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Wink All About Me!

Hi guys!

Potential TL;DR here, but give it a shot.

Like the title suggests, this one is about me, what I currently do, my goals etc. I want some advice from those that have been there before me, and would really appreciate it.

I'm 22, from Aussieland (Asutralia). Currently I weigh about 110kgs, and need to get down to about 80kgs for my dream job - Dog Handling in the Royal Australian Air Force.
I've joined a bootcamp-style training which currently runs twice a week, but they're starting one soon closer to home which will be three sessions a week (hour long). I'm also walking a fair bit more than I used to and I live on the 12th floor of an apartment, I've been getting out of the elevator at 10 and walking. As I get fitter I'll increse that but for now two flights tuckers me out!

I've started eating better, drinking tons of water and cutting back the 'crap' - like chocolate, Maccas etc.

I was wondering if there was any kind of supplement or anything that can boost what I'm already doing, to help me loose weight faster - but safely and legally. I'm going to see the pharmasist today and see if they reccomend something, but I don't want to waste money on something that won't work or is dangerous.
Also, I don't really eat much - which is odd for a fat chick, I know. It's not because I'm trying to loose weight, since I left high school I've never really had breakfast, and most days I don't even have lunch. Dinner is normally whatever is lying around the house - no junk. Again, I'm not starving myself to loose weight, I just feel sick if I eat breakfast, and I don't really get around to lunch at work.

So there's my life story for you! If anyone has any advice about anything, or suggestions on things I can eat during the day without feeling sick, Id really, really appreciate your insight.

Thanks for reading.
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Hmm . . . I don't know. If I'm not feeling 100%, generally I'll try to get in some veggies or fruit because they're light, easily digestible and won't leave me feeling weighed down. Maybe it's mind-over-matter, but because I know it's ultra-healthy food, I'll usually start feeling a bit better.

Perhaps you could try starting the day with an orange or an apple, then maybe a small salad to start for lunch (perhaps with a little bit of ham or turkey in it for protein) and gradually build yourself up as your body gets used to having food in it.

Just my two cents.
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I hit up the pharmacy the othr day, and spent a good 30 mins talking to the pharmacist. Walked away with OptiSlim, which is shakes that I'll use as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch to get the motabalism going, and have a good dinner.
Also got some over the counter tablets that apparently will clear all the fatty crap from my system (note, not the stored fat), should help keep my system clear. Also he said when you take it you don't feel like eating bad foods, which should help as well.
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