7 Day Motivational Thread starting 08/08/2011

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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread starting 08/08/2011

Hey Motivators!

Well I decided since I do best when I start the thread, might as well get the ball rolling this week. I hope everyone had an amazing week last week (mine was a little crazy) and hope you all are ready to have another healthy and successful week this week! I know I am!

I have missed you all very much! I finally arrived in Jolly Old England and am just settling in. I am still jet lagged and now that I am in the British time zone, you are all probably still tucked into your beds back home. Don't you all look so cute all snuggled up!

Have a fabulous Monday, Everyone!
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Default Goals

This week will have to keep it quite simple since I am still finding my feet here in the UK. I just got here on Saturday and I'll be here for 3 months. I left Canada at 10:30 pm on Friday night and was barely able to sleep on the plane so arrived in London a little dazed. Then I had to find my way to the train station and get on a 90-minute train ride to Bristol where I am now. I spent the first day on an adrenaline high, and walked around for about 4 hours, just absorbing the new sights, taking pictures and browsing all the shops. Bristol is a really lovely, charming town and my "flat" is right on the harbour so I can hear seagulls all the time.

I had such a crazy week last week, packing, cleaning, and finishing up a bunch of little projects back home. It was so intense and I barely had time to be on my computer. I also went totally off the rails food-wise! I have no scale here in England so I don't know what the damage is, but I kind of don't want to know yet either. I am determined to start running again this week and as for food, I found a grocery store and am doing my best to choose healthy but everything is different here. I couldn't find any Greek yogurt so I decided for breakfast I would fall back on my old stand-by: oatmeal. I made some delicious oatmeal this morning, boiled it in 1 part apple juice and 1 part water, with some dried apricots. Delish! Now I am ready to face the day and the week starting my new job today!

I hope you all are well! I have to thank those of you who wondered where I was, and who missed me. I promise I won't be going anywhere for a long while now that I am almost settled and all the travel and upheaval are somewhat behind me.


1. Eat between 1200-1500 calories per day.
2. Take my vitamins.
3. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.
4. Find and join a gym.
5. Start running again.
6. Exercise at least 4 times.
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Hi Rose,
welcome to our side of the world I hope you will enjoy England. If you need new scales, a have look in Argos (am just advising a friend, no ad intended) i have the ones product no.842/2996 they measure in grams or ounces and have add-on function.
BTW, England is the European capital of ready-made meals.

My progress this week:
weight loss 1lb
BF % loss 0.6 bringing me to 43.8%
demotivating comments from DH: 3 tons

my legs and bum have definitely shaped up, it's amazing how muscles remember. This week I'm focusing on reducing my overall calories, and continuing exercise: My goals:

1) Max. 1100kcal before dinner, daily total of 1600kcal
2) exercise daily 40min bike/1hr dvd with 2 days off
3) sleep at least 7hrs (this one will be the hardest)
4) keep it simple and persevere
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Ready for one more week before holidays. Sat was an eye opener and reminded me I need to plan for my 10 days away. Unplanned eating would undo the last 6 weeks progress!! I'm spending this week planning what I want to see at Disneyworld and PLANNING WHAT I AM GOING TO EAT or at least how I'm going to avoid overeating.

This week 1500 calories per day
exercise daily
clean the house
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In in too. I've already put in 60 min on the elliptical this morning and downed my first 32 oz of water, and now I'm just waiting for that runner's high to kick in. I've been really dragging energy wise lately, which has kept me from exercising. Well actually that isn't the case, I haven't been exercising therefore I feel sluggish. This morning I started with my usual routine of excuses, and then all of a sudden I said to myself, "oh for crying out loud stop thinking of things you want to do before exercising, and just get up and do it". And I did, will wonders never cease?

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Calories less than 1,500 M-Th & Sun, 1,700 F&S.
2. Workout 6 hours.
3. Keep carbs below 50%
4. Drink 96 oz of water.
5. Calorie deficit for the week of 3,500.

