7 Day Motivational Thread... Who's In?

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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread... Who's In?

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm back. Things have slowed to a manageable chaos... kind of like Mardi

Time to get serious about taking care of ourselves. Who's in?

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Like I said, things have become more manageable for me... not perfect, but manageable. Time to get serious about getting this last 5 pounds off. At least, I'm proud to say, that through everything I was able to hold it at the same 5 pounds that stuck from Christmas. Time to clear at least 45 minutes a day to get out on the trails and walk, watch my fast food intake, and shed the last few pounds before warm weather hits for us.

I've found with my crazy days lately, my slow cooker has become my best friend. When I'm totally wiped out at the end of the day, I can return home to a healthy, warm meal, which has been incredibly rejuvenating.

On to some much needed structure and goals:

1. Keep calories around 1200.
2. Log whenever possible.
3. Keep a water bottle with me at all times.
4. Get at least 2 long hikes in this week.
5. Take multi-vitamin and supplements.
6. Minimum of 3 fruits and veggies a day.

For you Mardi Gras goers... WE WANT PICTURES!!!
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Oh must have been a rough weekend all around. It's almost 10am EST and this thread didn't get started until now. I know mine wasn't stellar by far. I got back into the groove yesterday. I definitely find that I can get back to what I should be doing a lot faster now. I don't have the regret and shame over eating something that I shouldn't. I mostly just brush it off and start back over with the next day, meal or bite. That's what I have to do to keep going on this journey.

Starting this week .8lbs higher than last Monday.

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100 oz water daily (weekends too!!)
2. Just because someone else is eating doesn't mean I need to be eating too
3. Walk on lunches at least three times (weather permitting)
4. Exercise other than walking 5 hrs
5. Weigh and post daily M: 263.2lbs,

Life Goals ...
1. Survive CASSP meeting Tuesday
2. Pay attention to my behavior. I may be stressed out but so are others.
3. Read something that is not on the internet (a magazine perhaps? Had new issue of Fitness at home almost a week now and haven't even opened it) who's next? It's awful lonely in here!!!
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I'm in. Back from Cuba a pound added to my Christmas gain. I really need to get back so I'm recommitting with some serious stated goals and steps to reach them. April I think one of the best things we learn in a forum like this is to forgive ourselves and not let a lapse derail us.

My new plan includes doing at least 5 good things for myself each day. I've made a pretty generous list including anything I can do for my physical, mental or emotional health. I've included things like: call a friend; clean a room. 5 servings of fruit and veggies; calories below 1500; exercise; get outside for 30 minutes; try something new etc. I'll keep adding to my good things list as I go along. My goal is total fitness. (and 20 pound by April 20th)

This weeks plan:
Lose 2 pounds
Y times 3
Do 5 good things for myself each day
Sauna and yoga daily

Have a great week everyone

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I'm in

Weight/Exercise Goals Start 218.8

1. Keep under 1600 calories average for the week
2. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day on Saturday and Sunday (that’s when I struggle)
3. Do 7 hours of physical activity this week.
4. Do more stretching.


1. Donate 5 pieces of clothing to goodwill.
2. Clean out make-up drawer and chuck all the old make-up, especially the glitter stuff.
3. Do something just totally for me.
4. Log something on Fitday at least once a day.

My food choices are pretty good lately, not having any wild cravings and can totally ignore the ju-jubes, cinnamon buns and granola bars DH bought home.
I’m trying to not get frustrated that I’m only down 2 pounds for Feb. so far. I think it has something to do with the exercise not being totally all out due to the rotator cuff and am learning to work around that.
Mt granddaughter says “slow and steady wins the race”. She’s an adult in a 5 year old body.
So have a great week everyone and thanks for letting me play.
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Mary ... So nice to see you back! How was your trip? I bet it was so much fun! And only 1 pound gain? That is to be commended!!

Gerl ... Nice to see you join in! Yep, there really are no rules. Whatever you want to achieve, you make it a goal and then daily (when possible) update on how your goal is going. We offer encouragement to each other along the way.
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Health & Fitness:

1. Calories 1,400/day.
2. 100 oz water daily.
3. Execute exercise plan (should equal about 7 hours).
4. Calorie deficit 5,000.
5. Protein 25% or higher.
6. Log & report everyday.
7. Last Monday 164. Post weight: 168.4 Ugh.

