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Hey Everyone,

For the past few months I have been debating going to OA. I have looked up dates and times and convince myself all week long and then when Friday comes to go I am suddenly too busy or too scared to go.

Has anyone been to an OA meeting? What are your thoughts and how can I get myself to go. I think I should go because I obsess over where food is located at work and at home...I've done some embarrassing things to get I think it might be something to look in.

Thoughts and opinions please?!
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My mom said she used to go to the meetings. She was thinking of rejoining and asking me to go with her. I said sure but so far both of us haven't gone. I am curious myself. I am all for seeking help to overcome but I am starting to think of just finding a counselor perhaps that specialize in food addictions but I am curious to see other people's opinions on OA.
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Several of my friends here in Boston are OA members, and find it quite valuable.

You do have to be able to face a group, and do the 12 steps, that's not easy, but it is an amazing tool.friends I know who have found it don't appear over weight, they have been going for years, and find it helps them with a disorder (similarly, I have friends in AA who never drink, I didn't know them "before", but love them now).
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I've been in and out of OA. I love using FitDay, but always felt guilty about it when trying to live by the OA program. They kind of look down on counting calories (at least the impression I got). Their main idea is: 3 meals a day, nothing in between. They say they don't endorse any food plan, simply the idea of abstaining from compulsive overeating. I just never felt like my system of counting calories using FitDay fit in. It is a great support group/network and can really work for a lot of people. You just have to decide for yourself, of course.
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I didn't realize OA discourages counting calories. I find it indispensable to my diet. But I have heard that OA sets you up with 'sponsors' (the way AA does) so that if you find yourself in a crisis about some food issue, you can consult with that person. I think this would be invaluable.

I have friends who diet (one is on a diet now) but I don't think they would like to be the 'support person' for my diet. In a friend situations, it can turn into a 'scolding mom' situation, a 'judgmental observer' situation, an argumentative situation, or a competition. None of those seems to work for me. An OA sponsor would definitely have to have some good support skllls.
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I used to think I had an "over eating" problem, but the more I studied myself the more I came to realize that many of my symptoms are caused by what I've eaten, specifically the carb crash. I know that sounds strange, but I find that if I keep away from grains in the morning I don't really get that "I have to eat something right NOW" feeling throughout the day. So while I don't doubt that many people can benefit from the OA program, for some of us over eating might actually be more of a chemical or biological thing than it is a mental/emotional thing. Just a thought.
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A bowl of hot oatmeal (steel cut) in the morning does it for me! I'm not hungry at all until early afternoon. However, it is all carbs!
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I haven't tried it but I don't like the idea of any program telling me I'm diseased and that I have no control over myself so I probably wouldn't join any program like this.
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