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Thanks weightlossboo and almeeker for the information on the hummus. Going to see about making some up. Will also look for some turkey burger. Going to town today.

One thing on the carbs. I have not really been strict on not eating them other than staying away from cookies cakes candy basically useless sweets. When I do cut the goodies I loose the cravings for them. The breads and carb fruits do not seem to bother me or send me into tail spin eating.

After close to a year of this just being careful with what I eat the weight is coming off painfully slow but it is staying off. There does not seem to be any swings. The odd thing is last week I baked a pie for DH and had three tiny,three bite, slivers myself and actually lost two pounds in the week I did this. Makes a person go hummmmm???? not going to make a habit of this but it does give me encouragement to keep this up as the non diet I am on is working. Just so slow. So ok if I loose maybe 20 this year maybe another 20 next. Well there you go. Thanks Again.

Forgot to say congratulations on the great weight loss almeeker. That is amazing!!


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Originally Posted by missmaggieelizabeth View Post
The odd thing is last week I baked a pie for DH and had three tiny,three bite, slivers myself and actually lost two pounds in the week I did this. Makes a person go hummmmm????
I do that too, I call it a "Brownie Bite", just a little taste to help keep me on track without a full out cheat. It's fortunate that you lose the taste for things you haven't had in a while. I now have trouble when I get near things I haven't had in months. Today the problem was cotton candy, once I got a taste it almost got ugly there for a few minutes.

Thanks for the thumbs up on my weight loss so far. That's especially nice to read after the day I've had. Geez, I ate so much for dinner I almost feel sick.
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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
Every "body" is different, so you have to sort of get in tune with your own. I try and keep my carb intake below 200, because when I do I lose pretty steadily. But if you're doing Atkins or South Beach, it's much lower than that, I want to say 30-40ish? And Atkins is all about "net" carbs, which I think means the carbs minus the dietary fiber or some such. I'm not on Atkins or SB, so my understanding is limited.
ok, that sounds much more reasonable. I was reading some things that were saying to keep it under 75 and that just seemed almost impossible if you still wanted to consume fruit (which I love). So I guess a decent goal is just between 150-200?

I have a lot of trouble believing that only consuming 30-40 grams of carbs is healthy... your body needs those carbs for a reason and besides that what are you replacing them with? I have a friend on a low carb diet and she eats ice cream, full fat bacon, etc which does not sound in any way healthy to me

Isn't our nutrition supposed to be all about balance anyways?
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So there is this low carb asian noodle called Shiritaki. a 1/2 cup serving only has 20 cal and 2grams of carb. They're made out of tofu so they don't have any taste by themselves but they have a very rubbery texture.
You can find them in the refridgerated section at most health food stores.

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Hey Ladies, I'm back! I've pretty much been on the road since Saturday, and I'm totally feeling it! Ugh!

Though I have a new puzzle for my fellow carb lovers: What do you pack for long road trips (12 hours+) so that you do not fall victim to the gas station munchies?

I've found that PopTarts are my one true weakness, despite whatever wholesome snack I might have in the car. T_T
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mhibdon, we just finished a 10 hour trip and our snack bag had almonds, pumpkin seeds, Goldfish crackers, grapes, cheese sticks (in a cooler) and individual sized baggies of cereal. I used the Kashi GoLean that has 13 g. of protein per serving, hoping that would offset the carbs somewhat. I don't try to go as low on carbs as some, though; I do best at 50-55%, so others may have some better ideas.

Good luck! Just remember, if it's not in the car, you can't eat it !
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