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Hey everyone. Im feeling a lot better today. I had salad for lunch and dinner tonight and drank a ton of water. I did my video this morning even though I could only do like 10 minutes of it but I will be doing it again tomorrow morning. I did not weigh myself today but I will in the morning. I also was thinking about taking some measurements and pictures. This afternoon I found some pictures of me three years ago when I was super skinny and it was shocking. I want to look like that again.
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Hi Pretties –

I have been AWOL but for good/necessary reason. Where to begin?

Well – last week I was forced to face my fear and get some clothes but there was happy news. I FIT IN MY OLD JEANS! I really haven’t lost much weight, but my size 16s BOTH fit comfortably and I was really happy about that. The fat must be moving around or the muscle coming back as I burn, because I felt much thinner. I also bought two sweaters, two blouses and a dress in XL, XL, L, L and L respectively – you have to know how great it felt that I wasn’t an XL in EVERYTHING. So that was all good.

And I went to the wedding and I did really good. Not great, but really good. The wedding was at a farm, so we spent one night in the farm house (very cool, old B&B type house – Victorian décor, lovely though a little bit shabby around the edges – but my niece didn’t notice, so that was good :-) ). The farm was a working farm, so I hiked the hills among the donkeys, cows, horses, chickens, etc. Saturday morning. Ate well as I was able to help my sister by going to Subway at breakfast (had their egg white sandwich – delish!!!) and ordering lunch for everyone, had put a salad in my airplane-travel bag (I have great airplane travel tips if anyone needs them) that I hadn’t finished so I added that to a ¼ sandwich worth of bread that I doubled the protein on –so lunch was great. The wedding itself was a splurge, but I made it up the next day. All in all, food was good and I found ways to exercise BUT . . .

Family issues tend to trigger my “other” poor calorie choice issue -- which is alcohol. I’m not addicted to alcohol, but on occasion, I REALLY like/want/need my martini or few martinis. So there were way too many non-food, wasteful alcohol calories on Monday. But no alcohol since. Still, a hiccup for sure and THEN . . .

I got a case of what I call “plane crud.” I have been sinus sick since landing. I get it about every other plane trip (and am beginning to think it’s psycho-sematic), but once it’s in me, it’s two days of ICK before I can recover.

So the past two days have been calorically fine, but I haven’t exercised since Sunday – so I feel AWFUL.

But I think that AWFUL feeling is, in some ways, good for me. Because I am going to plan better the next time I travel. Airborne, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer – I will be ARMED with immune boosting because I can’t afford to be sick for two days!! Not for my health, for my business or for my sanity. I am bordering on depression with the days getting shorter and two days on the couch does NOT HELP THAT and could lead to a spiral!

So today – I am getting back on track. FIRST – I came here for inspiration and am INSPIRED (thank you ladies!). Second, after this post, I’m getting in front of my telly for a 60 minute FIRM cardio workout. Third, I’m going to go to my “what my husband did” thread and rant for a bit to get over my husband issues and then figure out which ones I will bring up in counseling tomorrow and then LET IT GO. Fourth, I’m going to spend three targeted hours on business development and Fifth, I’m going to go to my horrid “insurance job” and try and make the best of it despite my loathing it so much!!

So wish me luck ladies. I need to get back on track. Did not weigh this week – want to not let “plane issues” get me down.

So no stats today, just a plan to get going again and logging and exercising 100%, not 80%.

Some personals:
First of all welcome and good for you for coming here. I’m going to take a bit of a different approach to tackling your sugar craving. I’m wondering if substituting lower sugar items or no-sugar imitation items may make the situation worse RIGHT NOW. Maybe if you gave sugar elimination a shot for 7 days – use ANY TYPE OF SUBSTITUTION YOU CAN THAT IS NOT FOOD BASES to cope with it. THEN try adding some fruit or other substitution back in after you have gotten the sugar craving out of your system chemically. For you, this may be a physical sugar addiction and elimination may be the first key – but doesn’t have to be permanent. I find that when I eliminate something for a decent term of time that I can add it back in by “boxing in” the craving. For example, I have gone 90 days with no French fries (a huge trigger for me) and now have “boxed in” how I can have them. I can have them if I go INTO the place I am going to eat them at and sit down (no eating them in the car mindlessly or “hidden” in my house) to eat them OR, if I measure them out from a sharing with my husband and eat them in front of him in limited portions. That way I’m not using them as a “comfort” or “reward” or in another addictive way – I’m forcing myself to be up-front and realistic about whether I really WANT them and then I have to face eating them. Does that make sense at all???? Just a thought. Sometimes “food cravings” are much more complex and handling them can be complex.

I love reading about you and DD and what you are doing for her. You are fantastic. Have you thought about a family WII for your sedentary daughter? Play WII games in front of the TV instead of watching TV? Then move on to the WII Fit?

Hope spine injections are helpful. YEOWW. Good for you for getting back on track with Dad in hospital. Having a Mom in hospital and Dad at the same time – I know how HARD it is to eat right in that situation!!!

I’m in Florida too – Orlando area, how about you? Maybe we can plan a 3D meeting once we reach a big goal and celebrate with a walk or fitness class together. We have the same Christmas goal of getting below 200!!!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! And you are right – plan now. One of the ways I plan to handle Thanksgiving and Christmas is to indulge in making “food snob” recipes that are healthy and celebratory at the same time. I will post my carrot soup recipe – to DIE FOR and so festive!!! I also make “frosted cauliflower” , Christmas asparagus with red-peppers and almonds (so pretty), sugar free pumpkin custards that are delish and decadent, and more. I actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking control of the holiday preparations so that I know MY FOOD is available and plentiful. If I do it, I almost become obsessed with the “health” as much as I can often be obsessed with my own self-sabotage! Good for you for getting right back on the track.

