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7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/21/2011


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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/21/2011

hey guys, i hope everyone had a good weekend and didn't let their goals get out of hand like i did. but it's a new week and it's time to start fresh!

1. Drink 3 of my blue water bottle a day
2. do my workout 6/7 days Yes!
3. 10,000 steps a day
4. start cal counting again, limit 1900
5. no fast food

Non-Fitness Goals:

1. finish my current homework do to list
2. put away clean laundry
3. put away dirty laundry
4. clean off floor and vaccum it.

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Hello All!

Well last week was a write off for me, had the flu and relied heavily on carbs so my scale started creeping up a little. BUT started feeling better by Friday so got in a jog and a walk which is helped to light the fire under my hind end again. Plus I got to try on my wedding dress which is a huge push, the wedding isn't until August but was having some custom changes done to it I can't wait now!

This week's goals:
1) Min 62oz of water each day
2) Limit to 2 coffees all week
3) Keep a 1000 cal deficite
4) Get in 2 runs (min 10Km)
5) No carb Wednesday and Friday

Random goals:
1) Get 2 essays finished
2) Print out "before" picture and post it on the fridge
3) Put a dent in the laundry pile
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My goal for this week -- not to slack off. I'd like to lose 3 more pounds before March 31.

Food -- 900 calorie daily defecit

Exercise seems to be my problem right now so here is my plan
today Curling
Tuesday: Y class or 1.5 hour arobics and weights
Wed, 2 hours cleaning
Thur Y
Friday: Cleaning
Saturday -- blow it all on house party with friends. Not really I have planned the pot luck menu and have enough healthy foods lined up I have no need to blow it. Limit my alcohol intake on Saturday
Sunday - recover from Saturday

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Not going to post individual goals this week as they have pretty much remained the same for the last month. I also have a pretty good grasp on my weekends, as well, with my new "system".

The forecast this week calls for ice storms, slush, snow, high winds... yeah... you get the picture. So, my goal this week is to turn on the fireplace and get my spring cleaning pretty much done (since I'm going to be pretty much home bound, anyway).

Completed the kitchen yesterday. That leaves 9 more rooms, plus bathrooms. Then, the closets... ugh, the closets!

But, the good news is that I'll be too busy to eat and by the time I'm done, I'm hoping for some better weather to get out and enjoy, knowing that my work is done.

I'll keep logging my foods and I'll try to pop in here and there and see how everyone's doing as time allows.

Here's to a productive, successful week!
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Hi Everyone!

I've never posted on this thread before, so I'm hoping that since I am now posting my goals I'll be forced to stick to them

This Weeks Goals:

1- Start my new Jump Rope exercise regime 4/5 days a week (no snow no excuses)
2- Add more green vegies to my diet through green smoothies.
3- Start Calorie counting and weighing food again
4- Avoid breads and sugary sweets which have gluten
5- Start logging food and activity again

Non-Fitness Goals:

1- Finish my needle lace project for class
2- Clean Home & finish laundry for Spring Cleaning
3- Hang New Curtains I got yesterday
4- Re-Organize Closet
5- File for Husbands Passport

Really hoping to drop 2 lbs this week so I guess that's also part of my fitness goal- I'm hoping to lose 10 lbs by our Anniversary this April.
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I've been rather lax lately on my goals and diet. Last week I missed 3 workouts, ugh and my calories & carbs were off the charts. So I've decided to do something new this week. I figure changing up the routine was in order to kick me back into loser mode. So here goes nothing:

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Keep calories to 1,400 M-T-W-T-Sat, 1,650 F-Sun
2. No grain based carbs for the entire week, including corn!
3. Exercise 6 hours
4. 96 oz water
5. Carbs under 45%
6. Protein over 40%

Other Stuff

7. Call SIL and find another race, 5/14/11 is not going to work out
8. Clean 2 rooms (15 min each) + 1 load of laundry
9. Figure out basement shelving layout
10. Write library proposal
11. Work on church design 2 hours (or more)
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Monday is my cheat day so I need to keep it to +729cal or less.

Fitness & Health
1) 65g net carbs per day (again this week)
2) work out 3 times
3) 1000 pushups
4) gallon of water a day
5) multi vitamin (daily)
6) fish oil (daily)
7) -2400 for the week (including my cheat)

1) I'll have to think about it.

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Hi all,

I haven't posted in here for ages, but since I do need accountablity, I'll give it another shot.

Fitness/ Diet goals
- up protein intake
- go running at least twice this week (at least 6 ks each)
- go swimming once
- drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day!!
- try to do a bit of stretching/ yoga 5 days this week

Non-fitness goals
- get spring cleaning done this week
- get some work done on my dissertation (at least do some research five times this week)
- finish at the very least one book

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okay time to set out my goals for the week:

~ stick to my food plan
~ log all food i eat
~ 90 oz of water

~ cardio 4 times a week
~ strength 4 times a week
~ yoga 3 times a week
~ journal 3 times this week
~ journal instead of emotional eating
~ put effort into what i wear every day
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Well, I am understand about calories I needed to take in by logging some hours of sleep. I hope this week I have a better result. So here is my goal:
1. Cals restricted 500 a day
2. Try to exercise 4 times,
3. Ease into running again, eventually train for 1/2 marathon

Have a great week guys,
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