7-Day Motivational Thread - 11/1/10

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Well down another 2.5 of the crappy water/candy weight from last week and did the Plyo tape from P90x yesterday to get a good workout in. It's cold here in Chicago so I am going to go for a nice long run today and try and stay warm. Diet has been on track and I am feeling great today. Hope everyone is doing well this morning too!
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Starting day 4 of my 7-day challenge and although I can't say yesterday was a bad day, I did not get around to squeezing in a half hour of exercise so I am committing to doing 45 minutes today and another 45 tomorrow.

I am finding it hard to drink as much water as I was this summer. It was so cold and rainy yesterday that I was just not "into" drinking tons of water. I don't think I had a full 2 litres but I don't think I was too far off either.

1. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Yes Yes Yes
2. Drink 2 litres of water daily. Yes Yes No
3. Eat between 1300-1600 calories per day. 1580 1571 1520
4. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Yes Yes No
5. Take my vitamins. Yes Yes Yes
7. Renew my iron prescription. (I'm anemic.) Not yet

Have a great Saturday, Everyone!!!
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Rose and Darlean-You ladies are so sweet!! Thank you so much for caring!! I got up this morning and jumped right on the computer. I was still in my funk and really didnt think I was going to work out. But after reading your post, I got all teary eyed. As soon as I finish this post I am going to work out for one hour!!

I was telling my DH last night that I felt like I was getting burned out with food. I have been eating the same foods day in and day out. I really have to do some research and find new foods to eat. I am not one that can just throw stuff together, I have to have a recipe.

Yes, I do accept the challenge of just weighing in once a week. I will weigh in tomorrow and then have my husband hide it until next Sunday. He laughed when I told him but he agreed to do it!! I will add that to one of my goals for the week!

Again thank you so much for the motivation!!!
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Aww, Glenda! YAY! I am thrilled to hear that you feel motivated to work out today. I am going out for a run in just a few minutes so we'll be working out "together!"

I will weigh myself on Wednesday as that is supposed to be my weigh-in day but there is no one here than can hide my scale. I asked my dog to do it but he just cocked his head to one side and wagged his tail. I don't think he's going to get around to it.

So happy to hear you sounding so energized, Glenda! Have a great day!
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Report Card

1. Keep calories to 1,500 M-F, and 1,800 SS. 1,595, 2,296, 2,320, 2,448, 1,804 not great but better
2. Drink 96 oz water everyday. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, NO I was pretty close though within 8 ounces
3. Exercise M-T-W-Th-S-S, 30 cardio, 15 shoulder, 15 stretching minimum. Yes-1/2-Yes, no-no-no, YES-YES-YES, No-YES-YES, NO-NO-NO
4. CLEAN THIS MESSY MESSY HOUSE!!! Cleaned part of one bedroom, Yes, cleaned part of the front porch, Yes - worked on the kitchen,, Some, No
5. Plan and prepare healthy dinners. No, fend for yourself night, Yes, chuck roast, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, Yes, sloppy-joes on whole wheat slim buns with diced beets and leftover sweet potatoes, No - leftovers, No, Mom fed the kids and I ate cookies and apples for dinner - YIKES!!!
6. Get to the pool 2x. Not yet, No, YES, YES!!! (at 6:30am with all three kids no less!!! Look at me, I'm crazy super wacko mom!!!)
7. Order the parts for my broken elliptical. No, No, No, NOOOOOOO!!!, no
8. Work very hard toward being a non-nibbler. Med, Bad, Very Very BAD, Bad, Med

Yesterday I was better than I had been. Those stupid candy bars laying around the house are killing me!!! And the crisp was a bad idea as well even though as the time it seemed like the thing to do. Next week I'm going to do better. I'm even going to be good this weekend, because seriously after 3-4 days of slipping I'm paying for it, my GI track is in complete mutiny.
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I'm feeling a little guilty reading how many of you are exercising this morning and I am still in my p.j.'s because it's about 30 degrees here and my jammies are warm and I have NO motivation to go outside to run or even get in the car to go to the gym. So, YAY for all of you who are doing it!

1. 96 oz of water each day. YES,YES,YES,Almost,YES
2. Stay out of the candy! YES,YES,YES,YES (but I ate choc.chips instead)YES
3. Exercise 5 days this week plus extra ab work. YES,NO (to abs),NO(to abs)YES,YES
4. No processed foods. SORT OF,YES,NO(choc. chip cookies did me in )NO (cupcakes),YES
5. Clean the junk out of the bedroom that hubby moved there while he started a project in another room.NO, NO,NO (thinking about just moving myself into a different bedroom so that I don't have to look at the junk), NO,decided it was a bad goal to start with, DON'T ASK!
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I'm going on a strict 2 week regimen and modify it when the time comes. I'm on day #3 without caffeine and it's killing me!!! But I want to rid my body of all these toxins and just be healthy! I'm hoping to get pregnant soon and I want my body to be healthy, healthy!!!

So, my daily routine will be something like this:
Protein shake after AM workout with 1 Tbsp. flaxseeds
2 eggs and veggies with flaxseed oil for breakfast
Salad with an apple and 4 oz. of lean turkey for lunch
Protein shake and almonds for snack
Another salad for dinner

I also would like to drink 1 gallon of water a day and be in bed by 9. Exercise every morning and do weekly weigh-ins on Sunday starting next week.

My total calories = 1284
Fat = 61.7
Carbs = 75.3
Protein = 115

I will post every night how I did!!! I can do this!!!!!!
Good luck ladies!!!!!!
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Well, checking in for yesterday...I met the 7 hours of sleep goal and the calories under goal and no others...I have a stomach bug; exercise was out of the question since my legs are now made of lead and I definitely did not want any fiber in me! I'm still a little woozy but hopefully will be better today than I was yesterday.

Just wanted to say something to those folks having some "oops" times...when you think about it, real life is not about being "good" with food and exercise all the time. Even when you reach your goal (and I believe you will!), there will be days where you are way over what you "should" have eaten and days when you are under. So I encourage you to think of the slips you're posting as just times when life happens and reality sets in. You will likely learn far more from coming back from a slip than you would if you stayed in your perfect calorie range all the time, and it's a lot more realistic in the long run to average out the ups and downs than it is to be on a steady even keel 365 days a year. You ladies know your yourselves to get back on the horse and all will be well.

Rose, about that scale thing...I've been there. I think we all have a love-hate relationship with it. We like it because it gives instant feedback...but we don't always like the feedback it gives. I went through a period where I couldn't keep from jumping on mine and I finally gave it to my husband, who put it in his trunk and took it to work! That gave me some peace. The other thing that helped was to buy a scale that measures body fat and I focused on that was more like making the shift to focus on health instead of weight, and the body fat percentage isn't as sensitive to little fluctuations as weight is. But I literally had to get it out of the house for a while there. Even as much as you know rationally that you didn't eat as many calories as it would take to have gained X pounds, the number is still there staring at you. Weighing in right after a bad day or night will probably not give you a very realistic number anyway...water, sodium, digestive processes...anything could factor in. Be gentle with yourself, but be honest with yourself also .

Stay strong in the weekend everyone...and if you don't, no worries; take what you learned and start up again!

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Cassie, thanks so much! Your advice is always so appreciated. You're amazing! I am definitely going to look into that body fat measuring scale and I am really going to make the effort to weigh myself once a week.
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i ve been ving a terrible week.... its been long since i posted bcoz i ve stress eating a lot lately.... but i don wanna give up.... i gained back watever i lost... so bac to sqr 1 again... i hope this thread s continued next week too

1. no stress eating
2. drink 2.5 lts water
3. no eating after 8pm
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