100 pounds?? :(

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Unhappy 100 pounds?? :(

Heyy Im zaina..
I'm a young teenager and Ive been fat all my life. And I Wanna lose 100 pounds before school starts again in august. I am puching 300 and 285 right now and I don't know what to do I need help
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Hi Zaina,

How young? My granddaughter is 14 and she weighs 210 at about 5' 9" tall. She has been heavy all her life. Always the tallest kid and always the fatest kid. She is comfortable with her size though.

The first thing we, as the adults in her life, did for her is have allergy tests done. It seems the more allergy foods she gets, the hungrier she is. Even now, when we see her trying to binge, we discover that she slipped on her allergy diet.

An example is that she cannot have chocolate because of the dairy and soy content. But she craves it. So we make sure she takes a Calcium/Magnesium supplement every morning to curb cravings and buy her treats. A dark chocolate that is dairy and soy free. She doesn't get a lot, but enough to know that it is not a forbidden food.

If you are smart enough to seek help, you should be able to monitor your own eating. Record all your food intake to discover your cravings. Ask your parents if you can see a doctor. Allergy testing could be an option, but not all doctors will go that route. Certainly a few other test will be done to discover a possible root to the problem. My son-in-law's sister was quite overweight which turned out to be thyroid related. She is now a slim, young adult, and you would never know that she had a weight issue.

Do see a doctor.

Do not skip meals, but set limits on portion sizes. Pick up a box of cereal and see what the portion size is. Most are about 3/4 cup.

Do discover the joys of moving your body. Walking, dancing (if it has to be in the privacy of your bedroom, so be it), sports.

Most of all, you need someone to encourage you and listen to you when things are bad. RL friends are best, but not always possible. Sometimes those skinny girls just don't understand, but some do.
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Hi! you finally found someone! I've been fat all my life and I know what you've been through! I'm now 21...and still fat! I've been on different diets and already lost 85 lbs 3 years ago but sadly...gain everything back!! For the new year I decided to forget about all the questions I kept asking myself like "How the hell I gain it all back?!"...and I'll start all over again! YES it will be hard but it worth it!
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Please don't be too hard on yourself, and set some realistic long term goals for yourself. You need to change your lifestyle, not starve yourself to reach a goal that's impossible. I think 100 lbs in half a year is setting yourself up to fail, after all it took years to get where you are now. I'm not saying you can't lose enough to feel (and look) fabulous by fall, because that is certainly possible. But please realize your beauty as a person isn't tied to the scale, and you are worth a whole lot more than a number.

I haven't got 100 to lose, but I do understand a little what it's like. My father was a very large man who liked very small women, thankfully I favor my mother's side but obesity runs heavy (no pun intended) on my dad's side and I've seen the looks and heard the snarky comments about the ones I love. There are two wonderful support threads, the official 100 lbs to lose thread and one in the women's only section that updates monthly, I think it's "no more jiggling like jell-o january" at the moment. These threads are both full of wonderful people who've been in your shoes and I hope you'll check them out. I know you'll be welcome.
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