Managing cheat days

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Originally Posted by Rubystars View Post
I didn't think I could do that either until I did. My typical meal before was about 600 calories now it's around 150. I know how addictive that stuff can be. I still get these thoughts a lot of times about gorging on things that I don't need and won't help me, but the good part is I'm not physically hungry, and that helps so much...

I have higher calorie meals sometimes but keep it in context of the total calories I have to spend for the day.
I really admire that and am striving to also do the same. i'm forcing myself into the habit of having meals that are about 200-300 calories. I'm having 3 meals a day and a couple of small snacks, of vegetable sticks or nuts or plain yogurt or glass of milk.

Re: chocolate, sugar, fast food etc.. I am getting into the habit of going days without any, and then having a little sometimes. e.g. just before bed i have a cup of hot water, with a little milk and a little honey.

this habit is replacing my old one of eating wildly during the day, but especially at night. the habit of spending an hour with the fridge and cupboards open when everyone's in bed is really deeply ingrained. it's gonna take a lot of effort to break it. Any tips?

i don't take cheat days. or, i haven't yet. i'd rather take a cheat 'moment' at 4 o'clock in the afternoon or at bedtime, to just indulge in a little milk chocolate (my big weakness).
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Well the only tip I have is my personal experience. I like big portions. If I eat a small portion of something my stomach still feels empty and I don't feel like I was properly fed. So I looked for things I could have BIG portions of and still lose weight.

I found you can eat an ENTIRE head of iceberg lettuce for about 76 calories. I can usually only manage about half before I'm full. That makes a great snack! It's fresh, crunchy, kind of sweet, etc.

I can have a giant plate of fruit (this morning it was blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and a nectarine) and the calories are very low (total 252 calories). HUGE portions.

This is why I eat so many fruits and vegetables. You can have the big, satisfying, filling portions you're used to eating and still not kill your calorie budget.

I just look at it this way. I can have a tiny portion of something like lasagna, eat it, feel hungry afterward, not have many calories left to spend for the rest of the day, etc. or I can have giant portions of something like carrots and tomatoes and feel full and satisfied.

So the logical choice for my personal situation was to go with the fruits and vegetables. It gives me the opportunity to eat every single time I'm hungry and have portion that are filling.

Other people might get really tired of this or find it boring or have specific medical needs that require them to eat more fat or more meat. So people are right when they say it won't work for everyone, but I think a lot of people could do this and be less hungry.
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Hi everyone i dont have cheat days because personally it feels like ive failed all the good ive done and im the sort of person who will punish myself for days. Im all for things working for one and not for another so im not trying to say any ways are right or wrong. Afterall its the individual who has to manage their weight long-term.
When it comes to calories/fruit/veg etc as part of my ww diet i would sit with also huge portions of salad,veg,fruit and lost alot of weight but felt i wasnt learning anything about portion control. I admit i used to be very greedy and my portions were much bigger than people i knew. What i did worked but then when i was eating properly again and adding other foods to my diet i would still eat too much which resulted in quiick gains. Now my diet consists of 1400 cals a day- 200cal breakfast, 50cal snack, 300cal lunch, 50cal snack and 400cal dinner. Also 200cals for milk/calcium intake. All food eaten has to be 5% fat or less. My portions are smaller and even though first i felt hungry now i realise it wasnt hunger just greed and im now in control and happily go a few hours between meals. This really works for me and so far i lost 5 and a half pound in 2 weeks til tomorrows weigh in!
I havent had any crisps, chocolate, sweets in 3 weeks and having 2 kids and a partner who is trying to gain weight this was a challenge but with willpower i got used to it and now i can honestly say im not phased by any of it. I know that i wont go on a binge and if the craving comes it goes just as quickly plus if i have to give in (only if im totally desperate) then i am satisfied after just a little morsel. Afterall the next bit tastes the same as the last.
Ive learnt to listen to my body properly and train myself to get used to normal sized meals. Im now fuller faster. This has been my approach and after years of battling my weight this is what i believe i can maintain in the real world which is important to stay on track.
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What sabotaged me last time I lost weight is that I wasnt' eating enough food. I saw on there it was suggested to eat 4 fish sticks for lunch on the diet plan I had. 4 fish sticks! so I'd eat them and I'd still be hungry but nope, that was all you got. I got down to my goal weight and my body finally had enough and because I was literally starving and I ate my way back up to a large size again. This time I'm not making that same mistake. I'm eating whenever I feel hungry and and finding foods that I can do that with safely.
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All my previous attempts at losing weight entailed low calorie and low fat foods. I watched those numbers more than anything else.

Then I read that protein and healthy fat are more satiating than carbs. I had to re-do my entire thinking, but building them in is what worked for me. I got to my goal weight, went below it, and really reduced my body fat percentage.

Before, I would go through a day low-calorie-ing on fruits and veggies and light bread, then overeat in the evening because there wasn't enough food to keep my system going. If I get some protein and/or healthy fat in me at each meal or snack, I never feel hungry.

I think that is a real value of these forums. I would read what others did, try it, and if it worked, I kept it in my repertoire. If it didn't, I dropped it.
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CJ avocados and nuts are great ways to get some fat and the nuts or seeds have more protein. I think it's important to have some fat and protein too. When my calories are too low for the day I'll eat an avocado to boost them up some and I feel really good after that
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I just find that with fit day, you're more aware of the effort behind those decisions... For instance , went for drinks with girlfriends and enjoyed the sweet potato fries but had no trouble saying no to the dessert. Cheat days for me are about saying yes to those things I savour but not a free- for- all! I agree when you hit a certain age ( for me it was 30 and having a baby) it's an uphill battle so every good decisions counts!
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