7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/21/2011

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Cassie -- Thanks for the encouragement! Potato salad is just one of those comfort foods for me... my Mom makes a GREAT one, reminds me of more carefree times. I appreciate the pat on the back. Also, WAY TO GO on your weekend goals, sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend!

Rose -- I hope you're feeling a little bit better today, and are taking care of yourself

behaze -- As they say in one of my favorite movies, there is definitely "an addictive chemical in KFC that makes you crave it fortnightly!" And the laundry and other sundry bedroom mess eventually got shoved in a closet. Part of our ceiling fell in right around the beginning of February (known as The Bedroom Disaster Of 2011) and while our apartment complex was extremely good/efficient at cleaning it up and replacing the ceiling, somehow the bedroom has just...not been clean since. I also think BF and myself are having a silent war about laundry (it is HIS turn!!) but I fear I am going to break down today and just do it, my tolerance for dirty clothing is very low.

And, you're very welcome again for the information! It's no problem at all, writers need to help each other out, and I'll drop you a good word, that's all it is! Don't stress about the submission/query, just do it in your own good time!

Mike -- I hope you have a good cheat day!

My goals aren't changing too terribly much this week, except for little tweaks here and there. I finally stepped on the scale this morning after about a week off of it to find that I am currently 194.9 -- that's 2.6 lbs. down since last Tuesday (only 6 days ). While I am SUPER happy with the number, it boggles me a little bit, because my exercise goals weren't met at all last week (only 3 days) and I had two over-calorie days. It's possible I did lose some weight due to stress and/or increased water? I don't even know. I'm eyeballing my body, because that number is telling me that it LIKED it's little mini-week off. I think it's just a dirty liar -- It's in cahoots with the scale!!! Frenemies!

So without further ado, here are the goals:

Weekly Goals

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Under 1400 cals every day and log EVERYTHING.
2) Average 30% daily protein for the week.
3) 96 oz. of water EVERY day.
4) No weighing until Friday!
5) Work out 5-6 hours, split between weights and hard cardio.
6) In bed by 11:30 every night
7) Buy a heart rate monitor this weekend.

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) Finish edits to my scientific manuscript (this manuscript is the culmination to my dissertation, I want it out in the world!)
2) Make efforts on my appearence every day - hair, makeup, clothing.
3) Get every scrap of laundry hiding in the closet cleaned.
4) One hour of needlework every day.
5) Have an "outside date" this weekend (the weather is SO beautiful).
6) Buy new makeup.

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good morrning every one hope last week was good for you as it was for me.
have a bussy week ahead so hopping to be able to stick to some sort of program but as I have found out that eating out is hard to keep your cal. under control.
1 eat under 1500
2 go to gym everyday
3 if weather is nice would like to get outside and do yard work (not snowing)
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acameron34 ~ last week was a write off for me too. but when you are sick that's what you have to do is take care of yourself & get better. glad to hear that you are feeling better & the fire going

quinn ~ glad to hear that your 'system' is working for you. your weather sounds like mine snow & more snow ~sigh~

terri ~ congrats on the loss that's exciting. i didn't weigh myself last week either. i'm going to hold off until Friday...lol

crimpet ~ welcome to the thread you have awesome goals i'm sure you'll see results.

almeeker ~ i've been lax too so i need to get back on track as well...lol.

my goodness weekend was busy. Saturday i had a cub camp out at the scouting cabin & it was a winter camp. so i spent most of Saturday keeping 8,9 & 10 year olds warm & dry. who sends a kid to a winter camp out with only the clothes on their back ~sigh.~ yesterday afternoon at the local pool to swim & use the hot tub & then last night general meeting for cubs/scouts. i'm glad to be back on track.
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I'm sorry you ladies are having snow, still. I feel guilty enjoying my lovely weather .

Well, I think I got a handle on the weekend issue; however, today feels like a fight. I am guessing that the restricted eating of last week and the physical activity yesterday is catching up with me and I could lapse into mainlining carbs today. I've planned out a day to have some of my favorites (healthy, but not on the strict menu last week) and I'm not going to worry so much about the macros today.

Work will be crazy this week, and husband traveling for his, so I feel better if I've self-imposed some structure .

Since I'm only newly back down to preferred weight and only have one weekend under my belt, I'm still going to put out goals on the thread, and they are really motivating in terms of the "to-do list" ones, so here goes:

1. Balance calories in and calories out.
2. Drink 2-3 big blue bottles of water daily.
3. Sleep 7 hours nightly (failed miserably at this last week).
4. Exercise 5-6 days; 2-3 outside.

