7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 02/27/12

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Congrats on that number, Tori! I mean, I know numbers aren't the be all and end all, but I bet seeing the 1's on your scale is going to be awesome. You're doing fantastic

Uh, so, apparently I gained 2.4 lbs yesterday - hahahaha. No, I know it's not a legit number, but it still makes me chortle.
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Calories: 900-1300M -932, T -975, W-1130
Weight lift x5 M-Y, T-Y, W-Y
Cardio 6 hoursM 60, T 30, W-60
Plank x 5 M-NT-YW-N
Weekend some activity
Vacuum the car Not yet
Organize the garage not yet

Mern you are so right about there not being a one size fits all diet. The best thing we can do is learn how our individual bodies respond and follow that.

Fit good job with the goals

Mike sorry to hear about your back. Is it a disc problem? I had some back issues back around thanksgiving. It got really bad. Steroids, percocet, flexeril, and finally a injection into the facet of the SI joint.So I know what a bummer it can be. I hope you can find some relief. That's part of what drove me back to the gym. If i stop working out for more than a week the back pain slowly creeps back in.

Joanna I can completely relate to letting yourself get to hungry and then going off the deep end. That is something I really have to pay attention to. I am on the road all day and if I let myself get too hurry the next thing you know i am making an unhealthy choice like McD's. Lots of green there though. Way to go girl!

Terri your pizza night sounds great, even if the calories were over a little. Pizza made with love what more could a girl want.

April congrats on doing the shred at 5am. Holy mackerel i can't imagine being motivated at that time.

Quinn Hope you get dug out from the snow. Spring will be here soon!

Lizzie I was shocked that Davy Jones died. I used to watch the monkees on tv all the time. My BF thought I was crazy last night as I was walking through the house singing the opening tune. BF is younger than me and doesnt remember them.

Tori glad to see you are on the wagon this week. I wouldn't want to see you have any of the consequences these evil minds on here could think up.
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1) lower carb- Y, Yish, Y
2) avoid sugar - Y, Y, Y
3) stretch, even gently - Y, N, Y
4) 6 glasses of water every day - 8, 9, 9
5) do not be critical - Y, Y, I was in my mind; does that count?
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Tori, congrats. You're about to break out of the old century and into the new.

I hopped on the scale today and I'm slowly coming back down. I was down to 181.8. I'm starting to see some changes again and I can even see that I have a 2 pack, I just need to push to get a 4 pack again.
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Update on my Dad: I really want to thank everyone -- and I mean EVERYONE, wow -- for the hugs and kind words regarding my Dad and his health yesterday. I was really frustrated and I needed to vent. Coming back a few hours later and reading the encouragement helped settle me down and ease some of the strain I felt on my heart. You guys are the best. Funnily enough, about 15 minutes after I read it all, my Dad actually called me. He wanted to let me know he was alright and that he went to speak with his doctor, who has prescribed putting him on insulin. I'm not surprised, but I don't like it, either. I've actually not heard my father sound more contrite since he quit smoking.

We had a surprisingly productive conversation. I asked him how he was feeling and what he discussed with his doctor. He told me he's been trying to lose weight and he feels that his diet isn't that bad. Now, whenever I go home I don't see that to be the case, but I haven't been home since Christmas so I gave him the benefit of the doubt on the phone and just asked him to describe his day of food for me.

He said he starts with a glass of OJ in the morning and usually oatmeal (flavored). He said he usually has a sandwich for lunch (on whole wheat but not low-carb bread) which he does put cheese on, but also a lot of veggies, and he skips the mayo. Dinner is often meat-and-potatoes. I asked him about snacking and he bristled, so I let it go and focused on the meal. The first thing that hit me in the morning was the OJ -- I'm pretty sure (please correct me here if I'm wrong) that OJ is kind of a no-no for diabetics due to the sugar content. I said so to him, and he said he drinks it for the Vitamin C.

