7 Day Motivational Thread starting 08/15/2011

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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread starting 08/15/2011

Good morning all you motivators!

It's fresh. It's new. It's Monday! The thrilling start of a brand new week is upon us! For those of us who need a fresh start, the slate is wiped clean and it's our chance to have an amazingly successful week. For those of us who are continuing on a hot streak, it's the chance to add another A+ to the report card, and for those of us just into exchanging ideas, opinions, advice, and plenty of laughs, here is the beginning of a brand new thread in our long line of motivational threads!

Let's hear what you have in store this week...

Have a magnificent Monday everybody!!!!!
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My goals for this week:

1. Eat between 1200-1500 calories M-F.
2. Stay in control on the weekend.
3. Take my vitamins.
4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.
5. Exercise 4 times.

Those are my goals for now. I think I may add some as the week progresses. Next weekend I am going to Scotland! I was invited to a company party and while I am really looking forward to it, I have no idea what to expect food-wise. I will try to be extra vigilant all week!!!
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Morning everyone. Sorry I have been MIA all weekend. What I thought was a bad sinus infection was just horrible allergies. So I have been feeling crappy and haven't even worked out since I ran outside and started this whole mess on Thursday night. The good thing is that I haven't been eating a ton and am down another pound. So right on track to meet my 1st goal of losing 10 pounds by Sept 1st. I have a work function I have to go to tonight so I won't get a chance to work out today at all. But I plan on going to the gym right after work tomorrow, since running outdoors ain't happening anytime soon.

I haven't gotten a chance to read through the pages of stories from the weekend but hope everyone has a great start to the week and meets all their goals. Here are mine for the week:

Gym - 4x a week, maybe run outside once if I am feeling better
Eat max 1200 per day diet.
Drink plenty of water

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Good morning all. Progress on goals last week, in a nutshell, managed around 90% of them. This week:


Keep below 1200 cals per day
Exercise x at least 4 times per week
Eat more protein/ less carbs
Start cooking more meals with fresh ingredients/limit the ready made meals

Start wearing a dress/skirt occasionally
Finish sorting my will
Actually pick up my cross-stitch and do some

So off we go again, hope you are all having a good day, as the Irish say" May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.
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Rose, thanks for the motivation this morning! Lizzie, awesome job on your goals last week. Ann, I sure hope you feel better soon; glad you're on track!

I need to get back to strict basics this week. My eating has been abysmal for two solid weeks due to vacation and being lazy, and I haven't exercised in ten days due to being sick. The results are not pretty, so I need a stellar week! Here goes:

1. Calories 1200 max.
2. Balance pie chart.
3. 64 oz. water, at least.
4. 25 g fiber, at least.
5. Log absolutely everything.
6. Exercise 7 times.
7. Use journal to log thoughts/feelings/reasons for eating and assess choices.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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I'm in! Just as projected I'm down 1.2# for last week and weighed in at 170.6#. I took my pic and will post it along with my goals later.
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Default Fresh start for me!

Hello everyone, I have been MIA too, ball tourney, craziness with computer at home, just LIFE!!! We have another tourney this week, but I'm gonna do better!!

Anyway, I'm back and gotta get on track!

Goals for week:

Fitness goals:
3 big tumblers of water
low cal supper
low carb, veggies at lunch every day
>1200 cals a day

Non fitness goals:
Curtains in DS room
Blinds in DD room
stick to menu book
1 load laundry a day
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Good Morning Everyone!

I'm in!

My weekend wasn't pretty food-wise either. After a pretty stressful, hellish week, I had a pretty open weekend. So, what did the husband think an awesome idea would be for our first "down-time" weekend of the entire summer?? You guessed it! He thought that we should DRYWALL OUR GARAGE!!! REALLY??? After I finished outlining imaginary divorce papers in my head, we dug in until late Saturday and Sunday night, grabbing whatever fast food was available. I feel like I need to detox!

Even non-emotional me felt a little sad loading boxes for Goodwill filled with odds and ends from when our kids were little... one chapter of our life ending, yet another beginning to unfold. Yep, time to clean out her pink roller blades to make room for her Focus...lol.

On to this week's goals:

1. Keep calories under 1200.
2. MINIMUM 3 fruits and veggies a day.
3. Limit bread to 2 slices of 45 cal. variety.
4. Drink 2-3 32 oz. glasses of water a day.
5. Walk nightly.
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I have to say mtlgirl, that was a wonderful intro. I'm in. We were gone the end of last week, left Thurs and went camping with my bro and his fam. Had a good time, but the weather was a bit, okay more than a bit, damp and electric. When we scheduled the camping trip I had not realized that my class reunion was scheduled for the same weekend, so on Sat night DH and I left the DD's with their aunt & uncle and went to the party. Boy was that weird. You know you spend hours with these people day in and day out for years on end, only to stand there looking at them, thinking "Who in the hell are you?". It was fun, just sort of strange. So many of my classmates are divorced that I started jokingly introducing DH as my "first husband".

On a side note one of my classmates had gastric by-pass surgery since the last reunion, he lost 182 lbs. in a single year. He said it was absolute hell, he would never do it again and he doesn't recommend it to anyone, in fact he's talked several people out of it. I didn't recognize him at first, actually I thought he was there because he'd married a classmate and I just hadn't met him yet - that's how different he looks. It wasn't until I heard his voice that I recognized him.

Goals for the week:

1. Calories 1,500 M-Th, Sun, 1,800 F-S.
2. 100 oz of water.
3. 7 hours of exercise for the week.
4. 5 servings of fruits and veggies.

Non fitness goals

5. Clean out dressers.
6. 30 minutes of housework daily + 1 load of laundry.
7. Keep spending to a minimum.
8. Create a new sketch for the church project.
9. Clean out camper.

That's it. Good luck fellow Motivators!!!!
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Quinn, your description of DH's idea and your response made me laugh.
Hi Everyone! Are we ready?
OK so I have dinner with total foodie friends who are not happy unless they serve you 8 courses and possibly a poker game with the guys this weekend total beer and junk food, diet traps both. Plus a lot going on with DD who I fear is going to try to sneak to another state (not talking metaphorically here) with BF. To paraphrase Bette Davis: "Fasten your seatbeats, it's gonna be a bumpy (ride.)"

1) eat between 1200-1600 calories
2) water, water everywhere, drink it! 64 oz min
3) gym or walk 4x
4) stretch daily
5) more veg
6) control the "social eating"

1) seriously write not just journal minimum 2 hours daily
2) meditate
3) do not be such a neurotic lunatic with family
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