Other stuff:

1. Spend 30-60 min daily working on rabbit cages.
2. Finish my little part of the taxes.
3. Housework 45 min daily +1 load of laundry.
4. Call guy about elliptical parts.
5. Distribute 4-H calendar.
6. Spend 1 hour daily working on Betsy costume.
7. Write down the most wonderful thing that happened.

I totally fell off the wagon over the weekend, Saturday was especially bad. I did alright during the day, but then we went to celebrate the end of the swim season, and I um, drank beer. Actually I'm fairly certain I was drunk, which only happens once in a blue moon, but there you go. It was one of those days were I was on my feet the whole day, didn't eat much and then had a giant mug of beer before eating dinner. Anyway I feel like I'm bloated, could be the beer, the nachos or the new birth control pills, probably all 3. So this morning got up and put in a mild 60 minute workout, and made a workout plan to implement through the end of March.

Any one making any goals for Lent? Here are mine:

No white flour
No white sugar
No skipping workouts, and no more than 2 consecutive days off.
No cheating.
No profanity

Only I'm starting today, not Wed. It's going to be a very long 40 days, I'm not sure I can give up cheating and profanity all at the same time, it's sort of like giving up cigarettes and gum. Maybe I need rethink that one? For every offense I'll put a dollar in the bucket, although I think a cheat or skipping more than 2 workouts should cost me a fiver.
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Quinn, I like that : manageable chaos. I have a crock pot; I have to learn how to use it.
Wildb I love that: "just because someone else is eating doesn't mean I have to too." Amen to that for me.
Mary, so good to "see" you!!! How was Cuba? I love your 5 ways to be good to myself idea!!! Love it!!!
Amy I like the Lenten rules. And your beer was my wine last week and waaaaay more than what you had, I bet. I was actually lying on the bathroom floor trying to get the room to stop spinning. (I forgot: no wine and Lyrica) And I NEVER drink. (see: Lyrica)
Gerl your goals look good!!! Good luck on `em!!! You can do it!!! Slow and steady. Your granddaugther sounds amazing.

OK for me desperate times call for desperate measures. Since I cannot seem to get the eating under control, I am going extreme: trying Dukan YET AGAIN. It does help kick start me. Plus it makes me drink water and walk at least 20 minutes a day which brings me to my goals:

1) 6 glasses H2O daily. Come on, if I can't drink 48 ozs then I oughta cluck at a duck and sniff a truck (this is my imitation of Steven Tyler's odd {and more profane} sayings on American Idol, which I no longer watch.)
2) protein is my friend - eat this
3) sugar is not - don't eat that
4) Oat bran is yummy. Tell myself that as I eat it once daily.
5) 20 minutes or more of movement a day (I mean I'm not 90 fer goodness sakes and there ARE 90 year olds more active than me. In fact, I know at least 3.)
6) be a stretchy mama
7) write two hours minimum a day
8) stop being so pissed off at everyone which I'm telling you right now I failed Monday morning on a GRAND scale, an EPIC scale, hell, an OPERATIC scale, (chewed DH a new one, no, no, no two new ones while singing opera about "my rights") but will try for the rest of the day and the week. Yessir.
9) stop cleaning DD's room for her, you dirty (or clean?) little enabler you

Let's do this, folks! Whatever "this" is for you!!!

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Hmmm I should so someting for lent. I'll think about it. A friend gives up Cola or Chocolate, not both as that would be too cruel for her family. I think I'll give up alcohol. That should help with the diet plan.

Havana was interesting. The food in Cuba is not that tempting so not gaining a lot wasn't hard. The rum and coffee were good! I made more soup than I ever had as my son and his family were tired of Duanes cooking. The chicken drumsticks available were great for soup and the kids would eat it. I hope to continue making it now I'm home.
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Hmmmm...give up something for lent? I never have. I'll have to think on that one. I do think the profanity is a good one. How long is lent though? LOL
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