22 lbs by June Monday Weigh-In

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Ok so the holidays/special occasions are a bit of a problem for me. Grandma's 80, student organization banquet dinner, conference dinner, Thanksgiving, and yesterday an office lunch. At these things I've had some trouble and usually end up over maintance too.

However, my biggest problem right now is that I'm completely new to counting calories and dieting although I know the theory behing weightloss and nutrition very well. Putting it into practice isn't easy for me right now. My body had some trouble reducing to 1200-1300 so I don't know if that's sustainable for me. I'm aiming for 1600 to be the max amount although it doesn't always end up that way.

However, I dropped my winter course so I should have more time in the evening (no need to study) so I really want to emphasize exercise. Sticking to 1200 cals over the Christmas holidays might be impossible so I will aime for the 1400-1600 range. I think the best thing I can do to counteract would be to maintain a workout routine while at home. I won't have my wii but I can still do intervals.

Anyways I will have to try harder this week calories-wise and exercise-wise to make up for a couple lazy days so far and overeating. At least my overeating has been somewhat controlled, I overate on vegetable stirfry (although buttered) and had only one piece of cake and one cookie whereas before it would have terrible choices. So yeah, I went over but it could have been worse. It was worst in the past. I'm stepping in the right direction even if I haven't produced a net loss.
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Special occasions and holidays are hard for me too. No matter how hard I plan or what precautions I take, I go a little over what I wanted. I can usually stay at maintenance for that day but sometimes go over. Events that have alcohol are especially difficult for me because I can never stick to just one drink and then I lose my willpower to stay away from the snacks. I tried having my boyfriend help keep me accountable but then I just got angry at him for reminding me I shouldn't eat too much haha. My best defense is knowing what will be served and looking up calories before I go. That puts it into perspective and I know what I'm getting myself into. Otherwise I eat first and then worry about it later and I usually underestimate the calories in everything.
I try to remind myself though of the progress I've made. I also think about how much I WOULD HAVE eaten had I not been aware of calories and trying to eat better. Think of how many calories I would have normally let myself consume, how many drinks I would have had, how many "nibbles" I would have taken, how many times I would have gone back to the buffet table. I figure eating at maintenance in that type of situation is a victory in itself! I try to look at everything as a step forward
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Hi All!! I started out last June 21 at 158 lbs (5' 3'' tall). I am SOOOO excited and happy to report that I am now at 125 which is my goal weight. However, I am thinking I will go ahead and keep on with my diet/exercise plan and see where it takes me. Maybe 115? Who knows?? By the way, I am almost 53 so I now know that the "excuse" that women can't lose weight after 50 is baloney!!!!! Just HAD to share and encourage all of you to keep on with your goals. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!
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Thanks you two!

Yes I think being aware that our habits are changing is indeed a victory in itself and noticing the changes... sometimes its big differences!

angel_nie13, I really like the idea of looking things up before going out, that certainly will help me. Thanks for the tip.

And lewisfamily503, thank you for sharing that! It's definitely inspirational to know that our effort are rewarded no matter when we start on our journeys.

Over again for me. Eating too much lean ground beef today... also it's really easy to go over on 1200 cals. Sheesh. My boyfriend did the grocery shopping and bought all sorts of delicious fatty foods. Ugh. I have to sit him down and work out a meal plan with him sometime. He's rooting for me... but needs to work on his follow-through.

In other news, I my first pair of glasses today. Everything is much sharper than what it was. I'm still getting used to them but the difference is noticeable. I had 20/20 vision with my eyes combined but one was too near sighted and was getting strained, now my prescription balances things out. It's like the world is in HD.

Also bought some awesome ski pants and winter coat on sale at sears. Plus a super cute knit hat, a heavenly soft scarf, and some neat gloves. I want to do some skiing over Christmas (although its been 4 years since last time) and I want to do some skating this winter outside.
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Not feeling well. Woke up with major cold symptoms and have been fighting "comfort food" cravings all day. I'm holding my ground, though. Still, it has been my toughest day, in terms of temptations.
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Hang in there. I had something like that; it lasted about a week. Get well soon.
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YEAH! The scale finally moved downward and I lost a pound this week. This thread has really motivated me to be strict with my journalling and make an extra effort to lose weight. Thanks - I look forward to reading your posts. I think it is Monday here in Germany first because of the time difference with N.America.

angel_nie13 / a.vannice / etlosenow - In the past when I had to lose weight, I thought I had hit my "set-point" and was stuck there for months. I was able to finally start losing again by simply changing what I ate for breakfast a few times a week. At the time I always had oatmeal and fruit for breakfast but I switched to egg beater / egg white omelettes with vegetables a few times a week and I was finally able to get past my plateau and the weight started coming off easier after that. Maybe you just need to make a slight change in something you are eating to see a change in your weight.

I am still having trouble getting my food intake to 2000 cal or less per day but getting closer most days at least. If I could just find the willpower to eat less I would see much quicker results!

What are people doing over the Xmas holidays in terms of journalling and trying to lose weight? I will be without a computer during my holidays so won't be journalling / weighing-in for a time, but hope to at least maintain my weight. Plan to get right back to tracking on Fitday as soon as my holiday is over. It makes me very conscious of my food intake and is motivating to hear from others.

Current Weight: 141.5
Goal Weight (15 Mar 2011): 130
Starting Weight (21 Nov 2010): 144
Height: 5'6"
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