmother M: no T: yes! W: yes Th: No
3) Check up on sister M: yes, will do again T: No W: a little Th: No

Daily Other Goals:
1) Get in application to MM M: no; stalled (will do later this week, need clarification)
2) 1/3-1/2 of lecture DONE M: 1/3 done
3) E-mail DCC/AT about Friday visit M: yes
4) Clean kitchen M: halfway

1) LECTURE DONE I decided to re-work it, so no, but I'm much happier with the format. It will get done!!!
2) At least 3 hours on HPLC No, due to above
3) Clean living room and kitchen BF is going to do it on his day off (so he says) so I delayed it

1) Review lecture Continued working on it. It's about 80% done now and I love it
2) Laundry night/clothes to goodwill Totally forgot! Will do tonight.

1) Clean bedroom BF already did it. I did all the laundry. It all got washed and dried - folded and put away, not so much. I'll do it tonight after I run some errands. Also got my lecture done by noon on Thursday and delivered it Thurs. evening.

1) Make sure all follow-ups completed
2) Check plant/refill if necessary

Got ANOTHER campus interview lined up yesterday! The week of April 9th is going to be very busy for me. M-W I'll be in Iowa for one interview. I'll fly back to FL for Thursday, when I need to run an experiment and also teach a class (plus exam review). I'll then be flying out early Friday morning, renting a car, driving an hour an a half to the next interview in VA and doing that one on Friday afternoon. Not sure if I'll fly out Friday evening or stay over Friday night there, it will probably depend on what the search committee needs in terms of my time and what the flight schedules look like. I'm likely to be a very frazzled lady. I have to prep two job talks (different types, too) plus two lectures for my class in the next week since that entire week is pretty much taken out of the picture. I'm hoping I don't get too overwhelmed. My plan (such as it is) is to bang out one job talk this weekend since it'll be a finagling of one that's already done (just need to re-work it for time and audience) and also getting one of my lectures done. Then during the week next week I'll be able to focus on getting the other lecture and the other job talk done.

I actually fairly suck at working on the weekends with any consistency but I'm going to make myself do it. I can't really complain about having interviews after all!!!! I'm expecting a third one to be lined up too, considering how the phone interview went, but we'll see what happens. The two that I have now have definite pros and cons to each and a lot will ride on how I feel about the positions (and if I get offers, of course).

Was happy to see 157.4 this morning because that's the first time I've seen my weight tick downwards all week in QUITE some time. Usually I've been having a bounce back up, at some point even though the line is tweaking downwards. Also know I had a high sodium day yesterday (and a carby day, too) because lab meeting involved pizza, and usually after carby/sodium days I'm up. I just need to keep on pressing on and remembering that exercise is just as important as food. I'm really happy to have felt motivated and productive all this week, even though I know stress is looming on the horizon, which can sometimes make me slow down in dread, haha.

I'll do my best to keep checking in all weekend. We can do it, ladies!


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We do miss you, Amy!!!! Wanted to add my voice to the choir!
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Just wanted to pop on and apologise for being absent since Saturday and for not setting goals for this week. I had been fighting a cold/flu virus for the last 4 weeks, eventually went to the doctors and it turns out I have a severe throat infection/Laryngitis. I'm on a high dose of antibiotics for the next week and they have completely knocked me for six. Starting a feel little better after being on them for the last 4 days, so I'll be back on it next week when I can be confident that I won't fail on everything.
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Going to the weekly Lenten fish fry tonight so have been saving up calories and carbs to stay on target. Since they have only carby sides, I'm taking a green bean and roasted red pepper salad dressed in onion, oil, vinegar, and a touch of artificial sweetener. My dessert is an on-plan chocolate mocha flaxmeal muffin.

Boo, wishing you a lot better weekend and speedy recovery now that you have your meds. Big gentle hug to ya!

Nobe, everyone (except me) is really yacky. LOL That shepherd's pie with ground turkey and mashed yams sounds delicious to me, too--like a holiday dinner. How did it turn out? Lot of green in your report yesterday. Wishing you sunshine!

Quinn, as busy as you are, you are still doing a fantastic job on your goals.

Katy, best wishes and huge hugs to you. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Tori, kudos on preparing and logging your food for today ahead of time! Kiddo, it's perfectly OK to be vague--you have the right to your privacy. Hey, if you can vent and still be vague, go right ahead. You can say "Whoozit is still squiggling"--we won't know what the hell that means, but we'll be damned mad at the unfairness of it and will send prayers and tons of cyberhugs your way. Just know that we care and wish you nothing but happiness.

Cassie, good for you for not beating yourself up over the slight calorie overage. I learned a lot of self-appreciation and self-forgiveness from YOU and I thank you for that. Congrats on your pie chart achievement--I remember that was a very important goal for you and it looks as if you've figured out how to do that. Spectacular job this week! I'll log on this weekend. I don't have any plans other than that yet. Did you decide what you are going to do for fun and relaxation this weekend?

Hey, Shirley, LOL. Yeah, I remember that. I think Leslie Nielson just passed away last year, didn't he? What a talent! Congrats on returning your library books, staying positive, and being a stretchy mama. I hope you have a great weekend and that DD soon comes to a happy decision about what college to attend.

Jho, it really is wonderful that sometimes as crazy as our lives get, something as simple as a nap on the floor with kids romping on us and a cup of coffee can revitalize us. Great report this week--wishing you as successful a weekend!

Terri, I'm so happy you are well past that pleatau now and don't have to worry about bouncing back up there. Unbelievable, but I still have a little bit of pain left from that gas pocket which occurred last Saturday. If I am not deliberately thinking about it, I don't feel it. But another day or so it should be completely gone. Wow, you had a really fantastic report all this week! Kudos on a job very, very well done! You deserve to treat yourself to a new teapot as a reward--a really pretty one! Keeping you in my prayers on all the job interview prep being as stress free as possible!

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The shepherd's pie turned out... all right. It was definitely edible, but I threw in a bunch of lemon pepper seasoning which was all wrong for it. I think next time I would put in "warm" spices like curry and cinnamon.

Sunshine today! Well, so far. It's not in the forecast so I'm not holding my breath. I'd better getting moving and go outside while I can.

edit: hmm, ten minutes later and it's black out. Sigh.

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