Other stuff

1. Get coupon binder straightened out.
2. Housework, 30 min/day + 1 load of laundry.
3. Pack for this weekend.
4. Deal with some of the state paperwork.
5. Call YMCA.
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I'm back too! Pushed the last "submit" button at about noon yesterday and then crashed. Although I've maintained my exercise levels for the week, (19 miles total) my eating must have been off (or too little activity sitting on the computer for a week...) Looks like I'm up my same 'ol 3 lbs. that I always play with. A much less busy week, so I can focus on me for a little bit.

This Week's Goals:

* Drink 100 oz. of water a day.
* 3-4 fruits and veggies daily.
* 1200 calories, max.
* Walk 3 miles a day.
* Get BMI back under 20 by the weekend.

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Morning everyone. Off to a great start today..considering it's a Monday, today has been good so far. Was able to get a run in last night and hit my goal of running/working out 4x a week. Will be going to the gym on my lunch break today, Tuesday and Thur since that's when I work and will run at least once or twice outside as well.

Weighing if I get out of bed, use the bathroom and then weigh myself, I will be one weight. I can go back to the scale 10 mins later after walking around the house and it will always be 1-2 pounds lighter. Which number should I use to keep track of my weight loss each week?

Thanks and hope everyone has a great start to the week! Ann
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Hi, I hope this week I would hit my goal. So far my head think at the right direction but I need to control it through out the day and night.

1. Eat 1200 cals/ day
2. Water 64 oz/ day
3. 3 times work out
4. Vegi 5 serving a day

If I did all 4 goal- all week, I am well on my way to my right direction.
Wish me luck everyone. Oh, well really no luck involve in this journey.
Let me see. CHEER ME UP instead lol.
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Default My scale is playing tricks again...

I'm in. I'm running late for work but I'll post my stuff up later. This morning I weighed in at 171.8#, that's another 2 pounds down for the week. I just don't see it in the mirror. I've been struggling with staying clean so my cheat day will be today.
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Hi everyone,

I disappeared on the weekend. AGAIN. Ugh. Though I spent a lovely weekend with BF away from the computer and partway out in the sunshine, so I can't complain too much. On Saturday we went for a lovely long walk and I cleaned out my closet, and I also had some quality time on the phone with a friend that I miss very much -- and we arranged for her to visit at the end of the month, so I am VERY excited about that! On Sunday, we caught a movie (Harry Potter) and then decided that we were in the mood to watch a bunch of older movies (we love old movies), so we snuggled up on the couch and watched some Abbot and Costello just for guilt-free laughs. Then BF made me watch "Universal Soldier" because he said he needed cheap testosterone after sitting through Harry Potter for me

Ah, it was worth it. We needed a day, we'd been getting a little out of touch.

A combination of cleaning out my closet (I got about 3/4 through) AND the scale moving this morning into the GROOVY 60's (169.3 this morning!!!) has put me in a super-motivated mood, so I'm hoping it lasts all day until I can get home and work out. I'm gunning hard for 165 lbs., because that will be a big milestone of 50 lbs. lost!

I also noticed another thing - I've been suffering from steady headaches on the weekend. They seem to hit about the same time every day (2-3:00-ish) and I was wondering what was causing them. I went back through my food logs and I think I figured it out. On weekends I tend to skip breakfast and sleep in if I can, and then just eat lunch and dinner. However, what I've been doing is eating the SAME calories (i.e., a 300-ish cal lunch and a 500-600 dinner) on the weekends as I would have done had I eaten breakfast. So I'm totally TOO low-cal for me on the weekends and I think it gives me headaches. Thus, one of my goals this week is to keep my cals up on the weekend -- it seems sort of like a backwards goal, but I need to remind myself to do it! I think I've figured out that I need to sit about 1,100 cals to feel okay (else I get tired or I get headaches), so that will be my goal.

I hope everyone has a lovely week. Let's DO this!

Weekly Goals:

1) 6000-7000 calorie deficit for the week
2) Average of 1200-1400 calories for the week. No single day over 1,500 calories
3) Exercise 3-4 times this week
4) Eat a fruit or vegetable serving with every meal
5) Daily multivitamin
6) Cals over 1,100 on Saturday and Sunday
7) Report/read this thread every day, including weekends!!!
8) 96 oz. of water daily

9) Clean/vacuum out car
10) Donate laundry bags full of fat clothes
11) Balance August budget

Happy Monday everyone~

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