“Pretty happy thoughts” – sent!!! And I find that having video workouts works for me – and, like some have mentioned, you can get them at marshalls, ross, salvation army, etc. for a song. Many require no equipment but your own body weight to start. (Firm videos tend to need their equipment, but you can find them used on ebay sometimes really inexpensively) Walking is great – you can up your intensity by just upping your speed and maybe doing some lunges or step ups during your walk? Keep that up! And I love GAME GAL Pam’s stair workout!

I’m a “FIRM” fanatic – though I stopped after they added the new slant board and the rocking thing – I’m old school firm 90’s videos, but I love them! I love Charlene Johsnson of “Turbo Jam” – I use lots of DVD workouts –especially the “portable” kind for when I travel. I also love walking in my shapeups when it’s not too hot in Florida. I do at least 30 minutes daily when I walk my dog – but those are leisurely – I need to boost those for him and for me!! When I reach a level of fitness, I plan to do P90X which is my January goal – to start that and really do all 90 days.

Okay Ladies – I’m off to workout!
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Ksunshine, welcome! I am in my twenties as well (24) and I totally understand that unique challenges of being young and overweight. I love that you are thinking of measuring/taking pics. One of the first things I did when I started on my journey was buy a tailor's tape because sometimes when the scale is discouraging the inches lost can be amazingly uplifting!

This week I have been focusing on being healthy rather than just losing weight. After all that talk about sodium I am trying to phase lean cuisines from my diet and other preservative/sodium laden foods.

Keep up the good work ladies!
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Brandismom, I have similar trouble when I travel, but I also get it from cars, especially rental cars and it's actually my allergies flaring up. Since we've discovered the problem, DH changes the air filters in my car every 20K-25K miles, so I no longer have that issue in my own car. When a vehicle contains an HVAC system, the air is recirculated through a filtering system. If the filters are changed frequently there is no problem, but when they aren't changed, allergens build up and become concentrated in the system and you can have an allergic reaction to something that wouldn't normally bother you in fresh air. The next time you travel try taking something like Zyrtec and see if that doesn't help. My guess is that you are allergic to either dust mites or something in a cleaning or deodorizing agent used by the airline.

Oh and BTW we already have a Wii and Wii Fit Plus (Christmas '09). Sometimes in the morning our oldest DD plays Wii Fit while I finish up on the elliptical. The last 2-3 weeks we've been walking to school, it's only 6 blocks, but I swear it's uphill in both directions!

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Hi everyone, I'm just starting fit day (again) this week. I've logged in before, but i've never made it past the 2 week mark, and I am really hoping I can stick with it! It helps to read all your success stories!

Cheers to you all!
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Hi Everyone

Still struggling to get very motivated so I have decided to post my weight every Friday I have lost 4lbs since I started
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Ang-What firm videos are your favorite. I bought my set 2 years ago when I was traveling and only used it once. But I broke it out last week and started it. I have stayed on track all week. But I cant find my Cardio Party disc and this morning I went to use the Hard Core Fusion disc and guess what, no sound!!!! Had I looked at the video 2 years ago I would have sent it back but I dont think they would take it now. LOL

I am going to Walmart this weekend because I saw they had a few there. Any suggestions? I only have the weights that came in the purple case.

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Hi Brandismom! I am in Tampa so we are not that far apart!! Would love to get together at some point!

Sad to say I cannot log a weight loss for this week, but I am not discouraged! I will keep doing what I am doing and it will eventually show!

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Laura, I'm with you on that one! According to the scale, I've gained .9 this week; however, not only am I not discouraged, but I am totally working harder than ever. I had been lacking on the exercise front, and I took a walk today at lunch. When i checked my pedometer, it said I have walked 3+ miles today (all small steps included), and I've logged almost 7,000 steps. This excites me greatly.

I did bump my calorie intake up a bit over the past few days, as 1,200 calories a day was scaring me; I'm up around 1,400-1,500 now, and if that causes me to gain or even out for a little bit before I start losing again, then so be it. I also think I'm going to try to join the gym this weekend; fitting it into the schedule will be interesting, though, especially since I don't drive and am reliant on family to get me there. Thankfully, they are all members of the same gym, so kudos to that!

We've hit midpoint in the month! Many ovations to all on this 15th of October!
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Default I sabotaged myself

Hi! My name is Pam and I am a PIGGY today!!

All this week I was either sick or non motivated and didn't do much of anything ( although I DID pretty much stick close to my calories etc.) but today I got up and decided to go ahead and go to the pool and do my aquasize and swimming on my own ( as opposed to the classes I missed) . And it felt really good to do that!


On the way home I started wondering what I would do for lunch and dinner.
HUGE mistake when you are hungry.

I stopped at the store and bought stuff to make at home for a "big mac" wrap for lunch and tacos for dinner. ( so far so good).

As I was driving home from the store that little devil on my shoulder said.. you know, since you are soooo hungry, you could stop at McDonalds and GET a REAL Big Mac! *( and fries too!!!)...
Screeeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!!! went the brakes , and I U -turned right into McDonalds to do just that. But NO!! I rationalized that I ALWAYS used to buy a cheeseburger for both my pups for over 18 yrs ( they have now passed away) and so!! the new pup has never had that tradition!!! And since she will get 1/2 of the bun and 1 of the patties.. I need to buy 2 so I can have a whole sandwhich for dinner.

So I get home, already feeling guilty... and proceed to blow all the swimming calories by eating BOTH the Mac and the Double cheeseburger AND fries.

So now I have had more than my days worth of calories, fat, carbs ( and just under for protien) and will have to be hungry all night. I knew better! I really did <sigh> Tomorrow is a new day!
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