5. One office organizational task per day.
6. Paint one room of trim IFF no tourney next weekend and/or work doesn't spill over into weekend.

Have a great week, everyone! It's good to "see" you all back
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Cassie, except for your sleep, you did great on all your food and fitness goals last week. Thanks for your kind words. I don't feel old, but at my age my perspective may be different from a lot of people in this thread. My eyes are on a future without a whole bunch of meds like many people my age are on. Currently the only med I'm on is for keeping glaucoma in check, but there is no cure and no alternative treatment. I often wonder how many ailments or disorders older individuals are treated for with meds are simply complications from drug interactions, and their doctors are just treating the symptoms instead of trying to find and eliminate the cause. Like, does their doctor look at their meds and note they didn't have high blood pressure or memory problems until after a certain medication was prescribed or changed--or do they just think "another symptom, another pill." My Mom was on eleven different medications before she passed away. HOB! That's hilarious--I'll have to use that on DH--and Mike. LOL I'll have to try crab sometime. Yeah, I guess that much crab would put your pie chart out of whack. Good grief, girl! Your post shows up at 3:02AM! I know you have difficulty sleeping. I hope you slept well after you finally got to bed. Congrats on such a good day Sunday!

Quinn, I see where you're coming from on your calorie limit, and yes, we are all different. I don't log my exercise on FitDay, but the calorie deficit tool has kept me right on track to my first mini-goal at the end of June. Your hiking is a hefty workout in my book. Oh, golly, I'm so sorry to read about your auto accident injury! I can't even begin to imagine the pain you were in! And look at you--you took the bull by the horns and figured out how to manage your health and weight in a way that suits your needs and capabilities. Kudos to you!

Mike, I'll look forward to the Naturally More Power review. Kudos on your food and fitness goals last week. We know your head was in the right place then. LOL Oh, my gosh! Didn't you mention that brake job weeks ago? I got on DH yesterday about his windshield wipers which have been so bad for months that they leave a distorted view of the road and cars ahead when it rains. HOB fellas! LOL Oh, I forgot you're having another cheat day today. Is that what the rum cake is for? I'm so impressed that you figure ahead of time your allowed calorie surplus for cheat day. Way to go!

Rose, I hope your feeling better now. But I totally agree with Cassie--you were so smart to allow yourself to grieve at his birthday the loss of your Dad. Your 25 lb. loss is so inspiring. I'm still trying to get down to where you started (LOL) but I'm getting there. Oh, wow! Enjoy that vacation! I'll bet you'll be able to post that you showed quite admirable control on food and got plenty of exercise.

Rose and Mike, I experience a lot of mini plateaus. I just keep on truckin' and don't worry about it. The scale always moves in the right direction eventually.

Mai, believe it or not, I've never eaten crab. But I would have just taken for granted that being seafood, it would be low in calories. I'm glad Cassie knew for sure.

Mary, congrats on hitting your April goal already! Way to go! I'm pretty much right on target for my goal on June 26, but, as Martha Stewart says, "That's a GOOD thing."

Yunalee, I'd say you did a very good job under the circumstances. You have to be doing something right to lose 20.29 lbs.!

Terri, I have all the Columbo movies that were released on DVD. Oh, Kojak, I miss that sexy, bald head and his lollipop. LOL So cool that your Dad got you interested in science and facts. My Dad passed away in 1974 at age 56, but every time I think of him it's fond memories--he and I were very close friends. You know, some people may disagree with me, but I think as long as one can get back on track the next day, it's OK to let go of one's weight loss diet for a special occasion. I'm glad you enjoyed your grillout. So just put it behind you and move on.
Spectacular job on the accountability!

bhaze, for a minute I wondered how your grocery store would be out of green beans or snap peas, but then I remembered you are from Australia and only get veggies from your own country. I hope you can try them soon--such a nice treat. I love Bewitched, too. MASH is my favorite all-time 1/2 hour TV series. I could watch Little House on the Prairie shows all day long, too. Did you get that in Australia? Oh, I hope you woke up Sunday feeling normal.
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So I tried to post this earlier but it timed out before sending and I had it copied but I am at work and I lost it when I copied something else, LOL.....

This week was great for me! I did great this weekend too. And as of today I have been doing this for four weeks and am down 17.6lbs and 4.75" around the waist. I haven't measured anywhere else, though I should start.

