7 Day Motivational Summertime Fun Thread starting 07/04/2011

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Default 7 Day Motivational Summertime Fun Thread starting 07/04/2011

Good morning all you motivators!

It's a brand new week and the slate is wiped clean so lather on your sunscreen and get out there to kick some summer butt! We can do it!

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Default I'll go first!

My goals for this week:

1. Eat between 1100-1400 calories per day.
2. Drink 10-12 glasses of water per day.
3. Exercise 4 hours this week.
4. Take my multivitamin.
5. Eat 30% protein or more.
6. Stay away from that sugar!

Other goals:

1. Put up the solar blind in the kitchen!
2. Apply sealer to the coffee table.
3. Get copy of key made.
4. Water the flowers.
5. Mail package.
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I'm in.
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Me too!

Fitness (same o'l, same ol')
1) 1600 calories or less
2) stretch
3) 64 oz of H2O sigh why is this so hard?
4) gym or walk 2-3 times
5) avoid sugar
6) go easy on the carbs (exception: July 4th)

1) remember to take fibro meds
2) do not get back to relying on painkillers (exception: July 4th)
3) ditto for sleep meds
4) write at least one hour
5) meditate
6) schedule fun (museums, plays, dinner by the river, etc)
7) stop obssessing over DD

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I'm here and ready for summer

Plan this week to have at least a 800 calorie defecit 5 days this week.
Y X 3
Bike X 4
Kayak X 3

Do some housework!

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I'm in. Glad to be back on board actually. I did alright in NYC, not crazy overboard, not totally on track either. Stayed pretty well within the strategy of "splurge a little with a lot of control". The beauty of NYC is that getting around is footwork for the most part, so although I didn't actually "work out" I put 10-12K steps on the pedometer every day. Eating is also fairly expensive in NY, so often when we got "snacks and goodies" we split them rather than every one getting their own. Believe me this was a great way to approach Little Italy, because I LOVE canollis and gelatto way too much for my waist line to deal with.

1. 1,500 calories, no more.
2. Exercise 6 hours.
3. 96 oz of water daily
4. Calorie deficit of 3,500 for the week
5. Weigh myself and record it daily.
6. Take measurements.

Other stuff:

1. Gardens, continue to weed & preen and buy 46-0-0 for corn patches.
2. Help kids get 4-H projects done.
3. Work on church project 2 hours min.
4. Call in-laws.
5. Call grandma
6. Housework
Monday, upstairs bathroom, down stairs bathroom, laundry
Tuesday, kitchen, hallway, stairs, laundry
Wednesday, living room, bedroom, laundry
Thursday, DD's room, dining, laundry
Friday, master bedroom, den, laundry
Saturday, basement, laundry
Sunday closets & cupboards (1 of each)
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Hi I'm not sure how this works as this is the first time I've tried to participate but here are my goals

Stay under calorie limit

Maintain a positive atitude about myself and the progress I'll be making.

Find some fun looking exercise videos to use that I don't think will injure me.

Try to drink enough water.

Get well from the bronchitis so I can go back to work at the end of my vacation week.
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Default Back with a vengeance!

Hi all, once again I've been AFK!
Had a long weekend at my sister's place, so no gym for five days, but I took all my Lite n' Easy food and did really well with eating that, except for the frozen dinners. Decided I'd just have what her and her BF was having, which actually was good, home made stuff that I'm totally not used to!
So sorry for my absence, and for anyone that reads my blog, I'll be updating after gym this afternoon.

Okay, so here are the goals -

  • Drink four bottles of water a day.
  • Eat only Lite n' Easy (Tuesday exception).
  • Gym six times.
  • Update goals daily.
  • Focus on 10% challenge.
  • Continue cutting back smokes.
  • Keep the new attitude.
  • Update blog every day.
  • Make an effort on my apperance daily.

So, good to see you all again, welcome to the thread rubystars, looking forward to seeing you all accomplishing your goals! <3
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Rose, thanks for starting us up. Nice lookin' goals.

Mike, hi.

Mary, you can come clean my house when you're done cleaning yours.

Hope, how'd you do on the carbs today? I was lucky--no cookout except for DH and myself and that was just that I grilled chicken thighs and made a macaroni salad with Dreamfield's pasta (low "digestible carbs").

Almeeker, great job in NCY. Kudos on getting right back down to business on food and exercise. I see you do laundry 6 days a week. I remember doing 14 loads per week when my kids were young. Now DH and I split the chore.

Rubystars, welcome! You did great--we just all set our own goals and try to report in daily. We compete only against ourselves. I'm almost 65 and enjoy Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds (aerobic walking) videos. She even says you can modify an exercise that may be too difficult for you, but as inflexible as I am, they were just fine for me. Also the Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies work for a good laugh and effective exercise. I bought my videos dirt cheap on ebay. Aw, that sucks big time that you spent your vacation with bronchitis! Get well soon!

Wowgirl, welcome back. Looks like you did a good job at your sister's. Glad to see you're continuing to cut back on the cigs and keep up the positive attitude.

My goals this week:

Calorie limit 1600
Sat fat limit 10-12%
Dietary cholesterol limit 300mg
Carbs less fiber limit 25g
Protein--just track it
Vitamin D & fish oil capsules daily

Water 64 oz

Work up to 2 miles on treadmill
Work up to 2 miles on stationery bike on rolling hills
Look into seniors Cardio Circuit at the Y on M, W, F (missed it today)

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Hello everyone!

Welcome Rubystars!

Welcome back Wowgirl!

Almeeker, congrats on being in control in NYC

I am in, ready to stick to it this week.

1. Weekly calorie deficit of 6000
2. Drink 3.5 L of water per day
3. Walk dog 3 times this week
4. Finish two lessons
5. Work on the handbook
6. Deal with the inbox
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