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kajajo 04-18-2011 11:35 AM

Lizzie you are doing so amazing. Not sure what you can get your hands on over there, but for sweet low cal fixes I have a cupboard full of them, Weight watchers makes a single serving size cake at only 100 cal, sugar free Jello instant chocolate pudding made with skim milk I think is 50 cal (don't quote me on this I don't have any in at the moment) Jello also has a single serving size called mouse sensations in caramel or chocolate at only 60 cal a container. Astro Zero yogurt is only 40 cal a container. Unsweetened chocolate mixed with splenda and microwaved to melt is good when you dip fruit in it. Chocolate chip or caramel flavoured rice cakes at 40 cal are really good for the sweet craving or my usual crunchy craving. And if you are really stuck I can share a couple of my sugar free fat free recipes with you, though I recall you said somewhere that you are not a baker. Keep up the good work and I promise if not this week then for sure after I have my surgery I will be around more cheering you on.

Lizards13 04-19-2011 06:06 AM

Thanks a million for sharing your sweet treat ideas. I'm on my way to work now so got to dash. Will check in later and update my diary. Dee, when is your surgery? Have a great day everyone. The sun is out here and I have my poor sick car back so maybe this will be a good day.

Lizards13 04-20-2011 06:59 AM

Wedding Fever
The build up to the Royal Wedding has started and of course the tabloids are already discussing Kate's weight, one aspect of being famous that I would hate. What makes me mad is that the writers of these comments on how thin, fat, how much cellulite they have, are usually not so "perfect" themselves. The worst thing is that they make some very beautiful healthy young and old women feel bad about themselves. I remember them attacking Sarah Ferguson's daughters who were active, pretty much the right size for their height, lovely teenagers, for being "pudgy" instead of congratulating them for not buying into the stick thin culture. Ok rant over. I am looking forward to my Easter break despite the dangers of a family bar- b- q, chocolate eggs and my partner being home. Tomorrow is weigh in and I know I won't make my mini goal but it will be close, now I have to set my next one for the end of May when I am heading to Paris for a long weekend. Take care and enjoy your day/ evening everyone.

Lizards13 04-21-2011 06:37 AM

I know it's wrong but at the moment I am a daily scales girl and since Monday they have been moving down tiny bits, yesterday they said 157.5 and I was so hoping for a 157 today but you could have heard my squeals of despair in the USA when I stepped on this morning and it read 159.5. What is that all about? I don't want to put that on as this week's final weight but would it be cheating if I claimed yesterday's weigh in instead or tried again tomorrow? :confused:

kajajo 04-21-2011 11:21 AM

Lizzie, first of all I am the same with the scale, being in a hotel drives me crazy as I won't know how good and or bad I have done until I get home Friday. And my scale will do the same thing, up and down all week long, the only one I actually report is on my weigh in day and for some strange reason it is usually down.

My surgery is Tuesday at noon, I was planning on working Monday night, but I thought we were going to be local but instead we are 2 hours away so I told the boss I am finished this week. I did get a chance to meet my big bosses the other night and had a great conversation as far as my recovery and they are going to let me back to work 4 weeks early and working day shifts so I don't have to wear steel toed shoes. For my job we only have to wear the shoes if we work nights. This means I will only be on sick pay (half of my wages) for 4 weeks instead of 8. More good news from the bosses, they are going to hire my 15 year old son for the summer, he will be working with me and if we are in hotels he will be staying with me. Great pay for a kid his age and a great opportunity and experience. Time for me to go to sleep, no roommate today so I might actually get some sleep. Have a great Easter weekend.

Lizards13 04-22-2011 07:23 AM

Dee, hope you managed a good sleep last night. That's great news on the job front both for you and your son, it's great if kids can get a taste of the real world. I'm obviously having a few problems at the moment, worst part is that I have been very good but the weight just won't go down and now I have the 4 day break coming up and it will be very hard to stick to a very low count so I'm extremely worried about putting a lot back on. It's all so disheartening, but I have to push through this cos I already feel so much better and I don't want to go backwards. Time to go shopping and I'm going to look at all the lovely summer clothes that I could wear if I stick at this, wish me luck.

Lizards13 04-26-2011 09:31 AM

Back after my 4 day break. Did not eat very badly but there were moments... I did do some work in the garden which kept me away from the kitchen and I did not get on the scales so no idea what Thursday will bring. Another 4 day break coming up but I should be ok as I have no plans and all my friends are off doing things with their families. Will have my mum and sister, brother-in-law and no 2 son at my house for dinner Sunday as it's mum's birthday. That means a huge house clean on Saturday which should work off some calories. Otherwise it's back to porridge as they say and I have 4 weeks before my trip to Paris to drop some more lbs and try to compete with those very elegant French ladies - not much chance.

kajajo 04-27-2011 01:01 PM

You will wow them in Paris just hold your head high, put your shoulders back and walk with all the confidence you deserve. So did you buy some lovely new clothes for your trip to Paris? If you want to work off some lbs house cleaning you are welcome to come here, I won't be up to doing much of anything for a while and the men (both young and old) in my house are useless. My daughter is going to come home for the weekend to help me out. I envy you being able to get out in the garden, our weather is finally turning around, but last Friday morning we had snow still falling from the sky. I will try to stay in touch this week, just don't ask me if I am eating anything, the last thing I am in the mood for is food.

Lizards13 04-27-2011 07:20 PM

Hi Dee, been over to your posts and caught up with your surgery- sounds yeuck. It has been reasonably good weather here, not very warm but sunny at times and no Irish mist (rain) to dampen my spirits. Had a fair weekend foodwise but not the best and on monday evening gave in to a sundae. I am no longer on call so I am craving a glass of wine but I will hold out until at least friday. Drinking even one glass always makes me want to eat more so either I give up the vino or i get more willpower. My mother is an 80 year old house cleaning demon as was her mother. She has a rota which she has stuck to since i was a child. Every room gets cleaned top to bottom at least once per week, and she still gets down on her knees to wash floors. However recently her right knee has been giving her problems and so we persuaded her to try a mop, but when i went to pick her up sunday the mop had been relegated to the shed as " it just didn't do a good job and left the floor streaky", so it's back to hand washing. I don't have the energy (or inclination) to be so thorough or am I just a slovenly housekeeper,?

Lizards13 04-28-2011 08:26 AM

Weigh in and one more pound off.
As the author Robert Collier said -Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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