Weigh 115lbs and STILL fat?

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Default Weigh 115lbs and STILL fat?

Hi. I've slowly been losing weight by counting my calories and getting in more exercise (a lot more!). I've lost about 10lbs and now weigh 115lbs (I'm 5'3"). This was my goal; however, now that I am here I think I need a new goal of 110. I am still flabby! I think: how can I be flabby, I ONLY weigh 115lbs! Is it possible I just have a really small frame and need to lose more fat to look normal? How do I ensure I lose fat and not muscle? There is still a significant layer of fat on my stomach, arms, legs. I've been strength training and I know I am definitely stronger and more fit (I've been doing P90x). Do I eat more protein (I've just be counting calories and not protein/carbs/fat). It is frustrating to finally be at my goal but still look bad Am I destined to be skinny fat forever? At least when I was fat fat I got to enjoy all the extra food!
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hmmm, you might want a 2nd opinion. I know I am a terrible judge of my size and appearance. I have to admit, most of the time I really do not see that much of a difference between my current size and shape and my previous size and shape. But I trust my husband, friends, collegues and my clothing that tell me I am look'n pretty good.

5'3" and 115 is probably just fine. But if you are, indeed, very small framed, you might up the weight training and protein intake to keep the curves and lose that last little layer of fat that seems to be bothering you.
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Do you have kids? I am 5'4 120 with a goal of 115. I am the same, very thin but problem areas like my belly from having kids. It's tough because I don't want to loose too much more fat because I am very thin (and I like the junk in my trunk, don't want a flat butt!!) but still have this belly fat. I think I could do a billion situps and I will still have this belly
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I'm not a female but may be able to help. I'd recommend getting a body fat caliper if to ensure that you are burning fat and not muscle. If you don't want to go that route you can measure your body fat this way.
Home Body Fat Test

What do others think of you? Do they also think you are skinny fat? I know that sometimes we can all have a warped image of ourselves.

I'd also recommend taking pictures. IMO that is the best way to tell change. One last thing, How long have you been doing P90X? For me, I noticed the biggest change in my body at the end the 2nd phase. If you haven't made it that far, keep plugging away.
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I would suggest continuing with the strength training. Women are built to have a layer of SOME fat. If it still is a problem, I would maybe talk to my doctor. He might caution you against developing a poor body image based on some "ideal" woman. Taking care of yourself is important, but beware of eating disorder thinking. is offline  
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Do you follow any books by Tosca Reno or Jackie Warner? As long as you are eating "clean", you shouldn't really need to count calories. Keep your protein up (1g/lb. body weight) and keep strength training. If your calories are too low for your activity level, you risk losing muscle (your body wants protein).
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At 5'3" and 115 pounds, you have a body mass index (BMI) of 20.4, which is withing healthy range (normal healthy BMI is 19 to 24.9). If you have lost much weight, that flabbiness you see may partially be excess stretched skin--when skin stretches as you gain weight, it never shrinks quite back to what it was when you lose that excess weight. Which is why, as hbrown suggests, having children seems to leave most women with a little tummy.

Despite what the Duchess of Windsor said, a woman can be too thin. We need some body fat to cushion the kidneys and other vital organs, and keep our hormone cycles in order. You can't gop wrong with healthy eating and balanced exercise. Even if you still have a little "flab," these healthy habits will keep you feeling good.
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115 is my goal also and I am also trying to stick with P90X-(I tire of it pretty much around 5 weeks and then will start again a few weeks later.) I am also 5'3, weigh 127. Everyone feels comfortable at different weights, don't let people make you feel vain or silly for possibly trying to get down to 110. People can most definitely be too skinny however nobody without seeing you or knowing your body fat can say 110 is too low for you. For myself I hope I will be happy with 115 and will try to concentrate on building muscle tone. After 3 kids and approaching 40 I hope I am realistic enough to know that it still will not be the toned body I had at 20! Good luck!
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I suggest continuing to do exactly what you're doing. You achieved your goal, now you're just being self-critical. So, you see a layer of fat. Well, the rest of us can't see that layer of fat. We have to take your word for what a layer of fat is.

We have no idea what your 'goal' is in your mind. A taut, trim body, almost like a female body builder? Or a slim, trim body like Dara Torres? OK, let's say it was either of those. How many years do you think those people have been working out and working at it? You think that doing an exercise routine in addition to losing weight is just going to 'get you there' and there you are? Well, it did - you lost the weight.

If you continued maintaining the weight you lost (no easy feat, if the statistics mean anything about people regaining the weight) and continued to work out faithfully, at some point getting the advice of a personal trainer so you're not doing the same exercises over and over again .... then, when you checked back in here in a year's time, do you think you'd still be talking about your body fat?

I'm guessing it takes more time to be in that shape you envision. You can do it. It's just going to take time.
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You could always save up for lipo on that one little section that's bothering you! Personally I don't see a problem with cosmetic surgery. I'm right now significantly overweight and I am concerned about the possibility of loose skin at some point but I figure if it's too much of a problem I might get a little nip and tuck later.
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