7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 2/28/11

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Another good day today.
1) eat under 1900kcal actually 1831kcal
2) exercise 50min (10bike warm up and 40min arms+abs)

The sudden move of the scales motivated me a lot if I keep this up for a whole week, I might drop another serious pound, and I'll know it's no water weight
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I am proud for you, MunaAmin! Keep running after that scooter and you WILL keep dropping those pounds! Keep up the great work .
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Cassie -- I only have the wonderful support of others to thank for black-hole stoppage. After this weekend I could be beating myself up again, but I'm trying to remind myself that I did MANY things right, and that is a huge plus!

Muna -- You're doing fantastically on your goals! Huge WOOHOO to you!

Mike -- Looking forward to cheering you on as you start the low-carb haul! Good luck!

Mern -- I know, the BP is crazy. I inherited it from my grandmother. In fact I intherited MANY things from her, from the way I look to my body metabolism. Of course she is probably the most excellent woman I've ever met, so if I can end up halfway like her in the personality department I'll be satisfied The meal that I am fixing for my BF is my turkey meatballs (he really loves the way I do them) along with some whole-wheat pasta and a barbecue sauce I make in the slow-cooker. Barbecue sauce and pasta sounds kind of weird, but he loves it. NOT the healthiest meal in the world to be sure, but it's for him, not me And awww! Your DH sounds fantastic. Definitely like my boyfriend, he's very practical and thoughtful. He'll buy me things like light fixtures, or fix my car, or on his day off organize my crafting station. Not big on roses and chocolates, but thoughtful. (And in the end, I'll value the practicality far more than passing romantic gestures!)

Sorry to hear about everyone's battles with cancer, either personal or with loved ones It seems like it affects far too many lives. I'm waiting to go to the doctor on Tuesday to get test results from my pesky breast (they wouldn't tell me over the phone, I have no idea if that means it's bad, or if they just want to deliver all news in person and get my copay out of me!)

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Report Card:

Food and Exercise Lifestyle Goals:

1) Drink at least 64 oz. of water daily. Get to 72 if I can.
Monday --> Actually made it to 80 oz. Personal record!
Tuesday --> Holy moly I got to 80 again!! Following Mern's advice and drinking more in the morning seems to be key here for me.
Wednesday --> 72 oz.!
Thursday --> 76-ish oz.
Friday --> 64 oz. once I finish this glass next to me on the desk!
Saturday --> 72-ish
Sunday --> Day is not over yet, but I'm only about halfway there.

2) Five servings of fruits/vegetables every day
Monday --> No, only got 4
Tuesday --> Yesss!
Wednesday --> No, plans were sabotaged! Probably about 3.5 servings.
Thursday --> I think I just made it.
Friday --> You betcha!
Saturday --> I think so, or was very close
Sunday --> Unfortunately this won't happen today

3) 1500 cals/day limit
Monday --> 1,442
Tuesday --> 1,444 (wow, I'm usually not so consistent O_o)
Wednesday --> 1,452
Thursday --> 1,492
Friday --> 1,139!!
Saturday --> 1,368 (or thereabouts)
Sunday -- 1,198?

4) Only one pasta dish this week for dinner. NO RICE.
Monday --> No pasta/rice!
Tueday --> Tonight was the pasta dish.
Wednesday --> Nope!
Thursday --> All clear!
Friday --> Nothing in sight!
Saturday --> No, though I did have starch in the form of sweet potatoes. I suppose they are slightly friendlier starches?
Sunday --> There was rice with lunch

5) No boxed/pre-prepared lunches or dinners
Monday --> Success!
Tuesday --> Success again!
Wednesday --> Due to work circumstances and zapped energy I had pizza for dinner >.<
Thursday --> Nope!
Friday --> Nope!
Saturday --> Does eating at a restaurant count?
Sunday --> Ditto on question for Saturday

6) Exercise 5x this week. (Already exercised Sunday with mixed cardio/strength. Four more times at minimum, 1h. each)
Monday --> Day off (Total 1 day, 1 hr.)
Tuesday --> 1 h mixed cardio/strength (20 mins. stationary bike, 40 mins. weight machines) (Total 2 days, 2 hrs.)
Wednesday --> Was at work too late to get to the gym, forced day off
Thursday --> 1 hr. very hard cardio. I may have worked out TOO hard, in fact, had tingly hands by the end of it. (Total 3 days, 3 hrs.)
Friday --> I should be working out tonight, but considering my exhaustion, I'd rather wake up refreshed tomorrow and have a really focused Saturday-morning workout.
Saturday --> 1.5 hours at the gym! I felt great afterwards!! 1 hr. hard on the elliptical for 636 calories, and 1/2 an hour crunches/weight machines (Total 4 days, 4 1/2 hours)
Sunday --> No gym today due to a get-together, didn't have the time!

