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Hello everyone and welcome to all the new members. Ive not logged in for a couple of weeks so got some catching up to do with how you are all doing.
Ive been doing okay with the diet but admitting i could be doing better as i havent lost any weight but glad to say there is no gain. I seem to have settled into the weight i am as i havent lost anymore for months-i do want to get to my goal and really push myself to getting my last 2 stone off!!
Ive had my time of month last week and was feeling a bit low and as i suffer from acne i just wanted to hide away cos it flared up really bad. I really hoped that the healthy food and water intake would have had some kind of effect but it hasnt! I cant afford the creams and products in the chemist. Been to doctors before about it but because i had a bad allergic reaction its put me off revisiting.
Anyway im back now and ready to work hard at it. The weekend is here and im determined to do well. Ive also signed up for a change for life back for the whole family to encourage us all as a family to eat well.
Good luck to you all for the weekend!!!
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Hello All and welcome new members!
today was the weigh in day for me and surprisingly, not only i have not lost any weight, i have gained .8 lb back!!!!!!, this comes after exercising so hard and eating healthy all week long! but oh well, it has to come off eventually because i'm not going to give in!
and nice to have you back Tracy, was wandering how you were doing, glad you're ok and even though you have not lost any weight, you have maintained your weight! guess it's time to go ahead and shed some more pounds, right?
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Red face another new 30 pounder

24lbs to be exact!! 5'9 at 174... can't wait to be 150. two kids, 2.5 and 4. got the pot gut to prove it. Avid runner and swimmer. half-marathon under my belt and sprint distant tri-atheleon. pretty fit--chubby girl. If I didn't have such a passionate relationship with food-- I'd be a stick..
so here is the plan
1.5 pounds per week
24 pounds
3+ months
1800 calorie diet -- training schedule for half-marathon in Sept.
plus P90X-- love my Tony!!

p.s girls-- if you have a hard time weight training
his system is perfect. he stresses how
extreme it is-- but tone it down and
anyone can do it.
tada-- Skinny...
talk to you next monday-- hope to be 172.5
Love, Crystal w.
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Hiya Farah and welcome Crystal!!
Farah-stay positive im with you on the no giving up-ive been falling off the wagon way too frequently lately but as long as i always stay aware of what im eating and work hard to put it right. Im giving it as long as it takes-i am positive i will not gain all the weight back and one day i will get to where i want. Ive got to stop the yo-yoing though and make even a small loss each week. WE CAN DO IT!!
Today so far we been watching the world cup games and ive had some tinned tuna and ryvita for lunch. Had way too many carbs yesterday i dont know what happened but i had some crazy cravings for bread,bagels(that have been in the freezer and i had to defrost it and eat it),tinned rice pudding. I didnt have much to eat through the day so i guess i was over hungry and didnt have anything healthy in the house. Its behind me now though and time to go forward.
Hows everyone elses weekend getting on??
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Hi to all...I hope you'll have me!!

My name is Caroline, from Galway in Ireland. I have just turned 35, am 5'3" and weigh 159lbs. This is heaviest I have ever been and immediately decided whilst eating the nicest, freshest pizza from my local Italian restaurant that I was going to start the process of loosing this awful visceral fat which is so alien to my body. (I finished the pizza first though!!!)

The weight has just crept on to me over the past 5 or 6 years. I would like to lose 33 lbs. From a distance I don't look overweight, but clothes don't fit anymore, my waist (what there was of it as I was straight up and down) is now non-existant and now I can only describe my self as been blocky as opposed to fat. Does any of this make sense???

Anyway, I would be delighted to share with others experiences and hopefully gain inspiration and let people know how I will lose this weight. And I will lose it...
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Hello Everyone! You have no idea how excited I am to have joined this! I just had my first child a year ago. But, even before him, I kept gaining weight...mainly because I love food. I was an athlete in high school and I still coach field hockey for a local school. It's not fun when I am constantly out of shape. In Jan. my coworkers and I decided to do the biggest loser contest....I failed! I just couldn't find the time. Now it's the summer and I am determined to do my best.

Crystalwolz - You made me eager! I am jealous. I have 25-30 pounds that I want to lose. I love running! It's so relaxing but it's hard to get motivated to actually get up and do it. Once I start to workout I eat everything and anything....another weakness. I am starting Insanity soon. However, can anyone help me design an eating schedule for the busy mom?
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Welcome to fitday Caroline and Kelly!!
Well its sunday and the weekend has been a better one for me food wise. Im full of cold so eating isnt a pleasure at moment cos i cant taste a thing (very frustrating)
Got some extra walking in as the weather has been nice and made healthy food choices so im ready for the week ahead.
Ive really learnt about how my body reacts to certain foods and this is also the same with my moods. Good food=good mood and bad food=grumpy girlfriend and mum. Id much rather be in a good mood so i always think if im tempted to scoff my face about how i will feel afterwards and is it really worth it.
My relationship with food has changed so much over the last year for the better. Just wish id have learnt all iknow now this before i got fat but hey we all have those times in our life when we need comfort food to get us through.
I thought today that even though i havent lost any weight for quite a while i also havent put any on and thats still something to be proud of. Im back on the losing now though and trying really hard to get the last 2 stone off that i want shifting.Thinking positive really works and picturing the end result of feeling fabulous is what keeps me going.

Starting weight-16st 10lbs (234lb)
Current weight-12st 1lb (169lb)
Goal weight-10stone
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Smile I am new to Fitday...joined today!

Hi, my name is Nancy...I've lost 20 some pounds so far with 10 to go..I think FitDay will help me out a bit! I started out at 162, now this weekend I weighed myself at 135.5 at the doctors. I will be happy at 125. I'm 5 ft 6. It is cool to read everyones success in progress. Thank you all.

I discovered a new secret eat, (I love food) When I wanna be bad.. I go to Cracker Barrel and get two pancakes with sugar free syrup and promise margarine.... each pancake is only 110 caloris, and one small bottle of sugar free syrup is only 10 calories.... I get to feel like i'm cheating but in reality i'm not... and I'm full for ever! They even have Turkey sausage which is low in calories and yummmmmy! I just wanted to share!

Best wishes to all!
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Originally Posted by Funthalia View Post
My name is Caroline . . . loosing this awful visceral fat which is so alien to my body. (I finished the pizza first though!!!)

Wow, I feel like I know you. I made the decision to lose weight myself but that is after I finish my last two Papa John's pizza slices. Not quite as nice as fresh Italian pizza. I totally understand the "not looking fat" part. My weight is all visceral. My waist is 30/31 inches. Even though I am 5'0 and weight 129, the belly fat is worrisome to my health.

Together we can fight the fat. I am 31 and with the slowing metabolism I understand the weight creeping in. I don't even have kids as an excuse.
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Red face New to Fitday

Hi All,

I purchased the Dukan Diet Book last week and I must say it has been an easy read. I am in the process of doing my shopping list so as I can start first thing tomorrow.
18 years agao after I had my second child I went on a similar high protein diet, but again it all went back on.
I have not been on the scales since I got back from Holidays in April, and to be quiet honest I am afraid.

Tomorrow is going to be a very frighteneing day, as i always wake feeling hungry.
Ok of to the supermarket now.
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