Well... this is embarrassing.

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Smile Well... this is embarrassing.

Heya.~ I'm an obese teenager... BMI is 40.35. I never have worn a bikini and I'm eighteen, on my way to college. I want to become healthy... I want to do things that other young people do. Martial arts, dancing... I can't even do simple yoga. So far... my goal is very small and I'm cutting my portions in half. I want to try to get my BMI down to 35, then work down from there.
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Welcome! There's nothing to be embarrassed about; we've all joined this site, because we want to change something about our bodies. Take a look around at the threads and you'll see a ton of examples of people who have met their weight-loss goals one pound at a time.

Keep posting, reading, and sharing your successes with us. We're a team!
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Welcome PandiBum, like 25less said, NO reason to be embarrassed! I think its great that you are determined to get your health under control at a young age, cuz it truly does get harder the older you are.

Just do one day at a time and start out slow. The first thing you need to do is evry day you need to go outside and at least walk to the end of the block and back. Around the block would be better but whatever you can do. Don't go fast, just get out and walk. It doesn't matter the weather cuz I promise you wont melt. Just a tiny amount of exercise is better than none at all!!

Good Luck!!! and keep posting
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You can do it. Be patient with your self and give it time. My BMI on Christmas Day was a whopping 44+, now it's 28+, and I'm your basic normal housewife living with lots of chaos and very little willpower. If I can do it, anybody can.
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You got this chica. I'm 18 and overweight as well. I totally understand what you mean about getting healthy for college and you can do it! So far I have only lost a few pounds but every little push and every little bit of effort we give will pay off.

My advice is to make sure you count every stinking calorie. Don't say "Oh! its just one cookie..." that could be 75 calories of pure fat you just wasted.

Also listen to the people on these forums. They have great advice about healthy recipes and are great support for when you feel hopeless in your struggle.

I also recommend you take take body measurements, weigh yourself, and take progress pictures weekly. (I also weigh myself everyday, but only "make it official" every week) Doing these things will help you stay motivated and show you your progress even when you don't feel any different

Good luck!
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Hey gurl! I feel you about worrying about college! I just finished my first year, and while it may not be easy, developing these good habits now is the best thing that you can possibly do.

I watched my roommates practically balloon out because they had never had to learn portion control or proper nutrition on their own.

As was said before me, reading the forums, watching just what exactly you're eating, and some exercise everyday is the best way to move forward! Just be careful that you do not consume too few calories or else you'll go into starvation mode!
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I'm no teen but great for you to be taking this on while you are still young and before complications set in. Start every day fresh. Tell yourself every morning you can do this, you will do this, you are so worth it.
I would like to suggest a lot of label reading when you buy food. Cook and eat fresh as much as possible, don't go the quick and dirty route of fast foods and boxed meals. There are some great frozen meals but READ the labels. Some have way too many carbs or sodium or fat or calories for a one person meal. READ the suggested portion size as well - often what you think is a portion is twice what it lists the details for. Water is your best friend. If you stay hydrated your body will function better and help you burn what you eat.
Don't give up when you think you aren't getting anywhere. Writing down what you eat here and keeping track of what you do will let you see your progress. There will be slow times and as long as you know that and are prepared for it you won't let yourself down. And if you get hung up for a while then you know it is time to make changes - different food, more exercise - your body adjusts to your changes and then gets happy where it is - so confuse it once in a while and try something different.
Good luck.
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I'll repeat what everyone else has said: don't be embarrassed. It's great you are making a change at such a young age, most likely it will stick. Everyone has given you some great advice. Mine is this: You mentioned martial arts. I took on Kung Fu and would advocate it whole-heartedly. If you have the time, find a martial arts school that has a family like atmosphere that makes you WANT to be there and learn. It makes all the difference in my WANTING to exercise. I miss the company as well as the learning and exercise. All schools are not the same, ask around. The set up I found and it isn't an uncommon one is a Kwoon/Dojo/Gym that is open during a set of hours and you come in when you can and stay as long as you can. They start their warm up at the top of every hour and you get personal training the whole way. I don't go for competition, belts, no cool uniforms, no half naked intimidating people, nobody is looking for a date. Everyone is there to learn; everyone is sweaty and tired. If that sounds appealing to you, go for it. No matter what shape you are in, they make you do what you can handle and just a bit more push to show that you can do more than you think. That is my experience. Others may have experience with personal trainers at a gym and be able to give you an idea of what that is like. LOOOONNNNGGG story short find something you LOVE to do, or at least it sounds fun, most likely it will become something you love.
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