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Lizards13 05-09-2012 07:11 PM

Been doing not too badly with my eating so far this week but I have been trying to increase my water intake ( which is nil) and I just keep forgetting that I'm supposed to be drinking.
Like wise I bought some plants on Saturday which my sis told me to put out during the day and then bring in each night, just for another week or so to harden them off. Well I put them out Sunday am and then promptly forgot about them until this evening when I went into the garden to pick up a chair that had blown over.
Sometimes my forgetfulness worries me but I have always been like this, my lists are famous in my family, I couldn't survive a day without them, however I can remember the lyrics to thousands of songs and can dredge up all sorts of trivia, go figure.
I went shopping for a swimsuit yesterday and how depressing was that..... I stood looking at this lumpy thing in a stretchy suit and hated myself and then was horrified that I looked so bad after losing 23lbs, what the heck did I look like before, I must have conned myself into believing that I didn't look too bad, maybe there was fat around my eyes blurring my vision!!!

shawnmw 05-10-2012 08:50 PM

Way to go on continuing to journal your progress. It looks like it has paid off too! 23 pounds is fantastic. Congratulations on your progress!

Lizards13 05-13-2012 08:13 AM

Thank you Shawna, how have you been doing? Here's to a successful journey for you on the road to health. I have been stuck for a while but am hoping to start things moving again.
Too many trips I'm afraid, both pleasure and work play havoc with my good intentions.
I am in Budapest at the moment, have just had breakfast and I'm hoping that that will keep me going until dinner tonight. Unfortunately the combination of sun and sightseeing usually ends in a beer at lunch time like it did yesterday, but I'm determined to keep to a more healthy regime for the rest of this trip. Enjoyed my meal out last night but that is the only one where I will have starter and dessert ( although I did go for a salad with no dressing).
Enjoy your weekend and try to stay focused

Lizards13 05-15-2012 06:43 AM

I'm on my own today, BF has gone off to work and I am thinking of heading into Budapest to have a wander around the shops, coffee and maybe visit the art gallery. The food here tends to be a bit stodgy with lots of dumplings on offer. However they will substitute a green salad in most places so I haven't been too bad. Last night I left the group (my BFs instructors on the course he directs) in the Belgian bar and went back to the hotel, they are a lovely bunch of men and women but most are much younger than me and they can stay up and drink and then still get up and function the next day. Recently I have been tired almost all the time, don't sleep well and have no enthusiasm to do things or socialise. I'm hoping it's just a temporary blip and I'll find my mojo again soon. I'd better get up out of this hotel bed, shower and head off otherwise I could end up lying here all day!!!!!

Lizards13 05-16-2012 02:15 PM

Today I left the hotel at 10:30 and arrived back at 15:30 having walked my little legs off. I only stopped a few times for around 5 mins and then again for around 15 mins to get some water, that's the longest walk I have had in years, I'm quite proud of myself, especially since I passed lots of metro stations. Today has been warm but windy but at the moment the wind has died down and it looks like it will be a lovely evening.
I have been taking lots of phographs and I can't wait to get them downloaded, I love photography and it is a hobby I want to spend time on when I retire.
Tonight the Centre where my BF is directing is hosting a meal for the instructors and students and they have kindly invited me along. I believe it is a large buffet with some good healthy choices instead of the usual Hungarian heavy meals. The students and instructors come from many countries so it should be a very cosmopolitan gathering, I know that there are people from the US and Canada along with German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Belgian and Hungarian and of course from the UK.
Now I'm off to shower and get ready for our evening out, just hope I can stay awake and enjoy it.

Lizards13 05-17-2012 01:05 PM

The buffet last night was very good, lots of chicken, pork and turkey strips with different coatings as well as other meats like venison or beef and loads of fish. You made your choices and they cooked them for you on a grill. I had some venison with forest fruits sauce and some spicy chicken and a little bit of pork in a herb coating. None of the strips were large and the marinades weren't very oily. There were lots of side dishes too but I went with salads, no dressing and some cous cous with spices.
All in all the first part went well. Then I saw the little desserts, lots of them, I won't go into details but suffice to say I didn't choose the fruit salad.
Today I only managed a short walk over the river from Buda into Pest and am now back in the hotel lounging. We have one more full day here tomorrow then home on Sat morning to my BFs place in England and then I go home to N Ireland on Sunday.
I will be pretty scared getting on the scales Monday morning......

Lizards13 05-19-2012 05:38 AM

It is 07:30 and I am sitting in the hotel foyer waiting for the car to take us to the airport. The sun is blazing and I don't want to leave. I know that it is raining back home and I am so fed up with the cold and wet. Overall I haven't done too badly and combined with all the walking I hope that I may have only put on a couple of pounds if any.
I now have a couple of weeks before I go away again, this time for work and only as far as England but from past experience the food on offer is usually pies, chips and other various stodgy fare. Once I existed on chocolate bars for two weeks because the food in the cookhouse was so poor, hopefully there will be more variety this time.
The car is here so I must away, have a good weekend.

Lizards13 05-23-2012 09:55 PM

Half way through the week and I've been pretty good old wise. I need to be as the scales were up by 4 lbs on Monday. How does that happen, it takes so long to lose that much but only days to put it on again. I will not let it get me down, I'm back to logging everything and have been under 1200 every day so far, but it's depressing to see the weight go back on so easily. The weather is picking up here and I'm hoping for a good weekend in the garden, lots of work to do and plants to buy and then relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Lizards13 05-25-2012 02:31 PM

Ok today started well, scales have moved back down to 151.5 and I half heartedly tried on an old pair of much loved Levi jeans which FITTED, joy of joys. Going out this evening with my best friend, no alcohol as I'm driving and I am on call too, so even when we go back to her apartment I have an excuse to say No thanks. The sun is out and I have taken a half day from work to enjoy it, been tidying up the garden and now I'm off out again to just sit and relax. Enjoy your day.

Lizards13 05-28-2012 07:56 PM

Another week and didn't get on scales this morning, I was running late, had overslept and was on way to work before I remembered, but I will tomorrow. Haven't been too bad but probably more a maintenance level of eating than a loss one. Stocked up on fruit and veg yesterday and I have been out gardening so not so much lounging around. How do I break through this plateau, I just seem to move up and down on the same 4 lbs at the moment.
Put away my winter clothes ( I'm optimistic) and have decided that as I try my summer clothes from last year, if they do not fit or are not flattering then they are going into the
charity bag straight away. Catch you later.

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