I am not a good goal maker, but I am going to try this. My original (in my head) goal was 20 lbs during the 8 week weight challenge at work and since I have four weeks to go I think I have to rethink that one.

Weight Goals:
1. Calories under 1600 day - already blew that with a trip to the chinese restaurant for lunch with the hubby. We do that about once a month.
2. Drink 80 oz water daily
3. Work out M, W & F
4. Stretches & relaxing T & T

Non-weight goals
1. Don't let my younger son get to me
2. Look further into foster parenting (classes start tonight)
3. Spring clean (including closets...off Thurs & Fri for this)
4. Outside yard work this weekend
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I have shorts on! It's in the mid 70s here, sunshine, daffodils and tulips blooming. Glorious weather. Sorry some of you have snow! But we're supposed to have another bout of winter this weekend.

Cassie, congrats on having a handle on your weekend issues. Your goals for this week look really good--should be able to maintain that bikini weight.

Stacey, you surely did have a busy weekend. Your exercise goals this week wear me out just reading them! LOL

Rhoda, yes, eating out is a challenge. If you go off track, just try to get back on as soon as possible.

Terri, just take the 2.6 lb. loss, and don't wonder how you got it. Just know that you worked it off somehow--it doesn't fall off all by itself.

Mai, your goals look great!

MollySue, hi! Wishing you much success this week.

Crimpet, accountability surely does help me. How many years in April will you be celebrating?

Almeeker, you are inspirational in how you take action so quickly after analyzing your past week. You got your own boot camp going!

Quinn, be sure to take some ME time this week. Take some time out of all that work to play---and eat. LOL

Acameron and Yunalee, hi and know that I'm rooting for you this week.

wildbeanerz, my hat is off to you, lady! Congrats on the weight loss. Wishing you all the best this coming week on your goals.
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Lost just one pound last week, but when I think about it, losing 52 lbs. in one year would be awesome. So I won't complain.

Almost forgot--my goals are pretty much the same as always:

Calorie limit 1600
Carbs less fiber limit 25g
Protein target 120g
Daily Omega-3
Limit low carb tortillas or soft tacos to one every other day
Limit two pieces of sugar free candy per day

Water 64 oz. per day

Exercise: 1 1/2 mile walking at the park OR two miles aerobic walking DVD OR two miles power walking DVD six days a week. One day off exercise.

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Default Broken hearted

I almost feel too weak to post any goals this week but I am going to give it a try. I am actually still in shock over the cruel twist of fate that has ruined my vacation and put my sweet little dog in such peril.

I dropped Chico, my 14-year-old Schnoodle, off at a dog sitter's house yesterday. She was a coworker of mine and very experienced with dogs. I spent over an hour getting him assimilated. She was dog sitting another dog in addition to her own so there were 3 dogs there in total. Not half an hour after I dropped him off, I get a phone call telling me he was viciously attacked by the other dog (not hers) who did considerable damage to his head and eye. I rushed back there and it was pretty horrific. Miraculously I did not pass out at the sight of my little guy with blood all over his head and face. I won't get too graphic, but it looked like he was going to lose an eye. Thank goodness, his amazing vet was able to save his eye. He is now in intensive care at the veterinary hospital and I had to cancel my trip. Needless to say I am devastated, horrified, and angry. This week was hard enough dealing with the one-year anniversary of my dad's passing but to have my sweet dog so brutally injured.... I am in shock.

My goals (trying to keep it simple):

1. Calories between 1200-1600
2. Water: 2 litres per day
3. Exercise 5 times this week
4. Take my multivitamin
5. Try to stay sane

Yunalee, thanks for starting the thread this week. Good goals!

acameron, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Good idea with the before picture.

Quinn & Stacey, we are having snow, slush, rain and crap this week too. I want to scream!

MollySue, so nice to hear from you!

Terri, thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm having a rough time but I am trying to stay strong. CONGRATS on your weight loss. You may not feel like you did enough to merit it but not every week exists in isolation. The stuff you did before those 6 days counts too.

Cassie, good luck with your busy week this week!

Mern, thanks so much for your kind words. Too bad I won't be enjoying that vacation after all. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I am really sad today but hopefully things will look up soon. I think you are pretty inspiring yourself and you shouldn't feel old because you aren't! 64 is the new 44. Congrats on your weight loss this week. Keep doing what you're doing! Way to go!
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That is horrible! It sounds like itís one thing after another. Keep your head. I would die if something like that happened to one of my babies!
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