Other Life Stuff

1) Finish Office Space Remodeling (go tax return go!)
Monday --> Powered through most of it! Just some reorganizing left to do. 90% done!
Tuesday --> No progress
Wednesday --> Ugh, no.
Thursday --> No! Ugh.
Friday --> This will happen Saturday afternoon
Saturday --> No
Sunday --> YESSSSSS

2) Get to bed by 11:00 every night, no excuses
Monday --> 11:30. Though I was about to go to bed at 11:00 when I found out that my darling boyfriend had received his first acceptance for publication of his short fiction, so the 1/2 hour was for celebrating and goofy dances!!!
Tuesday --> 11:45. D'oh!
Wednesday --> 10:30!
Thursday --> 11:00!
Friday --> Heading to bed right after this post, I think I'll make it!
Saturday --> Not even close, it was after midnight
Sunday --> I have every intention to do this tonight

3) Up by 7:30, no excuses
Monday --> 8:00 >.<
Tuesday --> 8:00 again!
Wednesday --> 7:15!
Thursday --> 5:45
Friday --> 7:30 on the nose!
Saturday --> Nope
Sunday --> Uh, it was more like 9:00 >.>

4) Clean up "The Bedroom Disaster of 2011"
Monday --> Nope, still looks disastrous in there.
Tuesday --> Nope, though darling BF has the day off on Wednesday (today), and he was eyeballing the mess. Perhaps it will get started!
Wednesday --> Started.
Thursday --> Very little progress made.
Friday --> Some. Will tackle the rest tomorrow.
Saturday --> DONE!!
Sunday --> N/A

Seems like we all had a bit of a calorie-explosion this weekend! Saturday had been planned to be a night in, but it turned into an impromptu lab-night-out for myself and my coworkers, complete with dinner and drinks. I was VERY good and looked up a dinner online before I went -- grilled chicken breast with salsa, sweet potato, and some extremely good squash. It came with two GIGANTIC breasts though, so I only ate one and saved the other for a salad this week. I avoided the appetizers entirely except for 4 small pieces of fried calamari! And limited to 2 glasses of wine. I felt like a CHAMP!!

And then today (Sunday) was a planned day at the shooting range with boyfriend and others. We had a ball! But they wanted to go to APPLEBEES afterwards. Applebees and chain restaurants like that make me feel like a deer in the headlights. I just see FAT SODIUM CARBS CALORIES :-O!!! I sat and squirmed while they delivered three ginormous appetizer samples for the hungry dudes. I noshed a few tortilla chips (and three pieces of Honey BBQ chicken, I must admit) but avoided the quesadillas and mozzarella sticks (which, I gotta tell you....mozza sticks are the DEATH of me, usually). I had two dunks of spinach-artichoke dip, and then I ordered off the less-than-550-cal menu they have (Grilled Shrimp and Island Rice).

I have been trying to avoid rice as it is usually the death of me, but it seemed like the healthiest option on that particular menu in terms of cals and sodium. Further, to aid the cause, the dish was full of (to me) hot spices that the rice had soaked up, and I only ate about 1/3 of it in total. I ate all of the broccoli, 2 out of 3 skewers of the shrimp and 1/3 of the rice and called it a day. I took the shrimp home for later. When I went home to look up the nitty gritty details of the meal -- even though it had seemed like by-far the healthiest meal on the 550 cal menu (and I think it was), it still had 1900 MG OF SODIUM!!!! :-0 Seriously, what do they do, roll it in salt? My goodness.

All in all, I may have gotten a little sabotaged on salt, but with all of those temptations I have to give myself an A for effort, I think! I don't plan on eating much else today even though I'm fairly low-cal according to my guesstimations of how much I ate (1200 is a low day for me) because I probably ballparked low, and I just want to drink lots of water to try and flush some of this salt out!!!!!

