Been away too long and paid for it!!!!

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Default Been away too long and paid for it!!!!

Hello ladies its taken me a long time to get my head back in gear and get motivated again. I totaly lost the plot on Halloween and this put me into a crazy feeding frenzy that i just couldnt stop. That obese overeater is still in me and im glad to say ive shut the lid on her again and included a padlock!!!
I hate to say this and feel so ashamed but ive gained over a stone!!!!!!!! In 2 months that is terrible but thats what i get for going from 1700 cals a day to 3000+ !!!!!!!!!!
That is what got me in this mess in the first place and i just wish i had more control but hey whats done is done and im determined to mend it!
So im all ready to join my trusted weightwatchers meeting on Monday when kids are at school and keen to check out their new propoints plan. I admit that i really havent got the willpower to do it otherwise and i only need to walk 5mins up road to get to where it is so theres no excuses.
I know that once i get started again i can do it but i do wish i could turn back time. I think ive said this before but i find it very hard to get back on the straight and narrow after a binge and this has been a 2 month binge of constantly eating all the things that are bad for me.
Well im glad im back and im not going away again cos this place really keeps me focused. This year i am determined to get to goal- no more giving up for me. Needing all the help and support at the moment.
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Tracey!!!! Welcome back girlfriend!!!!! Don't be so hard on yourself, we all fight with the carb monster riding our back. At the very least you've managed to grab the reins long before you gained everything back right? That in an of itself is amazing and deserves a standing ovation. So I'm standing here clapping for you (clap clap clap and a whoo hoo with a fist pump) and I raise the last of my 96 oz of water your way. Yes, agreed the next week or six are going to be very difficult, but you baby are worth it, you are better and stronger than the food. Now clink my water jug and we'll drink to a healthy 2011 for both of us. Bottoms up.
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Welcome back Tracey...nice to see you. I have a very similar story and I too have re-focused and am determined to lose it and keep it gone. Yesterday is gone, all we can do now is move forward. Sending lots of support your way.
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Thankyou thankyou so much!!!! It feels so much better having you wonderful people supporting me. No matter what this is the best place to come when i need to refocus and stay motivated.
Almeeker you are a huge inspiration and i love your posts. You always know what you are talking about and make this a real journey for real women. I have started to increase my water intake and i know from your posts how important this is. So clink,clink!! I think your picture is wonderful too and it looks as though you have a very happy family.
Dizzy- thankyou for your support and we can all do this together. You are right in saying all we can do is move forward now and time to get back into the healthy lifestyle. It can be a long journey and is difficult to get it right all the time.
Gosh its amazing how my mindset has changed overnight just from being back here!!!!!!!!
Thankyou all again for the the positive and supportive comments.
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Hi Tracy, it's good to see you back! I always enjoyed reading your posts because you had a wonderful knack for figuring yourself out and learning from it. So please know that you have the skills to get back on track and be successful. You can do it!!!
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Thanks cassie i really appreciate the positive compliments. I know i can do it once im back in the frame of mind and i think im getting there slowly.
For instance last night before going upstairs i opened the fridge and just looked in it!! I dont know why i did that but i think that it was something in my subconscious making me do these things as id got back into the bad habits. If that makes any sense.
I think to really change i need to figure out the whys and target the times and emotions that make it more of a struggle.
Its not so easy to just not eat something and food can be an addiction just the same way that cigarettes and alcohol can be. Not in the sense that its a drug but what i mean is when smokers are bored or stressed then they reach for the nicotine and when alcoholics are going through tough times they have a drink. I think that this is the same case for why i sometimes reach for the food. I dont mean to offend anybody with this statement and if i have then i truly apologise. Also i do understand that it may be a hell of alot tougher for addicts to give up more than it is for dieters to slim but i still think it is extremely difficult to just keep away from the junk/unhealthy food when its been a huge part of my life.
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