I told him "Well hey, Dad, there are lots of other ways to get in your C" and he said something like "I don't want to take a supplement!!" I gently said "Hey, do you like bell peppers?" (I know that he does). And went on to tell him that bell peppers, especially the red ones, have 3x the Vit C that OJ does without all the sugar. He was like :-O on the phone, and we went on to talk for 15 minutes more about other food substitutions. He really surprised me. I told him about some low-carb breads and that if he started watching his overall carb intake, it might help, and the cheese, too. I'm not his MD but he seemed really into my suggestions. I was so happy to talk with him about it, and I credit you guys here with your encouragement in calming me down. Otherwise I may have guilted him, or yelled, or who knows what. So thanks, guys

His cataract surgery has been re-scheduled for the 14th of March. He's got 2 weeks to get that blood sugar under control. I hope he can do it!

Quinn: I hope you did find a good book to read, AND you get out of that holy-moly-snow, and THANKS for the white pizza suggestions!! I talked with BF about it and he said it's totally worth a shot, so the next time we get the urge (and I can schedule in the cals) we'll go for it. Maybe we'll even try making our own dough We just had pre-bought crusts for our first go-round. I NEVER would have guessed about ranch dressing.

Mike: Good job on those policies AND getting in your walk!!! woo woo!! That 2-pack will divide and become 4 again before you know it!

It's so awesome that you have a doctor that you jive with. Next time you see her, tell her to clone herself and send one of 'em my way!!! And hey, if my Dad has more low-carbing questions, do you mind if I ask you? You've done so well with it as a way to get your pre-diabetes under control that you might have some suggestions that jive with him. I know low-cal. I'm not a low-carber, so I only have general tips.

Tori: You are 3/3 on your exercise, great job! I've got my eye on ya!!!!! Congrats on your new scale being good to you, SO CLOSE!

Weekly Goals

Food/Exercise/Lifestyle Goals
1) Calories between 1200-1400. Really aiming for 1300. M: 1,160 T: 1,766 W: 1,329 (Week Average: 1,418.333)
2) 30 Day Shred EVERY DAY. No excuses, not even working late!!!! M: yes T: yes W: yes
3) 1 or 2 extra cardio sessions at the gym M: no T: no W: no
4) Calorie deficit of 4,000-5,000. If I keep cals at 1300 every day, this should be extremely doable. M: -861 T: -262 W: -692 (Week Total: -1,815)
5) In bed by 11:30 every night M: close, but no cigar T: No. BF is keeping me up. I need to put my foot down. W: Foot down failure
6) Protein between 25-30% on average for the week M: 33% T: 26% W: 25% (Week Average: 28%)
7) At least 80 oz. of water daily M: 80 T: 84 W: 64
8) Take my multivitamin M: yes T: yes W: yes Th: yes
9) Weigh in daily and post here M: 160.4 T: 159.6 W: 160.0 Th: 158.4 (I am inordinately proud of this)
10) No eating out for lunch all week, with the exception of lab meeting M: yes T: yes W: yes

Other Goals

1) Continue job search/applications, follow up on jobs with no news M: Did some follow ups (about 4 or 5), one application in T: Got a couple replies but otherwise no progress W: no progress
2) Get midterm exam(s) done by Wednesday, latest M: not yet T: [COLOR="Blue"]not yet[/COLOR W: yes
3) Take some "me" time every day M: No T: yes W: yes
4) Don't sweat the small stuff M: yes T: yes W: yes
5) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: no makeup T: yes W: yes

Okay, so my previous low was 158.6. I hit 158.4 today, which is so close as to be noise, but I am SO HAPPY to see it because I hit 158.6 like 3-4 separate times in the last few weeks but never went below it. It was like a brick wall of weight. So even a SMIDGE below it is really motivational to me. This has really been the hardest plateau I've yet had to work through. I was 161 when the year began, so I've only lost 3 lbs. in 2 months, and it's been disheartening. Some of it was my fault because I lost motivation in there for a bit, but hopefully this bounce-back I feel will stick!

