7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 2/28/11

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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 2/28/11

Good morning ladies and gents! Yesterday I ate out every meal, which could have been a calorie disaster, but wasn't too bad. I did go over my calorie budget for the day, but only by a few hundred, and for me that's a win. And not only did I keep it in check, the other people I ate with also made good choices. I never know if it's because they find my weigh loss motivational or they are just plain self conscience, either way they are eating healthier.

Mike, did you find the name of that "helpful" tea yet? Could really use that info.

Health & Fitness Goals:

1. Keep calories in check 1,500 M-F and 2,000 SS.
2. Drink 96 oz of water.
3. Exercise 6 hours.
4. Keep carbs to 45% or lower.
5. Calorie deficit for the week of 3,500.
6. Take DD up to school for "walk the halls" at least once.
7. Inflate new stayball.

Non Fitness Goals:

8. Average 5 items from the "list" daily.
9. Sign up for race and call SIL about same.
10. Clean 2 rooms (15 minutes each) and do 1 load of laundry daily.
11. Clean out 1 small area of basement.
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Default First Time

Okay it's my first time to do this so I hope that I am doing it right!
I have been following the "eating plan" pretty well- not perfect, but what is? I have still been staying in my calorie limits!
Weight Loss Goals
~Walk 30 minutes everday (except Saturday).
~Follow the exercise plan.
~Get up for morning hike on Saturday.
~Get a minimum of 100 OZ of water everyday!
~Get under 200 lbs by the end of the week (202.8 right now!).

Non-weight loss goals
~Get up by 6:30 am every morning
~Get to bed by 10 pm at night
~Get the back porch cleaned by end of week
~Read a little at night
~meditate 20 min/day
~Spend at least 30 min/day in Monk's room, (cleaning and unpacking)!
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Had a great weekend despite eating out multiple times including a Chinese buffet. Maintained weight at 118 without any gain which I'm really happy with. Weather has been brutally cold, so trail walking has been hard to do. Hope to get out at least twice this week.

Food & Fitness:

1. Limit calories to 1200 and log everything.
2. Keep BMI under 20.
3. Balance pie chart.
4. Trail walk at least twice this week, weather permitting.
5. Take multi-vitamin daily.
6. Lose 1 more pound this week.
7. Floss every day.

Personal Goals:

1. Continue with "do something nice each day".
2. Be more patient with people and situations that irritate me. If I get irritated, let it go.
3. Balance checkbook.

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I'm still completely frustrated with a plateau (can one plateau so early in a plan? ) I thought I had seen a crack in it last week, only to find I've gained back to above 203 as of this morning. I didn't have the world's best weekend. Had a "girl's night" on Friday, as a friend/co-worker had a longtime boyfriend break up with her and she wanted companionship and fun (avoided the Chinese food! but not 2 margaritas ...) And yesterday, while I was busy and on my feet all day, I was forced to eat fast food for dinner (Dairy Queen, a terrible calorie offender) and got smacked with a gigantic sodium load. I'm telling myself the gain is due to these things. I should have gotten the salad, but I often don't trust fast food salads and have gotten terrible results more than once. I suppose that's an excuse.

Further, going back through my food log I've noted that I've been getting away from fresh fruits and veggies and eating more grains for carbs every day, and I've also been often 55-60% on carbs the fast few weeks in general. So we're just going to get BACK TO BASICS! this week

Food and Exercise Lifestyle Goals:

1) Drink at least 64 oz. of water daily. Get to 72 if I can.

2) Five servings of fruits/vegetables every day

3) 1500 cals/day

4) Only one pasta dish this week for dinner. NO RICE.

5) No boxed/pre-prepared lunches or dinners

6) Exercise 5x this week. (Already exercised Sunday with mixed cardio/strength. Four more times at minimum, 1h. each)

Other Life Stuff

1) Finish Office Space Remodeling (go tax return go!)

2) Get to bed by 11:00 every night, no excuses

3) Up by 7:30, no excuses

4) Clean up "The Bedroom Disaster of 2011"

Good luck to everyone this week!!!!!

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Smile another day another week

feel better this week still tired and still little runny nose..now if the weather would play nice might be able to get some things done:

1. eat healthy
2. stay at around 1200-1500
3. curling Monday
4. gym the rest of the week

1. finish launday
2. finish Disneyland
3. Pay taxes
4. pay house inc.
5. change money over
6. Banking shit
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Almeeker, you rocked on eating out three times yesterday! Way to go!

mhibdon, good going on going--to the gym. And put that candy down!

poohcl13: Heather, great goals. I'll cyber-celebrate with you when you reach under 200 by the end of the week. My goal is to be under 200 by the end of June.