Bring on next week!

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Wink end of the week

this was a good week for me cold almost gone just a lingering cough once in a while. went to the gym every day of the week (not the weekend) need to pick up my running was a mess all week but next week should be better. Now for those peskie faries they never did show up so had to do my own laundry and dishwasher my self. did well with the food only one day went over by 100 cal. now the hair die ( let just say that I am glad that I have short hair and it will grow out in a month or two) not using that color again. As for the Disnyland stuff the kids have a place to stay and a ride to and from the park ( so they can ride to the park and just look) bought the tickets on line and they took my money but we can't seem to find the order so they will get back to me later, so hoping that the kids will be able to go into the park as they will be there this coming sunday( no not today). well we will see but would like to get my money back, got to love that internet. hope next week will be better for most of us.
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Cassie, I had a lot of sodium today. Was at a parade and a friend had boiled some peanuts in crawfish boil seasoning). I was out and about all day and ate out twice so I didn't log anything. I don't think I was deficient today but it wasn't too bad. I think my weight from this morning (171.8) will have to be good enough. My knee is still bothering me but I'm going to have to workout tomorrow since Tuesday is Mardi Gras!

Terri, thanks. I can't wait to do this. I'll keep y'all posted.
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Almeeker, yes, it's a trade off--we do the private coaching route for tennis and have been for about six months now. It really is different from team instruction and coaching and I can say that it's definitely been worth it. My benchmark is always asking myself, "Does he still love it?" If the answer is ever no, then I would feel it was time to back off. As I'm sure you've seen, there are some parents who are WAY too serious about their kids sports. Last week at a tournament I actually overheard one child telling another that he had a "bad birthday" because of when it fell in terms of qualifying for events, and there are kids that will get up at 6 AM to jump rope in the halls of the hotels. Sure, if you're an Olympian, that's one thing, but most kids won't get to that level. End of soapbox.
I totally agree that it's all about the kids loving it. That is one of the reasons I got the private coach. Our oldest was a solid competitor last year and loved swimming right along with winning. She's never taken 1st in an individual event, but she placed in nearly every race and is usually the secret weapon in her relay events. She turned 9 in September which boosted her into the next age bracket and all of a sudden the competition is MUCH steeper. So she enjoyed the swimming practices same as usual, but the meets were somewhat harder on her and she came away disappointed in her performance even though she cut every one of her personal records by several seconds. She's one of those kids that is technique driven. If you say to her "do it this way or that way", she'll follow those directions to the letter, which makes her slow in the beginning but fast in the long run. But it also means that I'm of no help since she can swim a good bit faster than I can.
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Monday Monday.... Oh I loathe thee!!!
Past week went fairly well for a first week, hoping this week is the start of <1 sweets!!! The biggest issue is the gaps in time as long as I have the times down for meals I am fine but if I push it past that 2.5 hour window I get very hungry and look for the sweets! However, I have been especially proud of the workouts, did one every day besides Saturday had way too many household chores to make time and Sunday went for an hour run and it felt great!!! I was hoping I could get myself back into the AM workout plus the evening sessions I have going on but I slept like crap last night I think mainly because I had too much sugar ( I cheated and had 1/2 cup of icecream and a chips ahoy cookie). But hopefully tomorrow I can get to that 5:30 cycling class!

Goals this week:
Eat 1400 cals or less:
Workout everyday for 50-60 mins:
Push myself for 3 miles in 32 min:
Try to make it to spin/yoga class in the AM:
1< sweets a day:
Walk dogs Sunday and Wed:
Work on some scrapbooking pages:
No alcohol:

Mike- sorry to hear of your injury hopefully it gets better soon.

Almeeker- I understand where you come from asking yourself does he still love it? Growing up we were involved in Club Softball and we played non stop at one point I think we all lost the drive for it but its temporary for the most part. You have to just realize why you love the sport, and why you choose it.

Taubele- I know what you mean Applebees has a terrible selection for food I absolutely despise that place, and my husband loves it!

I can't remember who put the caffeine article up but thanks for doing so I myself don't drink soda or coffee because of the affects that they give me personally plus they don't do anything positive for me.
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Az, the thread for this week is stickied above.
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