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michelle8447 09-04-2014 05:15 PM

Losing the last 10 pounds what worked for me
Losing the last 10 pounds was surely the most difficult part! I started weighing 145 pounds, and I joined an online workout program called, basically it's like P90X + Insanity, but much easier and designed for women.

Anyway, I was losing like 5 pounds per week for the first 3 weeks, and that felt amazing. My energy became higher and I was able to do longer workouts, but then I was only losing about 2 ~ 3 pounds per week for the next month. So, after 2 months, i'm now down to 120 pounds, not bad, but i was trying to reach 105 and the process seem to slowed quite a bit than when I started. I then talked to my trainer at WBX and he suggested me 3 things:

1. do the high intensity workouts BEFORE the biggest meal, for me, it's usually dinner. The body burns carbs faster after an INTENSE exercise, but that only works if the workout is intense enough

2. Increase the vegetable intake to 6 servings per day, so 2 serving each meal, including breakfast. And fruits do not count as vegetables. they are count as crabs, that what I've been doing wrong.

3. increase water to 10 glasses per day when I' working out and eating all that veggies. the increased fiber need more water to move the waste products out. Honestly, this was actually harder than it seems. but really paid dividends.

Anyway, it still took me another 6 weeks to reach my goal weight of 105. But i'm also able to keep it off. So hope that helps for you too! :)

IsabellaMo 01-04-2015 07:37 PM

Hi everyone, just read through as much of these posts as possible!! Interesting approaches and results! I managed to drop my last 6lbs with a 9 day detox. I kept a blog if anyone would find it helpful to read.

Gohealthy1 05-29-2015 02:01 PM

Hi Kimber96,

What kind of vegetables can you eat? I would recommend eating eating as many as you can and avoid carbs. Carbs make you fat. Think about it. Your body has been fed for many years with the same food. It is in a comfortable zone. I has to change and to be trained like teaching to a dog how to sit. Processed food like pasta and bread is not good. if you include meat in your diet, you are accumulating and nutriments. check this out:

I hope it helps. It works well for me.



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