22 lbs by June Monday (01/03/11) Weigh-In

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Default 22 lbs by June Monday (01/03/11) Weigh-In

Happy New Year All!

I had a great holiday other than a stressful beginning when my husband discovered he lost his passport. A slight bit of stress at the start but ended up having a wonderful holiday. I got more rest than I have had in a long time and was grateful to be childfree often enough to make it to the resort gym each day or go for a run. Eating was difficult because we were eating all our meals at all-inclusive buffet style restaurants, but I tried to make healthy choices for the most part and made a real special effort to avoid the plentiful desserts. I know I ate more than I should have however.

I was glad to find out this morning that I did not gain weight, but a half-pound loss seems so measly! I suppose since it has been more than 2 weeks since I weighed myself I expected a greater loss but I should be glad with the holidays and not tracking my food for some time I saw any loss at all. I wish losing weight was a whole lot easier and faster!!!

Welcome to the new fit-day members following this series of threads. Hope you are having a great start to 2011.

sandi olsen – please join-in the conversation if you like and the weigh-ins each Monday on this weekly thread. There are a number of people that follow this series of threads. We have started doing a new thread each week on Mondays.

Current Weight: 141
Goal Weight (15 Mar 2011): 130
Starting Weight (21 Nov 2010): 144
Height: 5'6"
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Hi Dawn,Welcome back!

Hello everyone: This morning I was 130 even. Considering that we had a New Year's Eve party, a RoseBowl get-together and a Packer get-together this weekend with way too much food on the table...not as much damage as could have been done. I am about a pound up of where I would ideally like to be, but I think I am over the worst of the food temptation opportunities. Now, I just need to be consistent with my work outs.

What is everyone planning on doing in terms of workouts? Ideally, I will do some cardio MWF and weights T-Th. I plan to do a mini-marathon (20 mile) WALK in May and maybe that will motivate me to get serious about staying active. I will sign up for shorter walks between now and then around the area...other than the Bay to Breakers when I lived in California, I've never signed up for any walks/runs...certainly not in about 20 years, so this will be a tangible shift for me.
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Hi everyone,
I thought it would be easier for me to track my progress, or lack thereof if I wrote the weeks and my weight from the past weigh-ins.
12-2: 148
12-7: 149.4
12-21: 147.6
12-27: 148.8
01-03: 147.4

The scale this morning said 147.4 and I almost fainted. I wrote in another thread today that I haven't tracked in a few weeks (besides maybe a day, or half of one) and I haven been allowing myself whatever I want. I can't believe I haven't gained. I think I've lost muscle though so I may be in for a little gain over the next week or so.
I have been doing kick boxing classes for almost a year now and absolutely love them. I get a different workout too depending on which instructor I go to. I haven't been going in the morning as often lately (who wants to get up at 5am??) but have decided to get serious again and started back this morning. The morning classes are the best because the instructor makes them almost like a boot camp and we do boxing as well as circuits with weights, and I've noticed he uses a lot of the exercises I've seen on P90X. I've run off an on and just can't seem motivated to pick that up again. My mom and I are discussing using a trainer again for weights (I need someone to tell me what to do and push me.) Hopefully that will help me push through my bad eating habits these last couple weeks and my stalling point.
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Hi everyone! No weigh-in for me this week. I figured I'd been a bit too liberal this past week so I'm giving myself until next Monday before I face the scale. I figure I'll be back on track food-wise by then.

For exercising, when I get to it, I enjoy the Wii game EA Active Sports Personal Trainer because the activities are in circuit it keeps me from getting bored. I also walk for 20 mins a day just getting to and from the bus stop.

I got some new clothes this holiday season so I'm feeling slightly better in my skin. Plus, my boyfriend seems to be back on track with helping me out and he and I did some groceries yesterday and bought a lot of vegetables. Sitr-fry tonight probably!
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I'm off to do my Zumba (at home) right now. Trying to be good about the exercising, I think I have gotten better about the eating. I actually got my first..."Hey, you've lost some weight." on Sunday... I've lost about 7 pounds since Nov. 29th and now feel that I won't go down too much more unless I really get my metabolism going again. Hence, the focus on the exercise...wish me luck!!!
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Thanks, I will join in on the weigh in. It seems though that I am doing "replies" and losing them in space. I'm still trying to figure out "threads"! I certainly hope I'm not the only one who is getting lost on FitDay forum.

So I guess I will start with a few stats.
My highest weight: 138 or 139
Current weight: 134.5
Goal by April 1st: 122 (only bcs I saw an April 1st Challenge)
Height: 5'4" and shrinking!

I have gained and lost the same 10 pounds time after time. It's a joke amongst my friends who are very fit and much younger than me. Hmm . . . maybe "youth" has a bit to do with it.

My plan: Clean up the diet and plan a consistent exercise program. I have always been pretty good about exercise, but have gotten inconsistent in the last couple of years. I still love the "idea" of exercise, so I do Spin, weight, yoga and pilates classes. In addition, Zumba and an occasional cross country ski day add the fun factor. My suspicion is diet/nutrition is the problem and not exercise.

So I'll check in next Monday.
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Default Im Absolutely up for challenge!!!!!

Hello everyone id love to join this thread and would be very happy if i can reach the target of 22lbs by June. We have a family holiday coming up in that month and i really want to feel confident about my body when we go.
I weigh in at weightwatchers on a monday mornings at 10am so it will be a
ideal to post my losses the same night and keep on track.
I really need to stay focused and keep motivated so i can do this!!

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Hi Sandi and Tracey,

Glad to have you in the group. Sandi, sometimes when I log in, then go to forums, I'll type a reply only to have it lost as well. I now check the bottom of the page where it says in Bold Letters "You may post" or "You may NOT post" before I type any reply. I don't why but sometimes I have to log in again before posting the reply. Maybe that is what is happening to you?

This morning I am at 128.8 and will hopefully be around 128.4 (or lower) on Monday weigin. Sandi, our stats are very comparable. 3 years ago 128 pounds was the "Oh, no, I can't believe I've put on so much weight!!!" milestone. Then a few more pounds crept up on me over the following years. My high was 140 just this past November--granted I only saw it on the scale once, but I had been hovering around 138-139 for almost a year. At 5' 2", when I go over 136 pounds, I officially go from "normal" to "overweight" on the BMI scale, so that plus seeing that 140, were the last straws for me. Right now I am happy to be a 128.8 and hopefully heading in the right direction. But I will be so excited to actually meet my goal in June!!! I haven't seen my family some of my family in three years. I sent out our family Christmas card when I was weighing 138-ish. My face looked fuller in the picture, I'd love to be down to the 115 and in shape when I see them again.

I'm off to Zumba!!!

Look forward to hearing from you all on Monday.
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Originally Posted by etlosenow View Post
Sandi, sometimes when I log in, then go to forums, I'll type a reply only to have it lost as well. I now check the bottom of the page where it says in Bold Letters "You may post" or "You may NOT post" before I type any reply. I don't why but sometimes I have to log in again before posting the reply. Maybe that is what is happening to you?
Sorry to interrupt. If you have a post window open for "too long", the forum software will time out (and it doesn't tell you) so when you hit "submit reply" is just goes blank. Sometimes you can hit the back button and get your text back, sometimes not.

If I'm posting a long post or reply, I always do a "copy" of the text before I hit "submit". That way if the forum times out, you can simply open a new post and "paste" in your text.

Hope this helps--I know it's frustrating to have your missive vanish into the ether.

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I'm just testing out the "reply" again to see if it comes through. Seems I'm still losing my posts! I want to be able to post my weigt for tomorrow's weigh in.

Wish me luck!
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