Funnily enough, the Shred was really hard for me last night. It had been getting easier but it was like Day 1 all over again yesterday. Not sure if I'm pushing harder and not realizing it, but there you go. I'm not sore today like I usually am after REALLY starting it up after a break, so it must have been a mix of tiredness, working harder at it (?) and being kind of grumpy yesterday after what happened with my dad. But it was worth it to see even the smallest break past that previous low I'd been smacking my head on.

I've got a mild pain in my calf/shin today that I actually associate with hurting my ankle. It's a very strange pain at two focal points on either side of my calf -- actually it feels like the inside of my shin, if that makes sense. It's not a shin splint (I know what those feel like). But I had reconstructive ankle surgery that involved drilling through my shin bone to loop ankle tendons and ligaments through it (to stabilize) and the pain is exactly where the hole was drilled through (I know because the doctor showed me, and it lines up neatly with a scar). It makes me think I must have tweaked my ankle funny last night and the tendon/ligament that's looped through might be a little inflamed. I'm really sensitive to hurting that ankle again, so I'm going to try to remain more aware of how it feels when I work through tonight. I'm 95% sure I know which move is hurting it -- static lunges. When I'm up on the ball of my left foot it always feels funny, and that's the position my ankle is weakest in, so I was probably dipping too low on those and straining it. I'll be gentle tonight. Injuries do not help break plateaus!!!!

Got a LONG day ahead of me today. This is the day where I'm going to get home late and I am NOT GONNA WANNA do the Shred. I just HAVE to do it though. I'ma remember the scale and just make myself.

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Default Wooohooooot!!!!! *TORI*

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Just a quick update before work. I got a new scale last night (other one died and before anyone asks, yes I tried replacing the battery first. it was just dead). Weighed in this morning like normal and was down to 201.0! Which is one lb. shy of my March 1st mini goal, but I'll deal with it!!! K....off to yell at vendors. Catch up with y'all later.
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Tori, congrats. You're about to break out of the old century and into the new.

I hopped on the scale today and I'm slowly coming back down. I was down to 181.8. I'm starting to see some changes again and I can even see that I have a 2 pack, I just need to push to get a 4 pack again.
you knew I'd click the link, didn't you?! and have I mentioned before.....I <3 me some 2Pac????

thanks for the 'grats. and right back at ya for your scale movin in the right direction too!

Actually, thank you all!!
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Good Morning loves!

Just a quick update.

Yesterday I ended at 1039 Cals!!! Now granted I had one more cup of coffee to get me there which isn't the best but hey yay anyway.

Tori- Woot you are doing so awesome with your exercising this week, you go girl!

Mike- for some reason the song "two is better then one" comes to mind, dont ask LOL. But still thats awesome keep it up.

Luv- Always such much green in your world and your always so perky I love it!

And on that note I need to get my workout in and get ready to spend the day with friends. Have a good one and see you all tomorrow!
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Tori, I'm sure you know this but tell your Dad berries and canteloupe are a diabetic's friends, in terms of fruit. I come from a long line of diabetics and I'm hypoglycemic (similar low carb diets work best for that too.) So glad you got help from this thread. We could all feel your concern. Your Dad is lucky to have you.

Mern, it's so great you have such a symbiotic relationship with your doctor and that your numbers are good!!! We need you around, honey!!!
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Terri, I'm so glad to hear that you had a positive and productive talk with your Dad. That is just awesome. And congratulations to you on reaching a new low (it always sounds funny to say that). Well done all around.

I didn't check in yesterday, but I didn't do awful. The veggies fell short because the day got crazy and lunch ended up being a yogurt and some nut bar thing that seemed reasonable balanced. It was catch as catch can. I only got three servings of fruits and veggies for the day. Will try again today, and plan at least two servings just with lunch.

My weight is up this week, but I've had sore muscles. Can anyone else relate to this? Whenever I workout hard and have sore muscles my weight goes up. I've heard that muscle pulls in a lot of extra water while in order to repair itself, so I'm thinking this might account for the increase, but has anyone else heard this or have any idea if it is accurate?
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