1st new week completed!

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Default 1st new week completed!

Hi everyone
Ive been on this weight loss journey for a long time (2 years) and in this last 2 years ive stuck at the same weight +/- half a stone. But this time ive vowed that i am going to get the last 2 and a half stone off. Ive really had to up my game because its just not as easy as when i was close to 17stone mark. Saying this though it hasnt been hard to retrain myself the way i was when i lost that first 4 stone.
My problem is i love my food, mostly all things healthy but i was just eating way too much of it in bulk! Ive paid attention to portion size this week and tried to read my hunger/satisfaction levels.

It paid off cos ive lost 4lb at weigh in this morning.

Plus i did a 45 mins aerobics class and a tiring 1 hour walk back home. Exercise wasnt high on my agenda before but i know it has to be done to achieve the body shape and metabolism etc. Plus because i didnt exercise first time round i amd left with some saggy skin on my arms, legs and tum. I have to say though that with all the exercise and strengthening ive done this week i do feel a bit more toned- does this sound odd?
I usually binge when im bored but ive made changes and now i get off my butt and make the effort to do something to keep me busy. This afternoon i brought the kids blackberry picking which got me some more walking. Tired now though but pleased that im doing better.
I have been on this journey a long time and havent been losing weight for a while and got into a bit of a rut. It can all be turned around with some self-discipline. I got refocused and told myself that this is it cos i need to be happy with my body once and for all. I know that it isnt easy to do- ive tried and failed countless times and given in to the pack or 2 of biscuits with my tea or easy bag of chips from takeaways. One thing led to another and it like this everyday again. I ended up feeling depressed every single time i got undressed and would cry all the time- thinking of my goals helps. My main one is confidence and self-esteem, mine has completely disappeared but now its time i got that feeling of loving me back!
It might be strange that my confidence went after losing a big part of my weight but i was beating myself up for not getting to goal. Plus when i was at my biggest i was in denial just how big i was and as i was losing weight it became clearer and clearer that i had abused my own body with my love of food and comfort eating. I started to see myself in a different light but now its time i stopped feeling this way and turn the negatives into positives.
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Blackberries are also a great healthy snack if you don't coat them in a bunch of sugar. That really is tiring work too so good choice of activities!
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Thanks rubystars
I just had blackberries without sugar. They were lovely and sweet on their own and i dont add sugar to anything apart from grapefruit. I put a tbsp of 0% yoghurt on top and they were delicious. Makes a nice sweet treat after my main meal. Perfectly satisfied for the night now.
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