7 Day Motivational Thread... Who's In?

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Arrow *Overall I say I did alright w/ how I felt @ wk's beginning.

FitDay Challenge *~* Daily Practice
Check-in: MON - TUES - WED - THURS - FRI - SAT / Part SUN
Sun = Cushion Day {Respite with Reason} . . . Daily = x6/wk
“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.” – John Maxwell

FIT (Focus ~ Intake ~Train)
FOCUS (3) Mind & Heart
*Audio Bible (10 chapt. min.) = Done
*Hlth Group (Bk Study -> 7 Parts) = Done

*Thankfulness Journal (Daily Entry) = NO x3 Yes x3

INTAKE (3) Nutrition ~+~ Lent: NO CHOCOLATE x7
.'. Think {5 Grain/Meat/Veg/Oils} & {3 Dairy~1Ĺ Fruit} & {Extra w/in Goal}
*1600 Calorie = AT/BELOW x2 ::: ABOVE x0 ::: not TRACKed x4
*H2O (48 oz) = Yes x5 ::: No x1
*Supplements = Yes x7 ::: No x0

TRAIN (4) Movement
*240" Exercise Challenge = 240 minute plus more.
*Aerobic (150") = 150" plus more
*Mindful Miles (10 mi) = 11 mi
*Muscular Fitness (Each Area x2) = UEs x2 * LEs x2 * Torso/Functional x2

LIFE Goals were a big bust. That's OK. I started out the week not up to par. Did other things in the house to "catch-up" other work.
DAY (Dazzle~Administrate~Yard) Life (3)
DAZZLE: * FlyLady: Zone 4 (1') = No
ADMINISTRATE: *Paper Trail (10") = No
YARD (Outside) *Maintain (x3)
= No

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Default NOLA Pics

I finally got around to loading the pics to the computer. Here's the ones I can share. There are some that are better never to be seen again (but nothing TOO bad LOL) You can so totally see when I started getting bored while on the Sucky Ghost Tour, I randomly started taking pictures of things.

NOLA 2012
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Tori and Fit thanks for the good thoughts on my big day

Kumochi the dive will take about 6 hours. The actual swim out and drop to depth will take maybe twenty minutes the rest is all decompression stops as we work our way back to the surface. Nothing you can do to prepare for the pressure except drills to deal with emergencies.

Crazigerl there's a lot of "experts" out there when it comes to health issues,lol. FWIW I am an RN. Your BP is very healthy. If you were having ,lightheadedness or dizziness from being at the bottom end of normal that would be another issue. But if not enjoy the good numbers

Gotta run,
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Weekly Goals

Food/Exercise/Lifestyle Goals

1) Calories between 1200-1500 T: 1,492 W: 1,250 Th: 1,362 F: 1,382 Sat: 1,322 Sun: 1,233 (Week Average: 1,340)
2) Exercise 3 times this week, high intensity T: No W: No -- changing this goal!
3) Calorie deficit of 4,000-5,000 T: -312 W: -558 Th: -666 F: -646 Sat: -699 Sun: -818 (Week Total: -3,699)
4) In bed by 11:30 every night T: Nope W: close, but no cigar Th: yup! F: Nope Sat: Yes Sun: yes
5) Protein between 25-30% on average for the week T: 27% W: 26% Th: 26% F: 28% Sat: 24% Sun: 26% (Week Average: 26.2%)
6) 80 oz. of water daily T: 64 W: 64 Th: 80 F: 64 Sat: 64 Sun: 80
7) Take my multivitamin!! T: forgot W: forgot again Th: yup! F: Left it sitting on the table... Sat: yes Sun: yes
8) Weigh in daily and post here T: 158.6 W: 159.3 Th: 159.9 F: 159.8 Sat: 159.8 Sun: 161.1
9) 30 Day Shred EVERY DAY Th: yes F: yes Sat: yes Sun: yes

Other Goals

1) Turn in 5 job applications this week T: 3 W: 3 more, like a boss Th: 0 F: 1 more for good measure! Sat-Sun: N/A
2) Prepare for exam review by Thursday T: not yet W: no Th: yes, with plenty of time to spare before class F-Sun: N/A
3) Take some "me" time every day T: Yes W: not really Th: yes F: a little Sat: yes Sun: big yes
4) Don't sweat the small stuff T: I tried W: yeah Th: yes F: yes Sat: yes Sun: yes

The final numbers actually aren't too bad. I finished the week strong, that counts a lot. See you cats on the next thread

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