Cassie, glad you're over your "harbinger of death" guilt. Also glad you got your old range popped out. Did you have to redo part of the ceramic?

I went over by 18 calories and .1g net carb yesterday. Oh, I know that's really good and nothing to feel guilty about (and I don't) BUT I need to be more cautious as I went just slightly over my limits on calories or carbs like three times last week. Also got sloppy about getting in my 64 oz. water.

Yesterday I got in a mile of non-stop real walking at the park with a pain level of 8.5 from 1/2 mile to the finish line. Level 10 means having to stop to rest. Gaining more stamina, but I want less pain in that stamina. With the 2 mile aerobic walking DVD, I get tired but am not in pain--the real walking uses more lower back muscle, I guess.

Too much sodium from cheese and teryaki sauce caused my weight to stay the same this week. I'm positive that's the reason.

This week's goals:

1. Calculate evening snack before eating it. Don't change it unless doing so will not put me over in either carbs or calories.
2. Calorie limit 1600
3. Total carbs less fiber limit 25g
4. Protein goal 120g
5. Achieve that 64 oz. minimum water all week
6. Exercise: 1 mile real walking at the park or in the neighborhood OR 2 miles aerobic walking DVD depending on the weather.
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Hey Ladies!
I had a rough ending to last week, but I got over my gym fear, so I have a positive outlook for this week!
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Hi Everyone, I'm back. I seem to keep gaining and losing the same five or so pounds but I have been going to the gym and walking and have lost one inch on my chest and one on my hips. One inch. And of course I ahve been tryign to work on my non existent waist which does not budge. Oh well at least it's something, considering I gained 2-4 lbs.

I am so glad to see you all are keeping on; this thread seems very busy! It's a beautiful thing.

OK my goals:
1) stretching and or gym at least 3x a week
2) more H2O
3) hypoglycemic diet
4) meditate
5) write
6) be kind
7) 1 Lyrica a day to control fibro and bp
8) more fruits and veg

Pretty well the same goals I always have.

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Well, I'm here to complain about weekend eating! Made a wonderful curry vegetable dish for guests last night, and had my one glass of wine for the year. Result - I didn't lose my pound this week (good news is I didn't gain and it's simply water retention). I've had 4 weeks of very good clean eating. I told my husband last week that dessert shouldn't be out of the question forever. So I made a wonderful blueberry crisp (using soy mayo instead of butters, etc). And the next day I tapped into some snickerdoodles, the next into cinnamon bears, next, next and next. You probably all know about this sort of thing!

Every other aspect of the week was pretty good--calorie counts, weightlifting, cardio routines. So this is where I stop beating myself up. Back to work!

Diet/Fitness goals
1) 1300 cal/day, under 30% fat (MET ALL WEEK)
2) 400-600 calorie deficit through exercise alone by doing: (NEEDS WORK BUT PRETTY GOOD--more like 350)
a) cardio 5X/week (4 CARDIOS)
b) weights, 2X/week-full body (MET - 3X)
4) 8+ glasses of water daily (NO NO NO--I've slipped backwards here!)

Personal Project Goals:
1) Spend at least 4 days/week working in my studio (YES--and it shows in my work!)
2) Work in home office--got some deadlines (taxes, side jobs, etc) (NO)

Height: 5'4.5" (and shrinking!)
Start Weight 1/1: 135
Weight 2/28: 127.5 (same as last Monday, darn!)
Goal 3/7: 126.5
4/1/11 Goal: still 122 (not at all confident!)

Good luck to all!
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Almeeker, yes I did. it's tazo.

I haven't had much time to think of my goals for the week. They probably won't be too strict b/c next week I'll be cranking it up. Next week I'm going to attempt to go low carb (high fat, high protein). I'll still count my cals and try to keep under 2k a day. My goal will be to keep carbs around 50-60g per day, this will be a huge change for me. Even on my "clean" days I take in ~250g of carbs. So this mean no butterfingers, butterfinger blasts, cereal, oatmeal, bread (no PB&J sammiches), and the list goes on.

I would love to be able to make it a full week. I'll continue to workout like a mad man and I'm about to add in Plymetrics from P90X. I hope this is the change that I need to get my BF% down.

If anyone has tips for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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