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Lightbulb Struggling

Hi gals. I'm sorta new here on this page. I started on 6/2/10 @ 197lbs. I set a goal of 174lbs by 8/1/10. I was doing great with losing and then I let life get in the way. As in I had to skip exercising to take care of other activities with my family. I told my self I would get back to it, but here I am several weeks out and haven't done anything but stuff my face with everything I shouldn't. I feel like I've gained almost everything back already. I seem to do this every time too. I get on a routine and start shedding the weight, but as soon as my routine is interrupted or something very stressful comes up I get distracted and pulled away. Are any of you going through this or have any of you experienced this? It would be great to hear some other peoples stories.
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I have a similar issue and history of yo-yo dieting. What I am doing to combat it: Simple lifestyle changes that I'm incorporating into my life very slowly. First, I started out with not consuming anything carbonated. Then, it was taking my meds every day. Now, I'm working on exercising for at least an hour a day.

Another thing that I would recommend would be to 1. Buy lots and lots of gum, and 2. Slowly ween your household off the junk food.
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I've definitely been through that... over and over! I took 20 pounds off two and a half years ago, and I kept most of it off for a while, but I've struggled with gaining and losing the same 10 pounds whenever life gets crazy. Fast food when I'm in a hurry, easy processed dinners, skipping workouts, and I always seem to sabotage myself when I'm about to break into new territory, like hitting a new low or breaking a plateau.

The good news is that it seems to be easier to lose the weight the second time (and third and fourth ), at least for me. I know better now what makes me lose and gain, what keeps me motivated. Fitday is an awesome resource, and it's helped me so much in the last couple of years. Track your measurements, moods, keep a journal, weigh in weekly with a group to stay accountable, and do everything you can to keep the motivation going. I look back at my old journal entries or food log to see what I was doing the last time I was doing well. Another thing is plan ahead for outings, so that you don't sabotage yourself due to being in a hurry or being too hungry. I eat before I go to parties, pack healthy snacks for the movies, plan to go to restaurants with reduced calorie menus, etc. Workouts are tough with life being busy, but you can try to incorporate your family time into your exercise. Go walking or hiking or biking with your family, play tag with your kids... anything that gets your heart rate up is better than nothing! That's what I tell myself whenever I don't make it to the gym or get a "real" workout in.

Hang in there, keep working at it, and don't be too hard on yourself! You didn't gain it all back, so you're still in better place than you were on June 2nd. And it will be easier this time around because you've already laid some groundwork!

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.
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I used to have a tendancy to skip workouts and such when my usual routine was interrupted ("oh darn, I'm home from work a half hour later than usual...better skip my workout and go right to dinner!"). Over time, I've learned to roll with the punches. I plan ahead as best as possible and schedule in workouts earlier or later, sometimes I double up in one day if I'll be missing the next day or two. Then at least once it's in my head that I should workout and I will have time for it, I'm less likely to skip.

Same goes with food...I just plan plan plan and keep healthy snacks on hand. I go away for the weekend and pack a couple apples, organes, and protein bars in case I get in trouble and need a quick healthy pick me up.

I think once you decide it needs to happen, you learn to get flexible in an effort to get there. Look at calorie intake/output in the sense of a week and just strive for that 3500 deficiet that will work out to a pound lost a week. Then you can be flexible on a daily basis.
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Wonderful replies. I admire you, Wannabefitgirl - I myself am still learning how to roll with the punches when my routine is thrown off, especially when it comes to exercise.

John Lennon sang, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans," and he is so right. Healthy choices become consistent (indeed, become habitual) when they are integrated into your life, not simply conditions that are bound to a fixed routine. I'm not giving you a hard time - I struggle with being flexible, as well. It's a learning process. You can do it, though - it sounds like you've spent the time to learn your unhealthy habits and cycles; if that's the case, you certainly have the ability and time to learn new healthy ones.
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Thank you all for the advice and supportive words! It is a challenge, but I've over come it before and I will again. I just get to bummed out and hard on myself when I get thrown off track. I just have to learn that just because I miss a work out a day or two in a row doesn't mean I should just let loose with everything.......because that obviously leads me back in the direction I'm running from. Sad thing is I know that yet still do it. I will conquer this...I know I will. So my plan for this week is to go walk at least 4 times for 30 minutes this week and get my eating on track. I eat 6 to 7 times a day. My 3 main courses breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all very well portioned) and rest are snacks to curve hunger like fresh veggies, fruits, almonds. In my meals I do fish, turkey, or chicken with lots of veggies, fruits, and high multi grain items. My weight sheds off beautifully with my food plan and I'm never hungry or cutting nutrients I need out.......just got to stop thinking that if I miss a workout it's the end of the world!! Oh and I will be joining a group on here that checks in weekly. It sounds fun and motivating. So if any of you have a good group in mind let me know!! Thanks again!!! =)
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